hosts Step Hero: The lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG Game on BSC and Polygon

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome Lilly Nguyen, CMO at Step Hero

@CMO_StepHero How are you today? 😀

Lilly Ng.: Hello everyone,

I’m doing fantastic!

I’m so excited to be here today.

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA? 🎉

Lilly Ng.: Ask Me Anything, that’s the spirit.


BSCdaily – Admin: Great.

Let’s go.

Q1: Welcome to BSC Daily Community. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about Step Hero?🚀

Lilly Ng.: I’m glad to!

I’m Lilly Nguyen, and I’m the CMO of Step Hero.

I earned my Master’s degree in International Marketing Management in the United Kingdom.

I have over 6 years of experience in marketing and business development.

My most recent role is as a Growth Hacking Expert and CMO at one of Vietnam’s leading IT startups. Of course, creative and growth hacking are two of my strong suits.

Seven years ago, I stumbled into the crypto market when I began investing in a currency recommended by a friend. Since that day, it has completely changed my life in a variety of ways.

Eventually, I became a blockchain project builder and joined the Step Hero team.

Before Step Hero, our team also built another P2E game project together and everything went well so far.

We aspire to build a leading NFT ecosystem in the blockchain space which brings value and income to our users/investors.

That’s a brief introduction about myself.

And about Step Hero

Basically, Step Hero is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem comprises.

⚔️  Step Hero RPG Game – The lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on BSC and Polygon,

🏪  HERO NFT Marketplace – a cross-chain high liquidity NFT Marketplace

🎁  Step Hero Collectibles – artworks made with the most high-quality graphic design

We’re built on Binance Smart Chain & Polygon.

Indeed, Step Hero RPG is the first NFT Fantasy-themed RPG on the Polygon Network, and we’re so proud about it! 🥰

Lemme tell you more about our story ^^

Initially, we’re a game studio with more than 15 years of experience creating world-class games.

Due to confidentiality agreements with our partners, we cannot disclose the specific games we have developed. 🤫

However, some of them have achieved phenomenal successes in the global gaming market. 😉

Over the years, we’ve been thinking about how to bring more value to the players of our games. 🤔

We can now realize that goal, thanks to NFT technology. By tokenizing our in-game characters & items into NFTs, we can now bring those items real-life value. Playing Step Hero brings you joy & money at the same time! 🥳

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BSCdaily – Admin:  Interesting.

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Q2: When did you start to develop your project? What are the main obstacles you wanted to overcome?

Lilly Ng.: We came up with the idea for Step Hero a few years ago. In the beginning, Step Hero is a traditional game.

After seeing the potential of NFTs technology and P2E gaming industry, we decided to integrate Step Hero with blockchain technology. We spent over 1 year developing SH NFT RPG. And then, the NFT gaming market exploded beyond our expectations. 🚀🚀

The biggest challenge we encountered in the development of the project was how to create a special competitive advantage over competitors that were ahead in the market such as Axie Infinity, Faraland, CryptoBlades,…

You know, it is quite challenging for a new ecosystem to compete for market share in a market that already has such big players.

However, keep in mind that NFTs are still a nascent field. And in the history of businesses, first-generation pioneers have never been as successful as the next generation. I.e: Google has outperformed Yahoo Search, Apple has surpassed Nokia,..

To compete in this market and unlock the market potential, we will take the following actions:

1. Product and business optimization based on the experience of previous NFTs businesses

2. Prepare abundant financial resources, optimize resources to maintain operations against difficulties from the market and competitors

3. Cooperate with many partners in all fields, expand our NFT systems to many users.

4. Promote brand recognition through community building, KOLs marketing

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you for your clear answer

Q3: We would like to know more about your project. What are the highlights of your project and products that you believe will help you succeed?

