Yesterday, Solana experienced a major network outage, and now the company has launched an investigation to identify the source of the issue and take corrective measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. In this article, we’ll look at what the company is doing to get to the bottom of the outage and how it will ensure that user experience is not affected in the future. 

Solana'S Actions Toward Yesterday'S Network Outage

The Root of the Network Outage

Solana’s initial investigation indicates that the outage was caused by a combination of unforeseen technical issues and human error. As a result, the company is looking to make improvements to its infrastructure, security protocols, and communications processes to make sure that such incidents are avoided in the future.

Moreover, Solana has also set up a cross-functional task force that consists of people from various departments, such as engineering, product, and operations, to help with the investigation. The task force will work in close collaboration with the security and compliance teams to ensure that the findings are accurate and the corrective measures taken are effective.

In addition to the investigation, the company is also taking messages from its customers seriously and is making sure that any customer questions or concerns are addressed quickly and satisfactorily.

Solana’s Commitment

Ultimately, the company is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that such outages do not happen again and that its customers have an uninterrupted and secure experience. With the investigation and the steps it’s taking to ensure the highest standards of security and reliability, they are hoping to restore its customer’s trust and prove its commitment to quality.