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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to another AMA with PlayToEarnDaily 🖐️ I’m your host Daley and today, I’m joined by Clarence from the Singularity project!

Greetings man! How’s everything?

Clarence: Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I’m Clarence, from Singularity.

Cryptodaily Admin: Are you ready to start the AMA? Or is there anything you want to say first?

Thanks Daley. Please start. Singularity: Building a Game Metaverse Built Around Universe Exploration and Action- Adventure.

Q1: What’s your backstory and how did you get the idea for Singularity?

Clarence: OK. And Singularity is a game metaverse built around universe exploration and action-adventure. Any player can earn HME and SGLY tokens by owning and developing their own constellations, galaxies, and fleets, competing and cooperating in the game, and increasing their strength and capabilities by obtaining tokens and various NFT items. Singularity players can thus have fun while earning cryptocurrency at the same time. The founding team of the Singularity Universe was formed in 2018 and is composed of a group of crypto geeks and game developers from around the world. Its members can be traced back to the “Geek Universe” organization, which was founded on March 22, 2015. It has gradually become its own community – the “Singularity Group” – after many years of development.

Drawing inspiration from a vast variety of media and technology, including film, sci-fi, and the concept of Play-to-Earn, the Singularity metaverse project was officially proposed in 2019 and was subsequently given the green flag by all its members.

Cryptodaily Admin: I love it! You are already an established community wayyyyy before the game

Q2: What problem is Singularity trying to solve in the GameFi market? What makes Singularity unique?

Clarence: Yes! we now have over 20,000 players!🚀

In the GameFi market:

The Singularity project is built around the idea that in the future, work and entertainment will be fully integrated with each other, and online and offline activity will be seamlessly linked. We are committed to creating a game that features rich gameplay, a perfect ecosystem, a balanced economy, and a high-quality, immersive gaming experience through which players can earn cash while playing games.

Singularity will delegate power to players so that players can establish their own clubs, organize and participate in decentralized economic and social activities, and jointly create their own metaverse.

Cryptodaily Admin: This is what GameFi should be also! We need to focus on the gaming experience of players first, earning should not be the primary focus

Q3: As we know, the game is in Binance Blockchain but, why is it asking us to connect to ChainNetwork (ZERO mainnet)?

Clarence: I agree!👬

We believe that the Singularity universe is not only a metaverse game, but also a set of core technology and open platform based on the metaverse, known as the “Singularity Infinity”. It will become the foundation of the metaverse and even multidimensional world, attracting developers to use “Singularity Infinity” to build their own independent tools, content, games and world, and is the first choice of independent developers worldwide.

Therefore, Singularity’s plan is that we will not rely on existing public chains for the long term. As we develop, we will also develop our own public chain to truly achieve the original universe world that’s based on Singularity.

Q4: What is the gameplay of Singularity? How can we earn inside the game?

Clarence: First, I would like to announce a new interface. At Singularity, you can enjoy PVE, Ranking competition and Escort Mission. Currently, players need to possess at least three battleships in order to participate in the Singularity Universe. Go to PancakeSwarp and search for SGLY trading pairs.Then Purchase at least 9 SGLY tokens. Now, SGLY=$1.5.

PVE is a confrontation between players and AI after entering the game. By participating in PVE, you can get HME and game experience rewards.

And the most important ways to get SGLY are through forming a strong fleet, participating in ranking competitions, and obtaining rankings. If you want to get a higher rank, you should strive to get HME and increase the combat power value of the fleet through various gameplay. You will receive SGLY rewards if you have accumulated a certain number of points during the competition period. When it is time for reward settlement for each competition season, you will also receive SGLY tokens.

When you own HME in the game, you can exchange HME for SGLY, then convert it to USDT in the exchange to earn money from Play-to-Earn.

Cryptodaily Admin: The game is relatively cheap I would say, you have to buy at least 3 battleships (your NFTs), we’ll talk about this later. But what about the 9 SGLY? What is that for?

Clarence: In the game, SGLY can be used to open mystery boxes, buy battleships, subscribe to galaxies and constellations, participate in other, more novel forms of gameplay, and purchase all NFT game items. SGLY can be traded on exchanges and is the main form of currency for players in the Singularity universe.

Cryptodaily Admin: got it 🤩 And more utilities will surely be added in the future as well

Q5: How much investment is needed for a player to start the game? What is your ROI?

Clarence: OK, about ROI, I want to introduce it to you. Each player needs to own 3 battleships to start playing the game. 1 battleship mystery box = 3 SGLY, which means each player needs to invest at least 9 SGLY.

We have held 3 competition seasons, and from the open and transparent data, we knew that, in the first competition season, the first place player to third place won 799, 748, 479 SGLY respectively… In the second competition season, the first place player to the third place player won 394, 288, 220 SGLY respectively… So other than SGLY received through competition seasons, players can also be rewarded with a large amount of HME rewards.

