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Coinwire Admin: Goooddddd day to you all!! Thank you for tuning in our AMA with Stabl33 Protocol – an innovative protocol based on the world’s first non-depreciating token, paying the world’s highest returns (25-70% APR) in USDC & DAI. 

I’m Daley, your host, and today we welcome the man Mateen – Founder from Stabl33 🙌 How’s everything Mateen?

Mateen: Greetings, FantomDaily community. I am doing well. It is great to be here and I hope you will enjoy learning more about the STABL33 Protocol.

Coinwire Admin: Hey thank you so much for coming on! And for sure we would love to know more about Stabl33. The idea behind this is mind-blowing 🤯So, whenever you’re ready, we can start!

Mateen: Haha thanks. Yeah, it’s unbelievable at first. I get this a lot. But once people dive into it and understand it they are all 🤯 So let’s hope we can make it more understandable today. Rock n Roll

Coinwire Admin: Absolutely! So let’s kick this wonderful AMA off with our first segment: Q&A. Obviously, we want to know more about who we’re talking to, so:

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Mateen: Sure, my pleasure. So my name is Mateen and I’m the founder of the STABL33 Protocol. I would describe myself as an innovative, ambitious, and diligent project manager with a proven track record of already five crypto projects.

The first project I co-founded was an NFT project wherein we had invented the world’s first yield generating NFTs. After that I moved to Dubai and developed three projects for an investment bank. A wonderful experience. Working with a great team and an unbelievable smart and innovative mentor who was formerly the head of several European banks and is now building a great empire around his business. Beside having an academic degree in Product Development & Marketing, there I have gained additional applied understanding of finance, sustainability, value creation, team management, but also what heavy investors are really looking for.

Now I’m really excited to start my own project, where I can put all my experience into and also disrupt the Finance and Investment space with new possibilities showing what is really possible with DeFi. The protocol is built together with team Quecko. ( A company full of amazing and talented people, developers, and team, based in Dubai and Pakistan, which are very motivated and excited as well to make the STABL33 vision real.

Coinwire Admin: Fully transparent, fully public! I love it. What a portfolio too wow

Mateen: Yes, these values are super important to us. For some it might be like I am coming out of nowhere. But i am actually around since a while just not that public (yet)

Coinwire Admin: So about Quecko, you guys are working together long-term to build this project, or is it like an outsource service kind of thing?

Mateen: I have chosen Quecko as a partner for this project because I can rely on them and we share the same values in transparency but also that it’s not all about money. Understanding the protocol, and they all did, incl. their engineers, we share the vision that we really want to have a reliable, trusted project like this in the space. It is opening so many financial possibilities. So we are putting all our effort into it to make it possible.

Coinwire Admin: Gotcha. Let’s get into the project right now! I’m pumped

Mateen: Hahah yeah

Q2: What is Stabl33 Protocol? What are you trying to achieve?

Mateen: So the STABL33 PROTOCOL has been created solving a particular problem we all face in crypto. I think the main reason we are all in crypto is that we want to make profits and also some are here to see a new more democratic industry arise where investors have more benefits than traditional models. Nevertheless, one big problem we are all facing is the high risk of losing money, hacks, unsustainable use cases, and use cases that never materialize. And then there is the big macro with constant worries about inflation, wars, recessions, and so on.

While watching this from the sidelines, I was always obsessed with two ideas:

1. To create mechanics that reduce the risk of loss

2. To create mechanics that are not exposed to the macro

Our vision is that savings and investing should open doors for a better future, and not be constantly at risk. It should allow financial independence in the long run, and we all have dreams we wish to realize through these investments right? Whatever the dreams may be, whether it is to create a home, start a family, buy a car, travel, buy new clothes, whatever it might be, we want to do our part to make it possible.

And that’s the STABL33 Protocol in a summary:

1. Your investment doesn’t have to be affected by external factors (3,3) and doesn’t have to be exposed to loss.

2. To create investment mechanics that allow financial growth for anyone who participates, and the key point here is: without taking away from others, like so many models out there.

3. And to support the decentralized finance vision and the revenue-sharing model as the future of finance, with the community as the main beneficiary.

And that’s how the world’s first non-depreciating digital assets were created paying the world’s highest non-depreciating returns.

Coinwire Admin: Ok let’s get into that, because I believe since DeFi, people have been dreaming of this: To be able to sustain financially without the effects of macro environment and risks. But since then, I don’t see any protocols pulling this off. So talk to me

Q3: How does Stabl33 work? What are the products that you offer?