Lilly Ng.: First of all, let’s talk about our ecosystem USPs. We have:

✅ A comprehensive NFT ecosystem including tokens, collectibles, NFT marketplace and RPG games

✅ Step Hero RPG: Addictive gameplay, eye-catching graphic design

✅ HERO NFT Collectibles: Unique & valuable NFTs created with the most sophisticated graphic design, they can even be embedded in other digital artworks

✅ HERO NFT Marketplace: Cross-chain NFT marketplace equipped with superior features such as NFT auctions and affiliate programs where you can earn in several ways.

Oh, I’ve just realized that the question addressed our product only. The above info will work ^^

BSCdaily – Admin: Great hahaa

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Q4: So, talking about your token. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the $HERO use cases?

Lilly Ng.: I’m about to tell you all about our marketing, partner, and technology,..but let’s keep them for the later parts.

$HERO is our government and utility token.

The primary utilities of the HERO token are:

1️⃣ HERO Farming: HERO tokens are used for farming Points that users can use for NFT redemption.

2️⃣ Payment in HNM: HERO tokens are used as a payment currency in Hero NFTs Marketplace along with other tokens

3️⃣ Voting: Holder of a certain amount of $HERO token will have the voting power on decisions regarding project development

4️⃣ In-game payment: In-game transactions are made in $STEP, the in-game currency. Users will have to buy $STEP using $HERO.

In the future, Step Hero Ecosystem will update with more use cases for the HERO token.

Details about the tokenomics, please check out:

Q5: Where can we buy $HERO?

Lilly Ng.: PancakeSwap right after #IDO, and other DEXs and CEXs in the future. 🥳

And FYI: The whitelist registration for Step Hero on LaunchZone has opened since yesterday. Check out how to join 👉

BSCdaily – Admin: Awesome

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Q6: And, are there any airdrop activities to attract community users?

Lilly Ng.: We’ve just closed an Airdrop program host by CoinMarketCap.

Many airdrop, bounty, contest & game tournament programs will be announced to users & community in the near future.

Follow our social channels for further updates

Website  (

Twitter (

 Facebook (

 Medium (

 Reddit (

BSCdaily – Admin: Great, I can’t wait to see it.

Q7: Could you tell us more about your next move? Anything I can expect from Step Hero this year?

Lilly Ng.: Yeah, I’m so eager to update with you all!

These days, we have 4 main focuses:

1. Fund raising & partnership development

2. Game development

3. Prepare for NFT release

4. IDO

What’s more? About our strategic partnerships

We’ve finished the seed round and nearly complete the private round with only a few token allocations left. And we will announce the total raised amount from both rounds on our official channels next week; the investors’ hype for Step Hero is beyond our initial expectations. 🤑🤑

About Step Hero RPG Game

We have been working extremely hard to develop the game Step Hero for the past year. Step Hero promises to bring a novelistic gaming experience. We won’t let you down!

We will launch the game in Q4 2021.

Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming game.

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About HERO NFT Collectibles

Many members of the Step Hero community are eagerly awaiting Hero NFTs, and I have good news for you all. 🥳

🎁 We will offer the first collection of NFTs immediately following the IDO event in August. HERO treasure chests containing NFTs will be available for sale on NFT marketplaces.

🍀 You may purchase chests and find NFT random goodies within.

There’s gonna be so much fun! 🥳

And finally, About our IDO

We will officially IDO on LaunchZone’s LZPad and RedKite platform on August 15th, 2021. Registration for the whitelist on LaunchZone opened, guys! 🚀🚀🚀

RedKite was the LaunchPad of Faraland, the top 4 NFT gainers this July.

LZPad is a reputable launchpad that has launched a series of potential projects with high ROI.

Please follow our official channels to be updated with more IDO news! 🥰

Q8: Finally, where can we find out more about Step Hero?

Lilly Ng.: Follow our social channels for further updates


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Reddit (

BSCdaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Step Hero

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @CMO_StepHero

Lilly Ng.: 1. I hope to see you all in Step Hero community, so don’t forget to join our social channels


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Details 👉

So excited to see you again in Step Hero community ^^

It was a pleasure having you guys  @CMO_StepHero ❤️

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Step Hero

Lilly Ng.: Thank you Rachell

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