The rise of memecoins on the Layer-2 Base platform, developed by Coinbase, has captured the attention of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Despite Base not being fully accessible to all users yet, the allure of memecoins and the potential for substantial gains have driven investors to this new ecosystem. However, the recent occurrence of multiple rug pulls has shed light on the risks associated with the token investments, exposing users to fraudulent schemes and significant financial losses.

Rug Pulls Plague the Base Platform


A troubling incident has emerged within the Layer-2 Base platform, involving a wallet address (0xf01e51504a9f5020f6f46cc0bc76c1d2efb40ec0) that deployed 29 different memecoins. Each of these coins fell victim to a rug pull orchestrated by the wallet owner. The perpetrator initially sent 55.51 ETH to Base, only to execute a scam shortly after, resulting in a staggering total value of $1.07 million USD. Prior to exploiting Base, this address had already issued various fraudulent memecoins on other platforms like BSC and Arbitrum, indicating a pattern of deceptive practices.

The portfolio can be found here

Furthermore, the community witnessed the rug pull of the BALD memecoin on the evening of July 31. The founder suddenly withdrew liquidity from the BALD/WETH trading pair, causing the token price to plummet by approximately 85%. This incident left investors shocked and disappointed, leading them to conclude that it was a clear case of “rug pull.”

Conclusion about Memecoin

The recent surge in rug pulls on the Layer-2 Base platform serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with memecoin investments in new ecosystems. Caution and thorough research are essential before investing in memecoins. While tempting gains exist, the potential for fraudulent schemes and substantial losses is a real concern. As the crypto landscape evolves, vigilance and regulatory scrutiny are vital in safeguarding the community against such practices. Staying informed, exercising due diligence, and relying on reputable sources will help navigate this dynamic market securely.

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