Mateen: I totally agree and I see it the same. Many have tried and made promises but there is no sustainable model till now able to achieve it. I think we might have found a very good solution and balance on how to distribute profit and liquidity so it can be a constant win:win for anyone. So the first important thing to understand about the STABL33 Protocol is that it is the foundation of several upcoming projects. It can sustain stand-alone, but it also has a natural value creation through onboarding more projects like real estate and gaming. The protocol is the key that all the upcoming projects achieve higher returns than traditional models.

We are doing this with two key elements:

1. A non-depreciating token named #STABL3 purchased with USDC & DAI (later there will be more stablecoins to buy with)

2. UCD (United Crypto Dollar) the protocols own stablecoin, which can be exchanged with any other stablecoin on the market

Since the STABL3 token is non-depreciating or in other words, an always increasing token, we are already eliminating the risk of loss here. And now here is the big difference:

If investors want to cash out profits, they can do so by putting UCD as a collateral and get 100% of their profits paid. And as mentioned UCD can be exchanged with any other token. But at some point this won’t be necessary anymore. We are very well connected to several payment providers to turn UCD into a payment token. So now you are having an overcollateralized stablecoin with USDC, DAI and the value of STABL3. And with the non-depreciating STABL3, we are having a very interesting effect:

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As you can see the price is always appreciating. So when investors go into UCD they are not exposed to the appreciation anymore. But the appreciation keeps ongoing (only sideways or up). So if investors don’t want to miss on profits, they should be mindful when to take profits. Overall, UCD borrowers are inspired to voluntarily pay back loans if they don’t want to miss on profits. We have a very good explanation in our whitepaper and investor deck

Coinwire Admin: Be sure to check this out guys! Research thoroughly!!!

Mateen: Pls let me know if you have questions or something not clear, happy to add

Coinwire Admin: A small question, let’s say I want to borrow $100 UCD, how much Stabl3 should I buy and lock in the protocol to make that happen?

Mateen: Great question, it’s very simple. You buy STABL3 for 100$. Since your STABL3 are worth 100$ now and STABL3 is only increasing this the value you start with. Now let’s say you make 20$ profit. Now you put STABL3 as collateral and can cash out 120$ in UCD (minus Fees) = ~118$ . The Fees are routed to the ROI Pool where STAKERS and LENDERS earn their ROI for providing liquidity. If you want your STABL3 back, put the UCD back (UCD gets burned), and you will receive your STABL3 at a new market price. Means a few quantities less but you are exposed to the increasing price action again.

Key is: The 100$ don’t depreciate. It is only sideways (if nobody is buying) or up (if people buying)

Coinwire Admin: Ok, and you ensure that Stabl33 only increases in value by making it non-tradable, meaning one can only acquire stabl33, stake Stabl33 to receive ucd, but not able to sell

Mateen: Correct. There is no function to sell it or to affect the price in any negative way. The price is calculated and set by the protocol to only increase.

Coinwire Admin: Alright, it’s clearer now actually thank you

Mateen: Sure. Great questions

Coinwire Admin: An important thing that I think everyone needs to know is that:

Q4: Have you audited your contracts?

Mateen: Also, are you KYCed with anyone? We are very well connected to the best audit companies and even the best hackers in the world. Don’t worry the good guys haha, they have an audit company and are crushing one hacking tournament after the other. I can’t wait to have them bounty the code.

Coinwire Admin: Nice

Mateen: Right now we are in the pre-sale stage, the codes are very basic purchase codes, so no need to audit the contract yet. But let me assure you we are taking the topic security and the protection of investors’ funds very very seriously! We don’t spare any expenses to make sure the protocol is protected and improved at every point of development and beyond. The same is with the KYC. I have submitted my Passport to you haha And I keep sharing my identity everywhere so people can know more about me. Here is for example an interview I did last year at the Global DeFi Investment Summit in Dubai:

Coinwire Admin: Right, so investors might still be devastated with the terrible Luna incident. So some of them probably have lost faith when mentioning stable coins, defi,…

Q5: Is your UCD the same as UST in LUNA or any other stable coins in that matter?

Mateen: This is very very important to me. I have created this protocol because I totally want to achieve this. And that’s very true. LUNA caused a lot of damage to the space and investors. Many are still having this trauma. I was affected and I was loving the idea. I was aiming to do some savings and put them into Anchor so I can constantly have a trusted passive income. And then all the chaos happened. And it motivated me more than ever to just do it myself. I think we all want a possibility like this. Just we can’t find the right place for it. So here I am, putting all my energy into it so we can have it. I think another important thing to know is that I started building this protocol before the Luna crash. We all knew the flaws and that it could happen.

