In the world of Web3 gaming, community-building and engagement are essential components to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience. Space3, a new Web3 Loyalty Platform, is revolutionizing the way gamers interact with one another and their favorite gaming projects.

Space3: The Third Space In Gamers' Daily Lives

What Is Space3

Space3 is a pioneering Web3 Loyalty Platform that serves as the gamers’ Third Space, providing a comprehensive infrastructure for traditional and web3 gaming entities to create immersive communities, gamify members’ experiences, and foster brand culture. Members can gain social and financial value, build identity in the metaverse, and access exclusive rewards through the innovative Community Credit Points system. With the platform, gamers and gaming entities can unlock new levels of engagement, loyalty, and growth beyond the boundaries of existing community platforms.

Space3 Features

One of the standout features of Space3 is its cross-platform interoperability, which enables users to transfer and redeem rewards across various gaming platforms and web3 applications, starting from BNB Chain. This creates a seamless experience for gamers and gaming communities, fostering real relationships with brands and enabling them to engage with their favorite titles in exciting new ways.

Space3 incentivizes users to actively engage with the platform through its mission system, which is designed to reward users for completing tasks established by community moderators. This system is geared towards fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging continued participation. The missions themselves may vary in complexity, ranging from straightforward actions such as daily logins and social media sharing to more involved challenges such as achieving a specific game level or participating in a community event powered by Space3’s API hub.

Space3: The Third Space In Gamers' Daily Lives

Space3’s Community Credit Points (CCP) system is scalable, offering gaming projects the ability to customize their own point system to recognize and reward valuable members for their contributions. This feature provides a more personalized and engaging experience, where members can earn points by participating in activities, completing missions, or making meaningful contributions to the community.

The NFT Voucher is a significant feature of Space3 that offers users an opportunity to gain both social and financial value while also discovering the worth and functionalities of NFTs. This feature enables users to purchase discounted NFT pieces, which can further increase their value. Moreover, gaming projects can utilize the NFT Voucher feature to reward their most active members with discounted NFTs, while simultaneously making it easier for new gamers to participate in the platform.

Space3: The Third Space In Gamers' Daily Lives

Massive Campaign

With the launch of Space3 just around the corner, the massive campaign in mid-April featuring over 20 partners and rewards worth up to $45,000, is an exciting opportunity for gamers and gaming projects to join the future of gaming and be part of shaping the gaming ecosystem. Space3 is ready to take gaming to the next level and become the Third Space in gamers’ daily lives.

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