The popularity of cryptocurrencies keeps rising in prominence on a yearly basis. There has been a rapid increase in the number of cryptocurrency trading robots. BitAlpha AI trading software is another robot that advertises as a trading platform for the novice as well as expert traders. 

If you are a crypto trader, you must be asking yourself, is BitAlpha AI legal or a scam? So, if you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading, then be sure to check out how to get started with the BitAlpha AI today!

What Is BitAlpha AI? 

Similar to other trading robots in the cryptocurrency market, the BitAlpha AI robot is an automated trading software that has been around for a while and is said to have acquired a growing community of users on its system. The goal of the BitAlpha AI trading platform is to facilitate automated crypto trading while making profitable trades.

This platform claims to be ahead of the crypto live market by 0.01 seconds with almost 99% trade accuracy opening you to profitable trading opportunities. It uses an auto-trading system approach and reportedly uses technological solutions to place trades. It is a sophisticated algorithm that derives the optimum points for trade entry and exits. Thus, claiming to generate maximum profits for its users. 

In addition, traders who use the BitAlpha AI platform have both options such as manual and automatic trading for its users. By choosing the automatic trading option, you do not need to do any work because the system is completely autonomous.  

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Is BitAlpha AI Legal? 

BitAlpha AI is legal in those countries that allow Contract For Difference (CFD trading). This is because it partners with world-renowned brokers who adhere to stringent trading regulations. Moreover, insights from its website claim that many individuals from diverse countries globally have signed a deal for a trading account with the robot brokers.

Getting Started With BitAlpha AI

You must know how to get started working with BitAlpha AI. How it can automate your trades in the cryptocurrency market. By following the below procedure one can create and set up a trading account and trade using the robot.

  1. Sign Up For A Trading Account

Remember that, BitAlpha AI partners with the best brokers to give you a worthwhile crypto trading experience. Therefore, to access the robot ensure you identify the best broker and create a trading account on the bot’s platform. This procedure is easy and by providing the necessary personal details, including your name, email, mobile number, etc. In this case, you will be done in a few minutes.

  1. The Minimum Deposit Should Be $250

The minimum deposit of the BitAlpha AI is should be $250. Therefore, once your trading account is fully activated, deposit the funds to your broker’s platform. Remember, with various payment methods allowed, ensure you transact with the one suitable for your trading needs.

  1. Start Trading 

The broker you trade with will confirm your deposit after which it will let you in on BitAlpha AI’s platform to start trading. At this point, you will select your preferred asset, customize BitAlpha AI to suit your needs, and let it do the trading. If you are a novice trader, do not completely rely on the bot. Instead, develop your own plan and strategies to create a few minutes to monitor your trades for maximum potential profits.

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Features Of BitAlpha AI

The BitAlpha AI automated trading system has special live trading features that make it more desirable than other automated trading robots. Its essential features include:

  1. Accurate Evolution

BitAlpha AI claims to have a win rate of 99.4%, which suggests that most of its trades are successful. It claims to analyze multiple trends through a variety of trading tools and is 0.01 seconds ahead of the live cryptocurrency market.

  1. Backtesting 

Backtesting or backstaging is one of the biggest highlights of the BitAlpha AI trading platform. With this feature, users can backtest their trading plans and strategies based on past crypto market trends. Consequently, traders are able to polish up their trading factors in the best possible way. Also, traders can adapt their trading sessions to suitable cryptocurrency market conditions.

  1. Easy Registration

Signing up on the platform only takes a few minutes. This is much faster than other trading platforms. Also, the website is user-friendly, and little or no expertise is needed to start trading. BitAlpha AI has a low deposit of only $250 to start the trading journey. 

  1. Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

BitAlpha AI features 8 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Bitcoin SV, Tether, and EOS. You can use the robot in a diversified portfolio for as long as the portfolio includes these featured assets. Remember, all these cryptocurrencies are popular. And, some are highly volatile, thus giving you several trading options.

BitAlpha AI: Final Verdict

BitAlpha AI is a cryptocurrency trading robot that claims to use advanced algorithms and technology to provide a profitable trading experience for its users. The platform is said to be legal in countries that allow CFD trading and partners with reputable brokers to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Getting started with BitAlpha AI is relatively easy, requiring only a few minutes to sign up for a trading account and deposit the minimum amount of $250. The platform offers several features such as accurate evolution, backtesting, easy registration, and the ability to trade multiple cryptocurrencies. However, traders are advised to not completely rely on the bot and develop their own strategies while monitoring their trades for maximum return.


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