srnArtGallery is a community that aims to create the strongest art community by spreading its creative work globally. The community’s $SACT token allows people to acquire NFT artwork without paying anything at all. By farming and staking, the $SACT token solves the current issue of expensive NFT art.


srnArtGallery aims to improve its targeted audience to increase the number of community members by its creative works through blockchain. For that matter, the current team of the organization works together and exhibits their art in the international environment. The platform is continuously bringing more artists day by day from all around the world who love art and trying to become a commune. 

srnArtGallery (SACT) is basically a form of digital currency that works on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. In order to understand how the working mechanism of srnArtGallery, it’s important to understand NFT first.

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What is NFT?

NFT (Non-fungible token) is a cryptographic token type with a unique representation. Therefore, the NFTs are not mutually interchangeable unlike many other utility tokens, networks, and digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) that are fungible in their nature. not only does it make BFTs unique but they are also scarce. In fact, the NFTs are used to create digital ownership as well as verifiable digital scarcity. It allows the users to achieve the interoperability of their assets across different networks and platforms. 

non-fungible tokens come in handy in many applications that need some unique digital items such as crypto gaming, crypto-collectibles, crypto art etcetera. Digital art is one of the very first use cases of revolutionary blockchain technology and NFTs prove the ownership and authenticity of digital art. 

ERC-1155 Standard in the NFT World

ERC-1155 Standard comes with the functionality of semi-fungibility in the realm of NFT. Moreover, it also operates as a superset of the functionality the old ERC-721 offers. It means that you can also achieve the same functionality that ERC-721 offers by using ERC-1155. It means that it’s a type of smart contract interface that has the built-in capability of representing any number of non-fungible and fungible types of tokens.

It becomes necessary to deploy an entirely separate contract depending upon the type of token when it comes to the existing standards like ERC-20. The ERC-721 token standard on the other hand is a single non-fungible index. It means that the whole group of such NFTs can be deployed as a single contract that will contain the entire setting of the collection. The whole process becomes very easy and seamless when it comes to the ERC-1155 multi-token standard. That’s because it enables every single token ID to denote an entirely new configurable type of token. On top of that, it can also have its own attributes such as supply, metadata, etcetera. 

srnArtGallery (SACT) Use Case

You need to keep in mind that srnArtGallery (SACT) a community token before consider using it. In order to farm non-fungible tokens from srnArtGallery, you can stake them on the platforms such as Currently, the platform provides its users with four different farms and the development team plans to bring new ones as well in the near future.

Four Available Farms that srnArtGallery Offers!

The srnArtGallery platform currently offers the following four farms that you can use:

  • SACT

In simple words, these multiple types of farms mean that you can use srnArtGallery SACT for multiple purposes. It entirely depends upon you whether you want to make LPs to farm or want to stake SACT. The redemption of different non-fungible tokens is also possible by using the srnArtGallery collection. For that, you’ll need to use the points that you’ll earn from staking or farming. Moreover, SACT is also completely tradable as well just like all the other crypto assets. You will need to use pancakeSwap in order to trade your SACTs.


Here are some of the stats regarding srnArtGallery that you need to know before you dive into it.

  • Maximum Supply: 5 Million $SACT
  • Initial Supply: 3.6 Million $SACT
  • Team tokens that are locked for one and 1.5 years: 20 Percent 1 Million $SACT
  • Advertisement: 5 Percent or 0.25 Million $SACT
  • Airdropped successfully: 45 Percent or 2.25 Million $SACT
  • Rewards: 12 Percent or 0.60 Million $SACT
  • Liquidity added at PancakeSwap successfully: 10 Percent or 0.50 $SACT
  • Pool or Exchange Listing Locked: 8 Percent of 0.40 $SACT

In order to keep in touch with the srnArtGallery community, you can join its social media platforms such as:

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Win-Win Mechanism

It makes it very hard for the end-user to reach non-fungible tokens because their prices have increased exponentially, thanks to the current market conditions. One of the major goals of the srnArtGallery platform is to connect art lovers and non-fungible tokens in the most effective and efficient manner. That’s why the platforms offer where users can stake easily and purchase non-fungible tokens at affordable rates. The users will be able to sell their NFTs directly on OpenSea after redeeming them from srnArtGallery. Moreover, once has finished setting up its marketplace the NFTs will also be available on it. It’s the srnArtGallery’s win-win mechanism that allows art lovers from all over the world to acquire NFTs without paying anything.

Project Roadmap

Here are some of the most important plans that srnArtGallery plans to achieve in the near future.

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Current Plans

  • Airdrop $SACT Token
  • Social channels set up
  • Whitepaper releases
  • Begin marketplace exposure 
  • NFT farms on the platforms
  • The reward for early adopters

Plans for Near Future

  • Team and liquidity share to lock for 1.5 years
  • To be listed on the exchanges
  • Open $SACT pool on AMM Dex
  • Launch music NFTs
  • Emerge as the very first shopfront on marketplace

Plans for Future

  • Creative partnerships with large platforms and networks
  • Increase in services, values, and products on all platforms for the NFTs 
  • Physical collectibles and wearables
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