Speed Star is a simulation game that is launched on Harmony ONE. Ready to Build your horse farm, nurture, train, breed, and race to win with great prizes. 


Speed Star is a simulation game. You take on the role of a player in the Starverse. In this universe, you can be anything you want to be. The game is developed by the Hell Factory team and the game will run on the high-performance network Harmony ONE and is scheduled for release in March 2022.

This game is not “Play to earn,” but it is “Work to earn”. That’s because you have to work. Just working at Starverse, you will be rewarded with experience, fun, and income from work.

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There are 3 main types of tokens in Speed Star that create the token system of Speed Star: 

JOC Token ($JOC)

The utility token for players is primarily used for character development, such as vocational skills, character development, or upgrades, as well as to restore a character’s work fatigue or to purchase items related to the player. All of the players’ mentioned activities are necessary.

Speed Star

SPEED Token  ($SPEED).

The base currency in the game is $SPEED. It is used by every player for farm development, farm expansion, farm upgrades, raising horses, competing, hiring other players to work on the farm, and even betting on horses in races.

Speed Star

STAR Token ($STAR)

The Governance Tokens, $STAR, are limited to 30 million tokens and distributed across the Starverse games. That means you can combine $STAR with other games! The primary application of $STAR is for valuable items. As an example, consider trading assets on the Marketplace.

Speed Star

Furthermore, there are Material Token that are created in Wild Horse Run mode

Material Tokens have an infinite supply and can only be obtained by playing the game in Wild Horse Run mode, which means they cannot be obtained in other modes. There are three types of Material Tokens:

Speed Star
Speed Star

Material Tokens will be used in conjunction with Facility Blueprints to construct new facilities on the farm. In the Marketplace, you can also sell based on market demand.

Business Plan

In the general structure of the NFTs game, investors will earn income from new or old players who invest the majority of the time. This action is viewed as a Ponzi scheme and a source of instability. To break free from this cycle, the business must have a business plan that clearly separates from the game so that the business can proceed in the long term and take profits back into the system for distribution to the players or investors. The developer devises a strategy to expand the business beyond game services or token liquidity used within the game, but Speed Star also wants to bring capital from outside sources into the game.

Speed Star

Marketplace Fee

Within the game, you can trade assets such as horses, lands, facilities, and consumable items. These items have various trading tokens such as ONE, STAR, SPEED, JOC, and so on. In each transaction, the seller must pay a consignment fee of 4.25% of the sales price.

  • Fees 1.5%
  • Staking pool
  • Investing 1.5%
  • Dev team 1.25%

Investing In Store Of Value

Taking a portion of the business profits and investing them in valuable assets (stores of value) such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by bringing profits to do DCA in every harvest. (Perhaps by adjusting and announcing the restructuring investment to the community.) Then Speed Star will take the payoff earned from the investment in the Staking pool of STAR Tokens and use it to create the payoff for the people who own the STAR Tokens and play the game. Speed Star hopes that this will benefit STAR HOLDER in the long run.

Speed Star

Speed Star ADS

To ensure the system’s long-term viability, it must develop new revenue streams. Another thing they’re thinking about is advertising within the game. However, in order to begin advertising, Speed Star must first have a large enough player base to attract sponsors who are interested in the game. As a result, Speed Star must solicit cooperation from players in order to propel the games forward and grow together.

The goal is for the advertisements to begin when there are more than 100,000 active players per month. It begins with low advertisement rates and gradually increases the advertising level based on the game’s user base.

Racecourse ADS

The advertisements that Speed Star planned to show in the section of introducing racehorses before the race, such as “Full-Screen View” and “Embed” within the race, with a link that can be clicked to open a new pop-up to go to the sponsor’s “Sale Page” or “Webpage.”

Because race information is stored on the blockchain, sponsors will always be promoted by placing advertisements on the stadiums. As a result, the sponsor advertisements placed in each race will always be shown without change during various replays.


Service rates are proportional to the number of users. Because the initial player base is likely to be small, Speed Star has implemented the following ad spending structure:

Speed Star

Speed Star will use a price adjustment method called “Dynamic” when Speed Star has more than 2 million users, as the advertising cost will be added at $10 for every 100 ADS, and so on.


Speed Star will use advertising revenue to divide portions within the game; Speed Star have divided them into three groups as follows:

Speed Star

And the last, whether this plan can happen or not. It is up to the community to help build it.

Speed Star


Speed Star has its own DeFi platform that is ready to help us grow the business by creating an ecosystem that will benefit the users the most. With the vision, Speed Star wants to create a basic structure system that takes care of both the fun and the money. They can support the system in another channel by using the transaction fees (0.1% Swap fee) in this section. The system becomes stronger as the number of users increases.

Speed Star

Game Result API Fees

Creating profits from API service fees in exchange for the race’s outcome.

Race service fees and racehorse information profits

They have a plan to sell various pieces of information in Game API form to another platform that can build on them, whether it is race analysis systems or building a racehorse bet system on their platform using the results as the adjudge, once the system has enough players to organise the race on a regular basis, including racehorses and jockeys, enough to record data.

Collecting API fees will assist the system in ensuring that enough money flows into the economy to fund the game’s rewards.


The development plan for Speed Star is from 2021 to 2022. From 2023 onwards, They intend to let the in-game community choose updates through a referendum.

Q1 2022

  • Launch SpeedStar 
  1. Website
  2. Release White paper
  • Genesis Sale for 10,000 Origin horses

Sale 8,989 Horses

  1. Private sale 1,500 Horses
  2. Pre-sale 7,489 Horses
  • Airdrop and Holder Drop
  1. Airdrop event 234 Horses
  2. Holder Drop 777 Horses
  • 1,000,000 $STAR to Horses holder
  1. 100 $STAR per Horses
  • Initial pools for $JOC, $SPEED and $STAR
  1. 30,000,000 $JOC to SushiSwap
  2. 100,000,000 $SPEED to SushiSwap
  3. 200,000 $STAR to SushiSwap
  • Ranch and Farming ($SPEED Reward)
  1. Facilities Staking
  2. Horses Staking
  3. $STAR Staking
  • Player gameplay ($JOC Reward)
  1. Player profile
  2. Player jobs
  3. Jobs boards
  • Racehorse mode ($STAR Reward)
  • Horse Breeding

Q2 2022

  • Marketplace
  1. Horses
  2. Facilities
  3. Materials
  • Wild Horse Run mode (Material Reward)
  • Facilities Building (Crafting)
  1. Facilities blueprint
  2. Material crafting
  • Player Training mode
  1. Mastery system
  • Horse Training mode
  • Launch DEX
  1. Swap
  2. Yield Farming
  • Expand Starvers
  1. Launch Chicky Star

Q3 2022

  • Racecourse
  1. Landsale
  2. Bet licence Auction
  • Tournament
  1. Seasonal racecourse
  2. Ranking
  • Release Game result API
  • In-game Betting ($SPEED Only)

Q4 2022

  • Speed Star World Grand Prix
  • Expand Starverse
  1. Launch Worker Star
  • DAO Taxes and Fees
  • Roadmap 2023 Voting ($STAR Holder)

Learn More

Website: https://speedstargame.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpeedStarGame

Telegram: https://t.me/speedstar_global

Discord: https://t.co/FyfP8JpM4p

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