The Sei Network is excited to announce the reopening of the “Sei Bridge Test Event” with some exciting new features. This event provides participants with a second chance to actively contribute to the optimization of cross-chain experiences.

By gathering valuable feedback and insights from users, Sei aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of blockchain interactions, ultimately improving the overall user experience in the decentralized finance space.

What is Sei Network?

The Sei Network is a sector-specific layer one blockchain that prioritizes trading. It has implemented innovative block processing systems, sequential transaction execution, and parallelized exchanges. This trading-focused L1 blockchain aims to bridge the quality gap between centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

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Sei Network Ecosystem Overview

In 2022, Sei introduced an ecosystem and liquidity fund with a total value of $50 million. This fund aims to support the development of new applications on the Sei platform and assist teams in establishing liquidity prior to the mainnet launch.

Sei Network (Sei)

The primary objective of the fund is to accelerate the adoption of decentralized finance by institutional players. Notably, Sei has attracted support from renowned venture capital firms like Multicoin Capital and has already onboarded over 50 projects as beneficiaries of the fund.

Sei Bridge Test Event Details

During this test event, participants are invited to engage with the Sei Bridge, a cutting-edge tool designed to facilitate seamless token transfers between different blockchain networks. By participating, users can explore the potential of cross-chain transactions and play a vital role in shaping the future of decentralized finance.

How to Participate

To take part in the Sei Bridge Test Event, users are required to follow a series of simple steps. Firstly, they need to visit the SEI Bridge page on Atlantic 2, preferably using the Chrome browser. Participants must have a Sei-compatible wallet, with connection exclusively possible through @compass_wallet and @fin_wallet on Twitter.

Once connected, users are advised to prepare their wallets by ensuring they have either MetaMask or any EVM-compatible wallet ready. These wallets will securely hold their tokens during the bridging process.

To facilitate the testing, participants need to acquire Matic test tokens from the Polygon network. These tokens can be obtained easily through the Polygon Faucet, which offers a streamlined process for receiving the necessary tokens.

After completing the preparatory steps, users can connect their SEI wallet to the SEI Bridge page and configure the bridging parameters. This includes selecting Polygon as the original chain and determining the amount of MATIC tokens they wish to bridge.

By clicking on “Bridge to SEI” and signing the required transactions, users will initiate the bridging process, transferring their tokens from Polygon to the SEI network. Once completed, participants can reverse the direction and send their wmatic back to Polygon, effectively completing the round trip.


Contribute and Share Feedback

Sei Network values the feedback and insights from participants in the Sei Bridge Test Event. Users are encouraged to share their experiences, suggestions, and any issues they encounter during the process. The Sei Community Discord provides a platform for participants to connect with each other and engage in discussions, ultimately helping to shape the development of Sei and its cross-chain capabilities.


Users who wish to be eligible for the $SEI airdrop in the Sei Network are required to participate in testnet missions and tasks. These tasks involve analyzing the chain’s finality, testing transaction costs, and assessing the overall functionality of the network.

The Sei Network’s second round of the SEI Bridge Test Event offers participants a chance to actively contribute to the optimization of cross-chain experiences. By taking part in this event, users can explore the seamless integration of different blockchain networks and provide valuable feedback to improve the overall efficiency and user-friendliness of decentralized finance. By completing these tasks, participants will receive testnet tokens as compensation, which can be used to access additional opportunities for the airdrop.

To claim the airdrop, users must have a Sei Network wallet address. The airdrop has attracted the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and airdrop hunters who are seeking attractive opportunities. The Sei Network airdrop on the testnet provides users with a chance to potentially earn incentives while actively engaging with the network.