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Coinwire Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another wonderful AMA with PolygonDaily 🙌I’m Daley, your host, and today, I’m honored to welcome Mr. Daniel Saito to our chat 🤝

Good day to you Mr. Daniel, how’s everything?

Daniel Saito: Hello everyone. Good day, Daley 🙂 I’m doing great. Thanks for asking. How is everyone doing?

Coinwire Admin: Hey man, I can’t say for everyone, but I’m doing fantastic! These days the market has been really generous hah. Absolutely excited for our AMA today! We’ve prepared 2 segments for StrongNode, ready to learn more from you!

Daniel Saito: That’s great to hear 🙏

Coinwire Admin: So, are you all set to kick this AMA off? 🙌🙌

Daniel Saito: Of course! Let’s get this AMA started, folks!

Coinwire Admin: Noice! So let me start this AMA with our first segment: Q&A with the host! First and foremost, I just want you to introduce yourself and StrongNode briefly, so:

Q1: Briefly introduce yourself and StrongNode! What are the visions behind building a Blockchain infrastructure?

Daniel Saito: Hello again, Polygon Daily. My name is Daniel Saito and I am the CEO and Co-founder of It’s so nice to be back here after 1 year since our first AMA here 🥳

For an overview of my background, I have been in technology for over 30 years. I was self-taught in programming and started working at 16 (legal age to work). I started 2 ISPs in both the USA (dedicated to gaming) and Japan (consumer ISP). I worked with a team that deployed 2 satellites into space for a News Corp joint venture in Japan. I also worked at the NTT DoCoMo R&D for designing the framework for the “security enclave” in 4G devices.

Before working on StrongNode, I ran a widely successful open source database company called MySQL. I have advised and worked on various other projects in the past like WAX, Bluzelle, OST, and others. I was featured in a recent DSCRV interview video! You can get to know me and StrongNode in this DSCVR interview at Nasdaq with the amazing Jane King of LilaMax Media as the host of this episode.

Now, here’s the brief introduction for StrongNode: StrongNode is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company that leverages edge computing and blockchain technologies and harvests idle computing power from common digital devices. We are the first project of the incubation lab entity called TKYOLABS. StrongNode is Web 3.0 infrastructure without any servers. Our team saw the need to solve the scalability issue and the need for an alternative and cost-efficient solution in computing and data processing for the large scale enterprises all the way to small-medium businesses and build solutions for real world problems.

Coinwire Admin: Check it out peeps! StrongNode has been here for quite some time, so there should be even more documents talking about it.

Daniel Saito: Absolutely! If the replies might be too much of a read, that YouTube video can help give you details about StrongNode.

Coinwire Admin: Now Mr. Daniel is a freaking Veteran in the tech space, I’m sure the brilliant people behind StrongNode are too. But!!!! Since it’s been 1 year after our last AMA, there could be some changes in the operation.

Q2: Who are the people behind StrongNode? What are their past experiences?

Daniel Saito: A lot has happened within the past year, Daley. Our StrongNode team is top notch and filled with talented and passionate global members working towards our goals and running StrongNode.

My CTO is Colin Charles, who has worked with me for over 20 years and he did tech for Fedora project (linux), OpenOffice, MySQL, MariaDB. My CIO is Zivago Lee who I have known for 40 years (since middle school). Get to know more about StrongNode and our team on our website at

Coinwire Admin: What a rooster! Let’s get into more details about StrongNode!

Daniel Saito: Let’s get to it 👍

Q3: Walk us through StrongNode’s products and services! How do these products provide cleaner, faster and more reliable computing? Also, if you can, tell us the progress of StrongNode in recent months! We’d love to be updated about the changes you’ve had in the past year

Daniel Saito: StrongNode aims to build a virtualized infrastructure where $SNE can be earned by providing “resources” to the StrongNode Edge Network. We are building the key infrastructure of Web 3.0. and we are committed to being a leader in green edge-infrastructure. The average consumer has about 2.5 digital devices around them at any point in time. The average human cannot completely utilize their full potential of their digital devices. This is where StrongNode comes in. We would like to “rent” your resources to help build the infrastructure for Web 3.0.

