Spintop is a blockchain exclusive gaming platform where users can discover and play games, trade tokens and NFTs, earn together via a curated MMR mechanism.


Spintop is a next-generation blockchain gaming hub that aims to provide a comprehensive experience for players, traders, and investors by leveraging web3 tools. Spintop’s mission is to educate, discuss, and supply blockchain gaming. The ecosystem is intended to function as a gaming hub, allowing players to exchange tokens, NFTs, and reviews.

Spintop is comprised of four primary products that interact socially and are built around user profiles:

  • Spindex: Spindex is a decentralized exchange (Dex) that pools gaming tokens to create liquidity and incentivizes yield farming.
  • Guild Maker: A gathering place for sponsors and scholars of play-to-earn games. Sponsors can burn SPIN to form their own yield guilds, recruit scholars, and compete against other yield guilds.
  • Gamepedia: is a community-driven gaming resource where users can access, list, and filter games based on their tokenomics, ratings, smart chains, and development status. Additionally, both critics and users review games.
  • NFT Marketplace: The NFT marketplace will serve as a supply zone for guilds, users, and games to list their NFTs for sale or loan.




The Spindex protocol will allow users to exchange/farm cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Spindex will focus its farms on blockchain gaming projects. In addition to paying exchange commissions, SPIN Token holders will also be rewarded by the Spindex decentralized platform.

Spindex Exchange

Users can swap and trade their gaming tokens through liquidity pools instead of a centralized exchange.

Users will be charged a 0.3 %, trading fee when trading tokens on Spindex.

  • 0.18% distributed as a reward to liquidity providers.
  • 0.04% sent to the Spindex treasury.
  • 0.08% burned. 

Users can provide liquidity through Spindex. Their LP tokens can be used for yield farming. The Spindex users’ liquidity will enable seamless swapping between the various blockchain gaming/NFT tokens.

Staking & Yield Farming

Yield Farming: Using BNB or other GameFi tokens to earn more SPIN Tokens is known as yield farming. Users can switch between different farming pools to maximize their gains.

Staking: Instead of creating a pair for yield farming, users can earn SPIN Tokens and NFTs by staking their tokens in various pools. The staked tokens will not be locked, and users can join or leave the staking pools at will.

Spindex Wallet

With Spindex’s liquidity, Spintop’s vision can achieve its main goal: a wallet for in-game trading. The SPIN Token wallet allows players to buy game tokens. Instead of using the game’s token, players will use SPIN Token to play their chosen game. If the token has a Spindex liquidity pool, the conversion happens automatically in the Spintop wallet.

Guild Maker


Guild Maker aims to break down these barriers by connecting scholars (players) with sponsors (NFT owners) who don’t have time to play games with multiple assets.

The Guild Maker will interact with many guilds. The sponsors who fund the guild pools will be the guild’s regulators, while the scholars play the games by selecting items from their own NFTs and the guild’s NFT pool. The scholar’s earnings will be split between the guild and the scholar, with the scholar getting the larger share. The rest will be distributed to the guild’s asset contributors via smart contracts controlled by the sponsors. The Spintop Team will reward the most successful guilds and scholars in weekly raids.



Gamepedia is a community-driven gaming guide that places a premium on user interface/user experience (UI/UX) as well as the social aspects of blockchain gaming. It is a gamified hub dedicated to bringing together the disparate blockchain gaming ecosystems and communities. Listings will include projects from all major smart chain ecosystems. Together with the rest of our products, Gamepedia will contribute to an environment in which users can discover, play, invest, and earn in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.


NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace will be the main supply ground for the Guild Maker’s guilds and players. Using the assets listed in the Spintop Marketplace, guilds and solo players can sell, buy, or lend items to complete their arsenals and teams. The NFT Marketplace will complete our vision of Spintop by combining The Gamepedia and The Guild Maker.

In short, the NFT marketplace is where guilds and users can list their NFTs for sale or loan. In sales, listed NFTs have a tag price, and the highest bidder transacts the listed NFT into their wallet. Lessors will have a set price for certain usage periods.


Token Details

Ticker: $SPIN

Decimals: 18

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Total Supply:

Initial Circulating Supply: 26,570,000

Use cases:

  • Stake it in Spindex Pools to earn SPIN Tokens
  • Use it in Yield Farms to earn more SPIN Tokens
  • Burn it to create Guild
  • Stake it to create a profile and apply for scholarships
  • Burn it to wrap NFT

Token Allocation

Staking & Liquidity Farming – 39% – Tokens will be distributed per month linearly after the TGE for 60 months. 

Treasury – 30% 

  • Initially, 0.05% will be unlocked, the rest will be vested per month linearly after the TGE for 36 months.

Marketing –  10%  

  • Initially, 0.05% will be unlocked, the rest will be vested per month linearly after the TGE for 36 months.

Founders & Team – 12% 

  • Tokens will be locked for three months. Vesting per month linearly after the TGE for 36 months.

IDO – 3%  

  • 20% of IDO Tokens will be unlocked after the IDO. The rest will be vested linearly for four months.

Seed Round – 2.5% 

  • 14.28% of Seed Round Tokens will be unlocked at the TGE, the rest will be vested linearly for six months.

Initial Liquidity – 1.5% 

  • Locked for 30 years

Strategic Sale – 1% 

  • 10% of Strategic Sale Tokens will be unlocked after the IDO. The rest will be vested linearly for nine months.

Airdrop & Bounty program –  1%

  • 0.25% airdrop will take place one month after the IDO.
  • 0.75% bounty programs that will be decided after TGE. Vesting monthly for six months.


October 2021

November 2021

  • Website Launch
  • Airdrop Campaign

December 2021

  • IDO & Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Pancake Listing
  • Spindex Farming/Staking
  • Gamepedia Launch
  • Partnership Pools

Q1 2022

  • Spindex Exchange Launch
  • Guild Maker
  • Spindex Cross-Chain (Polygon) Implementation

Q2 2022

  • Governance (DAO) Implementation
  • NFT Marketplace

Q3/4 2022

  • In-Game Exchange Wallet Launch

Final Thoughts


Spintop, with its decentralized backend and interchangeable assets, may revolutionize the gaming industry. Our first glimpse is merely a prelude.

There are currently many undiscovered blockchain gaming projects. Many require players to switch platforms. The token issue stifles game exploration and fragments gaming cultures. Unused hodled tokens have a high chance cost.

Choosing Spintop as the final product with no barriers to entry for the uniformed gamefi hub. A user can find and play games, invest in them, trade gaming NFTs, or join Guilds as sponsors or scholars. Our Guild Maker product is the most innovative, based on smart contracts. Individuals, Guilds (GGG, YGG), and investors can form Guilds.

Learn More

Website: https://spintop.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpintopNetwork


Medium: https://spintopnetwork.medium.com/

Discord: https://t.co/7qjugQxFBa