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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello and welcome everyone to the AMA with Speed Star. Today, I have here with me Ms. Yoyo from the Speed Star project

Yoyo: Hello, everyone !

Cryptodaily Admin: Good day to you Ms. Yoyo, how are you feeling?

Yoyo: I’m feeling good. What about you?

Cryptodaily Admin: Well not so much in this market trend 😂 But I’m excited for this AMA with you 🤩

Yoyo: Haha I guess so but Most welcome to be here

Cryptodaily Admin: Before we begin, I just want to thank you and Speed Star for sponsoring this AMA!

Yoyo: Most Welcome

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, so why don’t we go ahead and start right away

Yoyo: Suree

Q1: Why don’t you tell us what Speed Star is? Why did you build this project?

Yoyo: Speed Star is a simulation game in which you can take on the role of a player in the Starverse universe. In this universe, you can be anything you want to be! Everyone can build their racehorse ranch, raise, train, breed and race to the top with great prizes.Our boss love to spend his time playing games. What he does not like is when the time he spends with them is wasted. That’s why we are building Speed Star. We want people to have fun with the game, but not waste their time either making money from the game or learning useful knowledge from the real world. ❤️❤️❤️

Cryptodaily Admin: Learning about how a racehorse ranch works I reckon! And it seems like Speed Star is not only about horse racing, but you also have different professions in the game. Which we will get into in a few minutes!

Q2: Every project has a story behind their name. Can you tell us more about the story behind this?

Yoyo: This is a long story of a star full of abundance. The first pair of majestic creatures were born.The first thing was called “Adam the horse” and the second was called “Eve the horse”. Both of them lived peacefully until they fell in love with each other and gave birth to millions of offspring scattered all over the stars. Until millions of years later, another life evolved. These beings were called humans. Humans raise their horses with love, care, feeding, curing, training, and education. Eventually,  the horses began to leave the forest and come into the city to live with humans.😊😊😊 Oh so “horses” in this world is an alien race 👀

Cryptodaily Admin: That explains their majestic designs 👏 Interesting ideas!

Q3: What about the Team? Are you all doxxed? What are your past experiences with blockchain tech?

Yoyo: We are hell factory team. And everyone can visit us on our website We developed Waggy Finance. 🙈🙈🙈

Cryptodaily Admin: I love the avatar of Montri and Thanarag haha 🤣

Q4:  Let’s dive into your tokens $JOC, $SPEED, and $STAR. I can see you use the 3-token model, can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of your tokens use cases?

Yoyo: There are three main tokens used to make the economic system in the game run flatly. We would like to introduce the basic details of each token.

 – JOC Tokens ($JOC) is the utility token for players is mainly used for character development of the players

 – SPEED Tokens ($SPEED) is the base currency used within the game. Every player uses it for farm development, farm expansion, farm upgrades, raising horses, joining the competition, hiring other players to work on the farm or even betting on horses in races.

 – STAR Tokens ($STAR) is our Governance Tokens, it is limited to 30 million tokens and distributed across our Starverse games. That means you can use $STAR in combination with other games!

Cryptodaily Admin: That means Speed Star is just the beginning of the Starverse Games?

Yoyo: Yes, it is ^_^

Cryptodaily Admin: Are there any details about other games that you can disclose to us? 🙈

Yoyo: oops, you can see information on our website dear

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you 👏

Q5: Security is a crucial part in every project. So is Speed Star audited by an institution?

Yoyo: Our audit is Inspex. So no need to worry about the security ☺️

Cryptodaily Admin: Awesome!!

Q6: Let’s talk about the gameplay here. What can we do in the game? What do we as newbies need to join the game?

Yoyo: You can choose to be a player, an investor or both of it.👍 For a player, there are 4 roles to play: Jockey, Therapist, Trainer and Breeder. Investors invest in building farms, buying facilities, buying racehorses, or even setting up the farm. Players take on the role of taking care of horses according to the career they choose. No matter what career you are in, the horse is central to your activities.🐴🐎

Cryptodaily Admin: ooh that sounds exciting already, and there’s even a “therapist”, too 👀 I suppose the “therapist” will cure the horse, correct?

Yoyo: Yeppp. the therapist will cure the horse

Q7: Are there any exciting events coming up?

Yoyo: The Genesis Sale is coming up and it’s on 27 this month! UTC+ 0 00:00:00 and an airdrop event is coming soon!

Cryptodaily Admin: Yessss, check out their sales at everyone!

Q8: What can we expect in the next 3 months and 2022 as a whole?

Yoyo: You will gain new experience, Tokenomics. In the general structure of the NFTs game, investors will earn income from new players or old players that invest mostly. This action is seen as a Ponzi scheme and instability. So that the business can break from this cycle must have a business plan that splits from the game clearly so the business can proceed in the long term and can take profits back into the system for distribution to the players or the investors.

Q9: Where can we find out more about Speed Stars?

Yoyo: You can join and talk with us on TG:

Also visit us on

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Speed Star 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Yoyo: I have to say thank you to everyone who is here to read and be with me in our chat. And I’m so sorry if i can’t reply all of your questions but you can join us on we are willing to answer all of your kindness questions

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Ms.Yoyo for being here with us today! It has been a pleasure

Best of luck to you and Speed Star!

Yoyo: Thank you so much and thank you everyone too!