We have a chance to add ESG (environmental sustainability goal) ingrained into the DNA of Web 3.0 throughout the StrongNode approach. The major update that we can share is that we have successfully launched $SNE in 2021. The last time we were here, the team was working on finalizing our IDO details. It’s nice to be back here after a year 😄

Continuing with the answer … Our team understands that there is a “significant” digital footprint at the mass consumer level that can be retooled and refocused to help process “data” on the edge network (last mile) and that unpowered / unused laptop in your desk drawer can be retooled to make you supplemental income. We harness the power from idle devices and lend it to industries that need it the most. This enables businesses to not be reliant on centralized cloud services that are expensive and bad for the planet. While centralized cloud computing only gets more expensive and sucks up more energy as demand grows, $SNE does the opposite. More devices and industries connected to our network = more sources to harness power from. This means options for a lower cost and a greener approach. If you share your network resources, you get compensated for the utilization for the said resources and to help supplement your Internet connection fee (as digital connectivity and privacy should be a human right).

In addition, our platform provides an eco-friendly solution for those who want to avoid the high energy costs of traditional data centers. We hope to crack the digital divide issue and e-waste issue at the same time.

Coinwire Admin: Damn nice. I think we’re now entering a more eco-friendly stage with technological use. Especially with the recent surge in oil, energy prices…The projects that push environmental sustainability goal (ESG) are going to be very beneficial in the recent future

Daniel Saito: Absolutely 💯 That’s what we’re here to do. StrongNode is here for the long run. We want to introduce the idea of GREEN MINING and we want to make “Computing for a Purpose” a reality.

Coinwire Admin: StrongNode is 100% on THE path to take with the resource-sharing tech! As long as there are no privacy threats when users decide to accept sharing with StrongNode. I’m in full support! But regarding this, can you ensure the users here that we will be 100% shielded from privacy exploits when connecting with StrongNode? Nobody wants their web3 wallet phished or social accounts hacked

Daniel Saito: And you are right. 100%. Security is paramount for us as well.  We are taking the extra time to verify / audit / certify every component of our network.  We look beyond the smart contract level but all the way to the system level of your computer device.  We are executing code in a secure sandboxed environment with user controlled preferences.

In summary, it is encrypted by design and operates in a sandbox environment so it doesn’t have access to your personal files. Here at StrongNode, we don’t believe in a business model of selling your personal data.

Coinwire Admin: Thank you! Now after the users have been informed about StrongNode’s security, let’s dive into your token $SNE! You’ve touched on it a couple of times in this AMA, so

Q4: What are the primary utilities of $SNE? Is there anything in particular in its tokenomics that users need to focus on? Where can we get it?

Daniel Saito: $SNE is the native token of the StrongNode economy. We have vendors willing to rent out computing time and resources in exchange for $SNE token. $SNE can be used on our platform for our Enterprise or Retail and End User services (Edge Customers), Edge Seeders or the individuals with the compute resources, and the Edge Innovators or projects running on the StrongNode Edge technology like Original Gamer Life which will soon launch its IDO ($OGL). Another token utility is that $SNE, together with $OGL, is also integrated in the Original Gamer Life platform’s features, like their upcoming metaverse platform. More details will be shared upon the launch of the OGLife platform. For the $SNE tokenomics, the public sale token holders can get 20% at TGE with the rest vested within a 4-month period while all employees and advisors of StrongNode remain locked up with 4-year vesting options and the presale token holders get 10% on TGE with the rest vested within a 6-month period. All early investor tokens have been distributed and are in circulation. For more information regarding the $SNE tokenomics, visit our website:

After our IDO launch, $SNE has been listed on platforms like Digifinex and LAToken. We are looking to add more $SNE CEX/DEX listings soon. $SNE is also available at LAToken. For more $SNE token information, click here:

Coinwire Admin: That’s very detail, thank you Mr. Daniel. Be sure to take a look at $SNE! Do your research carefully before putting down your funds too peeps!

Daniel Saito: Great questions by the way, Daley. And yes, folks, always Do Your Own Research and invest responsibly.

Coinwire Admin: So from what I’ve read, StrongNode is for: Enterprises, Retail Users, Individuals with less computing power,…

Q5: Who else are your targeted consumers? How do you market StrongNode to increase public awareness and mass adoption?