A basic player can earn about 300-500 HME per day, and high-level players can earn about 1000+ HME per day. HME and SGLY have formed a solid foundation for its trading pair’s circulation. Currently, 1 SGLY=1.5 USDT, and it has maintained a steady growth rate. According to the official data of Coinmarketcap, the increase in SGLY value in the past 1 month has reached 110%+. So, you can really earn money by playing Singularity.

Q6: How do we know that you’re invested in this game for the long run, and it’s not just a boring click-to-earn game which dies after a few months?

Clarence: Ahaaaaaa~~~ This is a good question.

Singularity started its closed beta in November 2021 and its public beta in January 2022. With the continuous testing of the economic model and the improvement of the gameplays, as of the end of March, the number of players who joined Singularity has reached 20,000+(21,000+ now).

From the past development process, everyone can see from our posts on various social platforms that we have invested a lot of time on research and development, carried out scheduled weekly system maintenance and optimization, and actively listened to players’ suggestions during the public beta,

From the development plan for Q2, we will conduct a comprehensive optimization of all aspects of the game and provide more game activities, which includes:

1. The game application UI will undergo a comprehensive upgrade;

2. 5v5 Advanced Points Ranking Competition;

3. Free movement on the universe map;

4. Activate hidden components of battleships;

5. Establish the Space Station…

From a long-term perspective, we have formulated a 5 years long-term development plan for Singularity, and we will try our best to provide and ensure a stable and constant operation for the game. More details can be found in our whitepaper.

White paper:

What is Singularity

Q7: Let’s talk about your NFTs, what is its utility?

Clarence: There are a variety of NFT characters and NFT props in Singularity, and they all represent a different weightage of scarcity and types of perks and rights.

NFT characters can provide decision-making rights, management rights, and economic benefit rights.

While NFT props can provide perks such as free trading and represent scarce collectability and special buffs. For example, the battleship in Singularity is an NFT prop. You can participate in PVE, PVP and other gameplays if you own NFTs. At the same time, you can trade freely in the NFT market. And most importantly, you can earn money by playing games through NFTs.

Q8: Will Singularity have a scholarship model? How can we apply to be one?

Clarence: OK, About the scholarship model:

We are looking for community leaders.

To start playing the game, a player will need 3 battleships. One battleship requires 3 SGLY (the token is currently priced at $1.5).

1) We will provide players with accounts that already have the 3 battleships. Therefore, they will not have to pay to get the battleships.

2) When players start playing, they will start earning. They will retain 70% of the earnings.

3) Community leader will get 20% of their earnings

4) 10% of the earnings will go to us as we are providing the assets.

And, we provide development funds of no less than 200,000SGLY for the guilds and would like to continue development jointly with the guilds.


Q9: How is Singularity doing today and what does the future look like?

Clarence: Currently, the Singularity Universe is in its public beta and has already released its native token – SGLY. We are actively continuing to develop and promote all aspects of the game, and have already successfully built a solid foundation for its ecosystem. We are also very happy to report that we have also received global industry media attention, including from CoinMarketCap, PancakeSwap, BscProject, CoinGecko. This has proved to be very useful in helping us to gain awareness among both gamers as well as crypto fans.

Players from around the world are working together to make Singularity the most popular crypto metaverse on the internet.

In the future, an already rapidly growing number of players will continue to enjoy the game while earning money through the Singularity Universe’s Play-to-Earn model. At the same time, more tools, apps, and even games will be developed via our Singularity Infinity incubation fund.

Q10: Where can we go to learn more about Singularity?

Clarence: Players can follow us via our social media to stay tuned to daily updates on the Singularity project. You can also join the Singularity Universe community and interact with us directly.

Official website and game download:

Our Telegram is

My Telegram: @Clarence-SGLY

white paper:

Besides that, you can also check for updates at all times on CoinMarketCap via:

Q11: Are there any important events for Singularity recently?

Clarence: Singularity is starting its global ecological construction in 2022 through partnerships with global guilds and DAO organizations to build a global player consensus that belongs to Singularity. Currently, we have established partnerships with more than 20 guilds, including Guild Games in India, and we have provided the guilds with our exclusive support plan.

At the same time, we are also actively communicating and collaborating with DAO organizations including Wealth DAO to jointly promote the development of GameFi. Specific details on the plans we discussed in the collaboration will be shared globally in the future.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Singularity🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Clarence: yes of course, Welcome to Singularity.

Cryptodaily Admin: Lovely! Thank you Clarence for being here and talking about Singularity! Once again, you can check out Singularity by following their socials. It has been a pleasure Clarence! Best of luck and take care man 💪