Welcome to the world of Share NFT. There are now several NFT platforms available, but you can only earn money by investing in NFT on any of them. With a new incentive system and a new idea, Share NFT is ready to go on a whole new expedition and adventure.

Platform Introduction

Share NFT is a cutting-edge NFT trading platform that integrates NFT, DeFi, and stake mining to provide users with a virtual world full of surprises. You may not only develop, discover, and share your own NFTs here, but you can also obtain greater reward distribution by synthesizing NFTs. They use the new reward system to locate and filter promotion ambassadors to ensure that they comprehend their goal.

This method is fair not just in its distribution, but also in the fact that it will not alter. As a result, they created the Share NFT platform and implemented a new system. The basis of the concept is that they first inform users that they will provide them with the qualifications they need to win additional awards, and then they can begin sharing. Each promotion user may receive a reward, and the harder the user works, the more rewards they get. Simultaneously, they will screen out hundreds of promotion ambassadors, a flawless system will locate ideal candidates, and a large number of incentives will encourage promotion ambassadors to work more to promote.

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Q1 2022:

  • System Design
  • NFT contract development
  • NFT design
  • Governance Token Contract Development
  • White paper
  • Development official website
  • Governance Token Private Sale

Q2 2022

  • NFT contract audit
  • NFT blind box pre-sale
  • Open NFT trading market
  • Open NFT pledge mining
  • Governance Token Pre-sale
  • Governance Token Launch
  • Screen 10 promotion ambassadors
  • NFT trading volume exceeds $500,000
  • Login to Coingecko
  • Login to Coinmarketcap
  • Screen 50 promotion ambassadors
  • NFT trading volume exceeds $1 million
  • Announced the Promotion Ambassador Rewards Program
  • Update marketing plan
  • Update game documentation
  • open auction market
  • Screening of 70 promotion ambassadors
  • Governance Token Private Sale
  • NFT trading volume exceeds $3 million

Q3 2022

  • Release the first NFT series cooperation
  • Online NFT production function
  • Added platform original NFT rights
  • Screen 100 promotion ambassadors
  • NFT trading volume exceeds $10 million
  • Ethereum chain contract development

Interesting play and innovative distribution methods

Share NFTs Introduction

The mother box of Share NFT contains 6,000 NFTs, none of which will ever be issued. It is the most significant aspect of the Share NFT global architecture and the foundation of the complete Share NFT world architecture. It is strongly advised that you obtain one. At the same time, it is a must-have item in the Share NFT world if you want to make money. You can use it to engage in pledge mining.

Share’s NFT is divided into 4 levels, from low to high: N, S, SS, SSS.

How to get Share NFTs

Share NFT Phase 1: Pre-sale

A total of 3,000 blind boxes were minted and sold during the first round of the blind box pre-sale. Users must pay BNB to cast a blind box and 0.2 BNB to obtain one, with each blind box containing an NFT NFT.

Share NFT Phase 2 : Open Trading Market

They will shortly open the trading market when the blind box pre-sale concludes, allowing anybody to trade and those who missed the pre-sale to freely purchase in the market.

Share NFT Stage 3 Casting: Blind Box

After the introduction of the Share NFT token (SNT), users can destroy 10,000 SNT minting blind boxes in the third stage. The entire minting quantity is 3,000 at this time.

NFT Mining

Classification of NFT mining pools

The NFT mining farm is divided into 4 mining pools, namely N-level pool, S-level pool, SS-level pool and SSS-level pool.

Reward sources for NFT pools

10% of the sale of the token SNT will be exchanged for BNB, and the 10% BNB handling fee generated in the nft trading market transaction will all enter the NFT mining pool in real time, and the proportion of entering the four major mining pools is as follows: N-level mining pool: 10% S-level mining pool: 20% SSN-level mining pool: 30% SSS-level mining pool: 40%

NFT Pool mining rules

Users can pledge NFTs of different levels in their hands to the corresponding NFT mining pools, and they can participate in this round of reward pool distribution if they meet the pledge duration. The reward pool will be rewarded once a day at 12:00 noon. Each mining pool will divide all the BNB in   the reward pool according to the weight of the number of cards pledged in the pool.

NFTs Composition Rules

Because any high-level NFT must be acquired by synthesis, it is critical that you grasp the synthesis rules thoroughly.

Users can synthesize an NFT of a higher level by combining two NFTs of the same level. Two level N NFTs, for example, can combine to form a level S NFT.

There are two points to note here:

  • Requires 500 SNT to synthesize and cannot proceed without it.
  • Even if you destroy 500 SNT for synthesis, the success rate of synthesis is 50%. The synthesis may succeed or fail. If it fails, you will lose the 2 NFTs used for synthesis, and they will be destroyed, so before synthesis, please Think carefully, don’t blindly synthesize.
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NFT Trading Market

NFT Trading Market Rules

The Share NFT trading market only accepts BNB as a form of payment. When a seller successfully sells NFT, the seller will be charged a processing fee of 10% of the BNB gained. The subtracted handling charge will be injected in the proportions of 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%, respectively. For NFT pledge mining payouts, N-level, S-level, SS-level, and SSS-level mining pools are employed.

NFT Trading Market Development

In the future, the Share NFT trading market will work with various project partners to assist them with NFT pre-sale (handling fee rewards from the pre-sale will be injected into Share’s four primary pledge mining reward pools). At the same time, they encourage all users to be self-sufficient. On the sharing platform, different projects’ NFTs are traded, and users can even create NFTs for sale. Naturally, all NFT transaction fees will remain at 10%, and they will be pumped into the four largest mining pools in real time.

Promotion Ambassadors

A promotion ambassador is a person who has an SSS-level NFT because each time he invites a user to utilize the share nft platform to conduct NFT transactions, he may receive large rewards! Unlike other platforms or initiatives, they inform users in advance of their position and the percentage of the reward distribution that they can get. You have the qualification if you have an SSS-level NFT.

All airdrops from the nft pre-sale that the platform cooperates with are available to any promotion ambassador with sss-level nft. The quantity of promotion ambassadors determines which airdrops are available. The less advertising ambassadors there are, the more each individual receives.

Finally, keep an eye out for their follow-up announcement, which will promote the ambassador’s broader incentive scheme.

Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/share_nft2008?t=wPn3QF7LTnUKUEVVNrnjKw&s=09

Telegram: https://t.me/sharenft2008

Whitepaper: https://docs-en.sharenft2008.com/welcome 

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