Daniel Saito: ANYONE with an internet connection and computer or mobile phone or basically any digital device can access the network. Common digital devices include your phone, PC, and laptop. When we say computing resources, that would mean the idle resources such as CPU/GPU cycle, network bandwidth, and data storage from the common digital devices. We harness the power from idle devices and lend it to industries that need it the most. StrongNode is a global project. We need to grow our user base, a larger user base means a larger digital footprint that we can offer. We wanted to keep the hurdle low so we can accept anyone with TCP/IP to make money.

Join us on our Telegram community to be in the loop for all of our latest news and updates. Join us at

Coinwire Admin: Here’s one question that I think most people would be interested in knowing:

Q6: Who are your partners currently?

Daniel Saito: We have a dozen partnerships down the pipeline. We have our partners like GAINS Associates,, Splinterlands, Dopamine, Minted Lab, Ghost Capital, Down Under Capital, Magnus Capital, OIG, Block0, numerous funds and KOLs are working with us. Some of our key partners are our launchpad partners BullPerks,, and TrustPad. We also partnered with our friends at QuickSwap as our liquidity provider and utilized their farms with StrongNode. We have Tokensfarm as our staking partner.

We are still looking for key partnerships that believe in the same vision that we do as we are now in the development phase for our products. Our partnerships will help drive adoption and utilization in the masses and help bring our products and services on a global scale. Hopefully, we’ll be able to release more updates about new partnerships and collaborations for StrongNode.

Coinwire Admin: You’ve got some great names in there. Please keep surprising us with these partnerships too!

Daniel Saito: Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks, guys.

Coinwire Admin: Next question is going to be about your upcoming plans:

Q7: What can we expect from StrongNode at the end of 2022 and early 2023?

Daniel Saito: Our users and new community members can definitely expect that 2022 and the coming months towards 2023 will be a phase of serious development for us. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes after launching $SNE. Our team is developing our MVP, having $SNE listed on CEX/DEX platforms, and the development of the StrongNodeID and dashboard.

  • We are working on our StrongNode Bridge as we want to give exclusive access to our StrongNodeID holders to use our bridge and make fast transactions between ETH <—> MATIC and to other chains. We took the extra time to do a security audit and are currently undergoing a certification with Certik on our bridge.
  • StrongNodeID is complete and ready to be shipped (white label customers are lining up for this service). We just recently opened up this service for early beta release.

For those who want to take the first step in joining our network, just sign up here for StrongNodeID:

Here at StrongNode, we are also looking to establish the company as an opinion leader in the subject around WEB 3. Over the span of 10 weeks, we partnered with VentureBeat and we will publish our opinion piece on WEB 3.0. If you want to learn more about the future of WEB 3.0, here is another article piece with VentureBeat that was recently released:

👉 Don’t forget to stay updated on all news about StrongNode and follow us on all our socials here:

11!: Oh man you’re expanding to Bridges too 👀 That’s cool. the Strongnodeid is something I have to take a look at as well. Basically lots of things to expect from StrongNode in upcoming months. So make sure to research and research!!!

Daniel Saito: It’s up for early beta release. Please join us 👍

Coinwire Admin: Alright, one last question for you Mr. Daniel, are you ready?

Daniel Saito: I’m ready for it

Q8: Are there any events or incentives at the moment for users/investors to join StrongNode?

Daniel Saito: We have a way for you to maximize benefits as a $SNE user. If you haven’t staked your $SNE tokens now, this would be a good time to lock in your place in the LP pool. In case you guys missed it, our $SNE LP Staking Farm on Tokensfarm is now extended until JULY 2023! We have successfully staked 527.031M $SNE tokens. Our Tokensfarm $SNE-MATIC pool is tracking 69.26% APY.

For your consideration, click this link to go to $SNE LP staking farm on Tokensfarm:

Let me say this again. This is NFA. Be sure to invest responsibly and Do Your Own Research.

Coinwire Admin: Yes sir!

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with StrongNode🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Daniel Saito: Thank you so much for having me today, Daley and Polygon Daily group 🙏Now as I have said earlier, for all the latest news on StrongNode, don’t forget to check us out and follow all of our socials here to stay updated: Always DYOR and invest responsibly folks 🤓

That’s it for me today. ✌🏻

Coinwire Admin: Thank you so much Mr. Daniel for being here with the PolygonDaily community and talking about StrongNode! Best of luck to StrongNode, and to you as well, take care 🤝

Daniel Saito: Always a pleasure to get to talk about StrongNode. Have a great day ahead, guys and gals!

Coinwire Admin: Always a pleasure 👌