Seedify has emerged as a prominent backer of innovation in the blockchain gaming area since pivoting to become the industry’s first blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad platform on August 1st.

Seedify was instrumental in the launch and success of high-profile metaverse projects such as Defina.Finance, Hero Arena, Cryptomeda, Continuum World, Monsters Clan, AcknoLedger, and others, including Bloktopia (which has a 700x ATH). The debut of Cryptoblades Kingdom, Seedify’s first incubated startup, on September 1st resulted in a 24x rise in price per token compared to the initial listing price.

Seedify: Leader in Launchpad ROI

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Seedify has emerged as not just the top launchpad (based on average ROI) in blockchain gaming, but also in all categories, according to Cryptorank, thanks to the team’s competence, successful partner, and marketing networks, and the support and power of its community.

Seedify’s average ROI for token holders is 4469% (more than 44x) on 15 project launches at the time of writing, which is almost 1700 percent greater than the second-placed launchpad on the list!

Seedify: Supporting Innovation and Financial Freedom

Seedify provides the best-case scenario for success for both its token holders and new gaming projects by employing a strategy that involves choosing only high-quality projects and offering a support system with a focus on long-term success and acceptance for the projects launched through its platform.

SFUND (Seedify’s native token) holders may now engage in rich IGO possibilities while also earning outstanding staking and farming benefits on Seedify’s new staking platform, thanks to the recent launch of, Seedify’s first V2 product. Stakers may make up to 55% APY, whereas farmers can earn up to 300% APY right now.

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Seedify’s Vision

Seedify’s vision is to build a road to financial independence for its token holders by encouraging blockchain games and infrastructure innovation. Seedify’s goal is to launch game projects that extend the lucrative opportunities of the blockchain gaming space beyond its community to every corner of the planet, recognizing the potential of gamified finance and Play-to-Earn as a highly effective vehicle to introduce much-needed income opportunities in developing countries and regions with struggling economies (as demonstrated by Axie Infinity).

About Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad environment that empowers innovators and project developers by providing access to finance, community and relationship development, and a comprehensive support system to help shape the future of gaming and blockchain. 

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