SUI token has experienced a remarkable recovery trend since August 18, thanks in part to the ongoing Bullshark Quest 2 event. Launched by Mysten Labs in collaboration with the Sui Foundation, this event has provided participants with an extended opportunity to engage with decentralized finance (DeFi) dApps.

The Bullshark Quest 2 Event: A Deeper Dive into DeFi

Sui Token Rises As Bullshark Quest 2 Event Extends

The Bullshark Quest 2 event, originally scheduled to end on August 29, has been extended for an additional eight days. This extension aims to allow participants to explore the dynamic world of decentralized finance in greater depth. Mysten Labs and the Sui Foundation share a common goal of promoting user engagement with the DeFi ecosystem, and the extended timeframe facilitates thorough investigation and interaction with the wide range of available offerings.

Bullshark Quest 2 Event’s SUI Reward Pools

At the core of the Bullshark Quest 2 event are two SUI reward pools, each offering distinct opportunities for participants. Players are allowed to participate in only one of these reward pools.

Pool 1: This pool consists of 2.5 million SUI tokens, which will be shared among the top 5,000 players based on total points earned.

Pool 2: The second pool also contains 2.5 million SUI tokens, to be distributed among the remaining qualified participants.

The event was launched on July 28th with a total reward pool of 5 million SUI tokens. The collaboration between Mysten Labs and the Sui Foundation aims to provide ample time for users to engage, navigate, and benefit from their participation.

The Impact on SUI Token Price

Sui Token Rises As Bullshark Quest 2 Event Extends

The SUI token has witnessed a significant price surge since the Bullshark Quest 2 event began. At the time of writing, the SUI token is trading at $0.5775, representing an 8.43% increase in the past 24 hours. This upward trend can be attributed to the heightened interest and engagement generated by the event.

Exploring DeFi Opportunities with Bullshark Quest 2

The Bullshark Quest 2 event offers participants a unique chance to delve into the world of decentralized finance. By interacting with various DeFi dApps, users can gain a deeper understanding of the ecosystem and its potential benefits. The extended timeframe allows for thorough exploration and evaluation of the available offerings.


The Bullshark Quest 2 event has proven to be a catalyst for the SUI token’s recovery and increased interest in the DeFi ecosystem. By extending the event and offering unique reward pools, Mysten Labs and the Sui Foundation aim to promote deeper user engagement and exploration of decentralized finance. Participants have the opportunity to earn SUI tokens while gaining valuable insights and experiences in the world of DeFi. So, don’t miss out on this chance to dive into the Bullshark Quest 2 event and unlock the potential of decentralized finance.

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