Most of the traditional video game industry shares the same problems. Typically, this industry includes game players, payment gateways, distributors, publishers, and developers. However, they are controlled by a central server, the information is not transparent, especially the game props and assets, leading to the unhealthy and incomplete form of the game industry chain. What’s even worse is that players lack a trusted sharing mechanism and low autonomy.

Blockchain technology and DAO will solve these problems. Blockchain technology will ensure that “Rules are Rules” and DAOs ensure that no one can edit the rules without people noticing, because DAOs are transparent and public. With the development of the metaverse, the DAO can work perfectly with the gathering of people or members, the management of DAOs is mainly based on the community, a set of rules will work, a grant like tokens which organizations can spend to reward certain activities by their members, and that provide voting rights to establish operating rules. In addition, and most importantly, is a good and secure structure that allows any investor to configure the institution. Above all, it builds a flatter, more efficient and more decentralized world, so that the participants can benefit more.

And most recently, SuperCars – the first CARDAO self-driving platform game in the metaverse will be a great combination of car fan interaction and the recreational racing industry.

The CARDAO organization is a community-led entity, with no central authority, fully autonomous and transparent. DAO members have the right to vote, govern, and make important decisions about the future of the project, such as technical upgrades and treasure allocation, etc. They can build the platform and share the benefits through crowdfunding and voting.

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I. Introduction

1. What is “SuperCars”?

SuperCars is a blockchain game that has varied gameplay to create a truly exciting environment for gamers who are passionate about speed, competition and shiny luxury cars. SuperCars 3D is well designed and highly interactive, with top amazing racing cars at your fingertips. With epic graphics and thrilling racing experience, the game makes you the racer that won the highest honor in the metaverse!

SuperCars promises to solve the current dilemmas of the traditional gaming industry with ease. This project has created a distributed ledger of blockchain, integrating consensus mechanism, smart contract, asymmetric encryption mechanism and other important technologies, which can well solve the above problems with the features of transparent mechanism, asset flow reuse, clear ownership and other advantages.

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2. Transparency experience

Through smart contracts and on-chain data, information barriers can be comprehensively reduced and players can even participate in game design and related updates, thus creating a fairer game mechanics. In blockchain technology, the participation of players is considered as the nodes on the chain, the ownership of data is completely transferred to the user, which is really very safe and beneficial.

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NFTs trading also helps to promote the marketization of game assets. It stores data about assets in a public digital ledger (e.g. database) called a blockchain, which is decentralized and immutable. Decentralized means it is distributed over a network of computers, so there will always be a copy of its record even when one computer is not connected to the network. This can help implement verification of game content purchases for validation, administration, and validation, and this proves that the player owns a particular feature of the game and that the player also As the creator, this will further improve the game ecosystem.

Under marketization, users can create various personalized game engines through NFT, which can be linked to dividend rights and governance rights, actually transforming the original user properties to assume the role of game creator and further promote the development and improvement of the game ecosystem.

3. Ways to Earn in SuperCars

Play to Earn

SuperCars gives players ownership of in-game assets in the form of NFTs and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game

Create to Earn

SuperCars is not a monolithic game, with a create to earn model that brings new services to players with virtual creations. Programmable NFT entitlements bring more economic vitality to create to earn and return value by creating your own NFTs.

Pay to Win

SuperCars’ interaction of interest is a quick way to attract traffic, and SuperCars’ playability is the basic condition to guarantee loyal players, that is, no matter how the price of token and NFTs changes, the diversified game scenarios and experiences can always attract those players who are willing to “pay to win”, as long as the game is fun enough and in the interactive environment, it will attract people to play it, and it will continue to create a “fluid” economy.

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4. Global Founder Program

Anyone can become a member of CarDAO ! And jointly mint the initial circulation of CAR, with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 500 individual tokens.

The Global Founder is highly decentralised to guarantee that the CarDAO organisation is truly decentralised in governance.

Then all CARs produced are mined by the initial circulation of CARs in the Supercars application through PLAY-TO-EARN and CREATE-TO-EARN.

The initial circulation of CARs will be raised across two chains, BSC and POLYGON, from March 16 at 12:00 UTC to April 5 at 12:00 UTC.

II. Roadmap



⏵ 2022.03.16
SuperCars recruiting Global Founders

⏵ 2022.04.06
CarDAO equity credential — CAR token officially launched, activate the “LP Staking Pool ”

⏵ 2022.04.06
SuperCars release the first beta testing, officially launch the racing car NFT, activate the super parking lot racing car storage rights and benefits, and enjoy the returns.