Luna crashed because it had the volatile Luna token as backing. And an algorithmic stablecoin increasing and decreasing in supply and price correlated to that Luna token. The STABL33 Protocols stablecoin is backed by three non-volatile tokens! Two stablecoins and one ever increasing token!

This leads to an overcollateralization of UCD without exposure to volatility or depeg. The minting and burning of UCD is manual. No risky algorithms or risky pegs. We are basically doing everything better than Luna did wrong. Way better!

Coinwire Admin: And that leaves me to this next question:

Q6: What have you done and continue doing to make sure Stabl33 remains a solid, safe, and appreciating protocol for investors?

Mateen: Right. So as mentioned before, the protocol is the foundation of three upcoming brands. It was always essential for us to have a natural value creation so investors naturally need to buy the STABL3 token with natural volume. While many projects have zero or no use-case for their token, the STABL3 token is scalable. Means: We have the freedom to onboard any project, commodity or asset, tokenize it with STABL3 and create this natural value creation. We are starting with real estate. Everytime we offer a property on the webpage, it is purchased with USDC and DAI but the market cap/liquidity goes to the STABL3 token. Same with any other project. But, as mentioned, STABL33 Protocol is able to stand alone through the high Staking rewards it offers. When people stake their USDC & DAI they earn USDC & DAI. The returns are pending between 20-70% which is the highest in the world

A very interesting fixed return for many investors, traders, and so on. And here is one very special feature: The staking pool is capped to 70% of the STABL3 market cap. Means if more investors want to achieve high fixed and secure returns, the market cap needs to constantly rise as well. This is putting a natural buy pressure on STABL3 while protecting the high returns in the STAKING Pool. Additionally I am in daily meetings to onboard VCs, banks, liquidity providers, partnerships and many more. STABL33 is a lifetime project here to stay and a state-of-the-art of what is possible with DeFi to unlock financial freedom for anyone.

Coinwire Admin: Right, with this being said, it seems like Stabl33 is encouraging people to buy more, increase the market cap to get even more rewards. I mean who wouldn’t want that

Mateen: Exactly. It is a very nice win:win system.

Coinwire Admin: Ok that’s real interesting, you’re onboarding multiple institutions too, but

Q7: Do you think that Stabl33 needs to onboard lots of people as quickly as possible to be sustainable? Or does it need to slowly acquire loyal investors first?

Mateen: Good question. Researching and learning about product adaption is a big part of my study and academic thesis. We all know the adoption curve (I can share if requested). There are basically two important target groups in the beginning:

1. Innovators 

2. Early Adopters

For me it’s important to find the Innovators first. This is the target group that understands the project best and is able to communicate it to the early adopters. Early adopters are often Influencers, and mostly Influencers are not Innovators, they are not the creator of the idea but they know how to communicate it to the mass. For the project to sustain, it does not play a big role. All development expenses are paid. The Protocol should be running within two months and in this time I hope to build a great community. The protocol has been totally created around the benefit for investors. So I think after a slower phase of everyone waiting to see if it’s really working, it will rise exponentially, like any classic adoption curve.

Coinwire Admin: Agreed, there will be skeptics at first, and that’s good! That’s when people are actually researching you, and when they realize this is a solid, investable protocol, Stabl33 will rise exponentially. So for the people who want to research about you:

Q8: How do we join Stabl33 at the moment? Where can we find out more about Stabl33?

Mateen: Exactly. We are always available to answer all questions in our channels. We are best available at:

But we also share a lot of updates on:

The most information can be found of course on our webpage:

Coinwire Admin: Show them some love people! Remember, you need to join their telegram, follow their twitter AT LEAST to be able to win AMA prizes!

Mateen: And as mentioned before, we are still in the pre-sale phase till tomorrow! So if anyone wants to join with the lowest price possible, there is still this chance:

Coinwire Admin: Check their pre-sale out 🔥🔥#NFA.

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Stabl33 Protocol🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Mateen: Thanks so much for having me! It was a lot of fun! And great to meet new people!

Coinwire Admin: Well thank you Mateen for coming on and talking about Stabl33! It was very informative for me!

Mateen: Thanks so much!🙏We stay in touch!

Coinwire Admin: Take care Mateen! we will