Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains.

And here is Space Bank, Harmony’s one-stop store for trading and selling. P2E ecosystem and cross-project NFT escrow services may be found on this platform.

I. Introduction

1. So, what exactly does Space Bank have to offer?

That’s a good question. A Play to Earn game, a native token that can vote in its SpaceDAO, and an escrow service for secure P2P trading on Harmony are the major services it will be delivering.

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2. About Harmony

Many people have never heard of the Harmony ONE blockchain before. We’ve compiled a selection of resources below for those who are new to the blockchain.

You may purchase a Knight NFT from the secondary market and purchase $GSM token through a DEX named XXXXX after you have everything set up and money on the Harmony ONE blockchain.

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● Adding Harmony Network to MetaMask: Here

● Horizon Bridge
Briging BSC One: Here
Bridging ETH One: Here

Marketplace to buy a Mob Boss NFT

How to purchase $GSM tokens will be available soon! Ascertain that your MetaMask is connected to the Harmony Network.

DK Mobile: Genesis 970x90

II. Space Bank’s key features

1. Escrow Service

What is Space Bank Escrow?

For the Space Bank team, it was imperative that they establish a service that would allow customers to exchange NFTs without the necessity of using a currency. Any game’s trade window, where a player can offer an Item in exchange for another item or gold, is a good illustration of this. In the end, the project will provide a safe P2P trading business on Harmony by offering an escrow service.

Trade Offers

Offering an NFT for another NFT, with the option to leave offers on another user’s profile is a new function.

Live Trades

A live trade would allow two people to trade at the same time in different trading windows. A place where one might make live offers and communicate with others via a chat window.

How does it work?

If you want to make a trade, you’ll be able to look at your whole inventory of NFTs as well as the inventory of the other traders, select NFTs from any project, and then send an offer from there. Afterwards, the trader who receives the offer has the choice to accept, reject, or counter-offer in order to adjust the parameters of the trade. In order to conduct live trades, participants will use the trade chat to establish trade parameters and then transfer their profiles to the website, where they can carry on the transaction without interruption.

➤ Only Mob leaders have access to the live Trade talks, which take place in the discord server.

➤ Escrows for mob boss holders will be taxed at 1%, while standard users will be taxed at 2%. However, it is fair for one person to pay the entire transfer tax of a trade, so a trade between two mob bosses each would pay 0.5 percent, two recruits each would each pay 1 percent each, and if a mob boss and standard user trade they would each pay 1.5 percent tax.

2. Staking

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Staking is now released! You can find it at the bottom of the inventory page, right below the section that lists the NFTs that you currently possess.

➤ You can stake here at: https://harmonyspacebank.com/inventory

Keep in mind that the server boost raffle will take place on the 30th of May.

3. P2E Game

Information on their minigame Space Bank Heist, as well as the larger game, Space Bank Invade will be revealed in the near future.

4. Vaults

There will be two primary vaults at launch, with additional ones to come.

Included in the vaults is: The Space Bank NFT Vault and the Space Bank Coin Vault are available for use.

Mob boss and recruit NFTs, as well as GSM and other heritage materials that will be used in the upcoming Space Bank Invade game, are included in this event.

Since specific percentage drops are still being calculated, they will be announced closer to the time of release.

Partnership Vaults:

Other Harmony Projects will be working with Space Bank to deliver bespoke Vaults and other benefits for their projects.

The partnered projects will be able to construct their own vault that includes their own NFTs and native tokens, as well as some Space Bank NFTs and GSM.

Along with their own vault, associated projects will be able to use the Space Bank land NFTs that grant rewards in the game to mint their own special missions in its peer-to-peer (P2P) game.

5. Planning Room

This feature will help you to learn how to gain an advantage in Space Bank. Entrance your planning chamber for a heist. Information on the planning room will be made public very soon!

6. SpaceDAO

The new SpaceDAO Information will soon be launched, and you can use this feature to tell them how you want the project to progress.

III. NFT information

1. Supply

The collection includes 5,000 Mob Bosses.

2. Mob bosses – $500

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The Space Bank is headed by the Mob leader NFTs, who gives incentives to everyone. Because of the escrow service, mob leaders will pay lower transfer taxes, have access to their own robbery planning room, and be able to gamble with the vaults.

. Every day, it generates 5 tokens.
. In the escrow service, there is a 1% transfer tax.
. This is an airdrop to the planning room.
. The Space Bank Heist continues to produce tokens.
. Official Space Bank Heist bonuses are only available through this website.

DK Mobile: Genesis 970x90

IV. Tokenomics

1. Token/mint split

Below is a breakdown of how the mint funds and tokens are distributed.

Token Allocation Split:
➣ $GSM Token Allocation: 28 million hard cap
➣ Initial LP: 10%
➣ Emissions: 25%
➣ Treasury: 20%
➣ Team / Development: 10%
➣ Game: 35%

Mint Fund Allocation
➣ Advertising / Marketing: 5%
➣ Initial LP: 10%
➣ Owners / Investors: 7%
➣ Development fund: 20%
➣ Treasury: 58%

2. Use cases

Each of the Mob Bosses will emit 5 $GSM per day; Recruit NFTs will only emit 1 $GSM per day; the NFTs will emit tokens for 2 years.

In the escrow service, the $GSM token will be the one used to pay the transfer tax; also, for the escrows, each trader will be responsible for paying one-half of the transfer charge.

In the event that you participate in the Space Bank Heist, you will have the opportunity to earn legacy items for Space Bank official game in addition to the $GSM token that will be awarded to you regardless of whether or not the heist was successful.

There will be vaults available for purchase in Space Bank, and these vaults will provide players the opportunity to test their luck by cracking open a range of vaults that hold a variety of gifts that may be used in the game or tokens.

V. Space Bank’s Roadmap

✅ NFT Release
✅ NFT Staking
⬜ Escrow service
⬜ Token Release
⬜ Vault System
⬜ Planning room release
⬜ Game release
⬜ DAO release

Official Links

Website: https://www.harmonyspacebank.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceBankTrade
Gitbook: https://space-bank.gitbook.io
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pWpyYRyA3N

DK Mobile: Genesis 300x250