⏵ 2022.04.12
SuperCars officially launching; CarDAO community autonomous rights and voting function activated.

⏵ 2022.04.15
CARDAO members can vote to crowdfund to set up the community exclusive dealer shop, to achieve the member’s autonomy, benefit-sharing

⏵ 2022.04.20
SuperCars release the second beta test and activate the Super Arena PvE battles


⏵ 2022.04.20
Launch the rental car service to encourage players who do not have NFT to participate in the game, so that more players can participate in the beta test

⏵ 2022.06.10
Activate the Super Arena PvP mode, top racers in the metaverse are waiting for you to fight for honors

⏵ 2022.07.05
The top club the CarDAO community will start the alliance tournament, carve up the 10 million prize pool


⏵ 2022.10
Online forum function will be launched for the car fans to have online free discussions and share experience about the game, being the supercar enthusiast in the based on the mutual interest in the metaverse

⏵ 2022.12
Launch the function of car enthusiast moments, record and share the daily life of car fans

⏵ 2023.02
Combined with blockchain privacy protection technology Mix-ZK protocol to achieve social privacy protection

⏵ 2023.06
Create the strongest CARDAO community in the metaverse, achieve the benefit sharing and a diversified ecosystem of economic, entertainment, and friends

III. Tokenomics

1. Issuance mechanism


➤ The only token for the SuperCars platform is CAR, which is also the only equity credential for CarDAO

➤ Total CAR volume 300,000,000 units

➤ In the process of each transaction and NFT minting, a certain amount of destruction will be generated, and eventually 100,000,000 units will be destroyed.

➤ Centralized organization has no right to issue and determine the initial circulation of CARs, which are capped at 6,000,000 as determined by the CarDAO organization’s self-governance.

➤ Anyone can become a CarDAO member to jointly mint CAR’s initial circulation token, with a minimum individual quota of 100 and a maximum of 500. The global founders are fully decentralized to ensure that the CarDAO organization is decentralized in governance. After that, all the CARs produced will be mined by CarDAO members through PLAY-TO-EARN and CREATE-TO-EARN in the SuperCars application. There is no initial pass issuance in the Technology R&D Center, and CAR is minted by Car-DAO organization members. After the pass enters circulation, the technical operator only collects 1% of each sale of CAR in DEX as an R&D fund to support the continuous development of SuperCars ecology.

2. Token Acquisition

The incentive of CAR token is measured according to the contribution value. The higher the contribution value, the more CAR rewards you get, realizing the concept of returning data value to users.

CarDAO members can participate in the minting of CAR’s initial circulation token with a minimum individual quota of 100 and a maximum of 500. The total number of mintages is capped at 6,000,000.

Yield farming or mining
Any user who provides liquidity support for the circulation of CARs can participate in the liquidity pool LP Staking program and jointly share the 1% CAR share of each transaction for users across the network.

Game Access
The process of users participating in the SuperCars game is the process of creating token CARs. Players in the SuperCars scenario conducting Supercar’s parking lot parking, racing in competition, league socialization, Supercar clubs and other behaviors are accompanied by the orientation of token value, and will obtain CARs of relative value. At the same time, in all players’ behaviors, the minting of NFT props will be generated, and the token of CAR and NFT in circulation is the process of realizing the token acquisition.

Content Access
The value-oriented process generated by SuperCars include but not limited to, application scenarios where users can post content creation on open platforms such as the SuperCars forum, where the active topics creators and discussion participants of SuperCars can continuously benefit through content publishing in the form of SuperCars’ unique token CARs.

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3. Value System

⧫ CAR is the digital proof of interest of SuperCars ecology, and the essence of its value is to distribute the revenue generated by SuperCars ecology to all CAR holders through smart contracts.

⧫ In terms of value, CAR carries both “trust value” and “consensus value”.

⧫ In a point of incentive view, CAR is to stimulate the “bookkeepers on network” being financially rewarded for their participation.

⧫ From a governance perspective, CARs are equity certificates for participation in decision-making.

⧫ In terms of revenue, CAR is a reflection of the value gain of SuperCars in the ecological mechanism.

Are you ready to ride these supercars and compete? Get ready now! 

Fast and Furious, Race and Earn!

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