The SUI token, the native cryptocurrency of Sui’s layer-1 blockchain, has experienced a significant setback in its value following allegations of supply manipulation by South Korean regulatory authorities. The Sui Foundation, the organization responsible for its native token, has vehemently denied these accusations, stating that the claims are baseless and misleading. Despite their efforts to clarify the situation, the token’s price has plunged, leaving investors and the crypto community concerned about its future trajectory.

Allegations and Denials Shake Token’s Stability

The SUI token witnessed a sharp decline of over 9% in response to allegations from South Korean regulators. These authorities accused the Sui Foundation of manipulating the token’s supply for their own gain, leading to a public outcry and investor panic. The Foundation swiftly responded to the accusations, dismissing them as unfounded and materially false. They emphasized that there had been no improper sale of their native tokens after the initial Community Access Program (CAP) distributions and the circulating supply information on their official platforms was accurate.

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The Value Of Sui Token Faces Challenges In Recovering Amidst Accusations Of Supply Manipulation. Source: Coingecko
The value of the token faces challenges in recovering amidst accusations of supply manipulation. Source: CoinGecko

Despite these assurances, the token’s value continued to plummet, reaching new lows of $0.37 on October 18, marking a 7% decline in just two days.

Regulatory Pressure and Market Uncertainty Add to SUI Token Woes

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Source: CoinGecko

The allegations against the Sui Foundation triggered an investigation by the South Korean Financial Supervisory Service (FSS). Lawmakers, including Representative Min Byeong-deok from the Democratic Party of Korea, accused the Foundation of self-interest by staking locked-up coins, which were meant to remain in the non-circulating supply.

Additionally, Rep. Min asserted that the Foundation had misrepresented the token’s circulating supply, further undermining investor trust. South Korean regulators have intensified their efforts to regulate cryptocurrency activities in the wake of previous incidents, indicating a growing trend of strict oversight. These developments have added to the uncertainty surrounding the token, leading to increased market volatility and apprehension among investors.

The SUI token’s struggle to regain its lost ground reflects the challenges faced by cryptocurrencies in navigating regulatory landscapes. Despite the Foundation’s firm denial of the supply manipulation allegations, the market response has been harsh, causing significant declines in the token’s value. As the regulatory pressure intensifies and skepticism persists, the future of the native token remains uncertain. Investors and the crypto community will be closely monitoring developments, hoping for clarity and stability in these challenging times.

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