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Cryptodaily Admin: Good day to you Lander 😁And welcome back to another AMA with AvaxDaily everyone!!! Hope you’re all having a fantastic day! I’m Daley and today I’m joined by Lander – Marketing Manager of Survivor Finance! You’re doing good, Lander?

SUV Lander: Hi Daley! Not bad. Our game is coming into shape. I’m also honored to be here to share everything with members of AVAX Daily!

Cryptodaily Admin: Spill us everything!!!!

SUV Lander: I’ll surely do!

Cryptodaily Admin: Sounds like you’re ready to start the AMA 💪Shall we begin?

SUV Lander: Yeah, I’m ready for all questions

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

SUV Lander: Sure, I’ll mainly introduce our team, as our project is game-oriented. I worked at Amway for three years and then I entered the world of Crypto in 2017. I found this world really fascinating and decided to work as a marketing guy here. And here I am. I’ve worked for several De-Fi projects and Survivor is the first Game-Fi team I worked for.

Cryptodaily Admin: So you’re bringing your marketing expertise from Amway to Crypto, that’s nice. What do you find the most different when it comes to Crypto Marketing in general?

SUV Lander: Basically everything is different. Different target groups, different marketing channels and strategies. It’s a long story. I’ll just skip it and introduce our team. Our team is mainly composed of game developers. The leader  William is an experienced game developer who participated in developing frameworks of EVE. Echo is responsible for organizing game design at Survivor. He has eight years of experience in UX/UI and game design. Michael is responsible for blockchain engineering at Survivor. Dustin, with more than 4 years experience working on blockchain products, is responsible for business operations at Survivor. Karl is responsible for the creative direction of Survivor and also created the artwork for Survivor.

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah let’s not get into that 😂

Q2: What is Survivor Finance all about? Why the name Survivor Finance?

SUV Lander: Survivor Finance is a survival game happening in an open world. Players will pilot their spaceships to cooperate or fight against each other for resources needed to survive and grow stronger. It also has a De-Fi element like staking. The reason why we choose this name is because survival is the main theme of this game. Players will always stay alert for any incoming event and make the choice. If they make some bad choices, they must start from scratch, which makes everyone have a sense of trying to survive all the time

Cryptodaily Admin: Interesting, it’s a galactic, open world, survival game 👀

Q3:  What is the motivation to create such a project? What is your mission in the NFT Gaming market?

SUV Lander: Our inspiration comes from EVE Online.  It’s the very game we all like to play. We at first want to put this epic game on a chain and make it suit the taste of crypto players.

We want to explore a way to better utilize NFTs for the whole Game-FI field. For instance, we want to make every equipment a NFT which can be equipped or unequipped from the spaceship by players.

By the way, we think modularization is the future of Game-Fi.

Cryptodaily Admin: So the gameplay of Survivor would somewhat be similar to EVE, let’s talk about that:

Q4: What is the gameplay of Survivor Finance? What can we do in the game to earn?

SUV Lander: Let me quote from Survivor’s whitepaper: “The game centers around three pillars: survival, exploration and trading. Players are free to explore the entirety of an algorithmically generated universe, which includes over hundreds of planets. Through the game’s unique generation system, planets have their diversified ecosystems with unique forms of creatures. Players advance in the game by mining for resources to power and improve their equipment, buying and selling resources with other players and NPCs.”

Cryptodaily Admin: Please elaborate how a modular approach is designed within the gameplay of Survivor

SUV Lander: That’s exactly what I want to elaborate! A spaceship will be designed many slots for equipment including laser cannons, shield boosters, armor plates, electronic warfare devices, cloaks etc

One can freely change them when they get more powerful equipment or more suitable combinations.

Every equipment will have influence on spaceships’ attribute parameters, namely hitpoints, armory, speed, attack range and firepower.

Cryptodaily Admin: You’re not kidding about making every equipment as NFTs 👀

SUV Lander: No I’m not. We will regularly release batches of NFTs after the launch of game. And the resources or equipment can be sold for $SUV. One can choose between selling them or using them to grow stronger for more $SUV

Q5: Let’s dive into your tokens $SUV. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $SUV use cases?

SUV Lander: $SUV is the governance token of Survivor universe. As the primary currency in the Survivor ecosystem, it’s designed to fight inflation through multiple burn mechanics. $SUV is the only way to obtain spaceships, and will also enable players to mint equipment and upgrade spaceships.

$SUV can be acquired through liquidity farming. The in-game ranking system will also reward the top players a certain amount of $SUV.


~Total supply: 500M $SUV

~Allocated for initial liquidities: 50M $SUV

~Starting daily cap: 1,2M SUV (last for 20 days and then 600K $SUV daily)

~Allocated for team: 20M $SUV (unlocked linearly in 18 months after launching for 6 months).

~Allocated for game development and promotion: 30M $SUV

~Allocated for farming: 250M $SUV

~Allocated for in-game rewards: 150M $SUV

Q6: How is your ROI? What is Survivor Finance planning to ensure a sustainable ROI?

SUV Lander: Now we only have staking. Apr is around 1000% to 3000% depending on the pools’ depth. As players can buy spaceships with $SUV and use $SUV to purchase equipment and resources in the game, $SUV will strike a balance between stable release and mild deflation.

Q7: I can see you have a staking booster feature also, please walk us through how we can use it and what role it has in your overall strategic planning?

SUV Lander: The booster is also known as the stake lock. One can also choose to lock the stake to the earnings of the SUV. The longer one chooses to lock, the more powerful the booster can be. It’s used to reward those faithful supporters of Survivor. Through this mechanism users and us are united for the greater good of Survivor. It’s also a win-win solution.

Q8: What about your security? Are you audited? How do we know you’re here for the long run and not a rugpull?

SUV Lander: We really value security. We’ve done an audit with Solidity before the fair launch. Here is the link:

As we aim to build a great game, rugs are not an option for us. Frankly speaking, presenting a shitty game is worse than rugging. And only by building a great game can we reach maximized profits from the token reserved by the team.

Cryptodaily Admin: Let’s look at it this way, if the game is sh*tty, 98% rug

Q9: Are there any exciting events you want to share with us right now?

SUV Lander: No sir, as we provide the liquidity and we are strongly backed financially. The only thing that could happen is a good game with a 98% chance.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s what we’re hoping for! And that is also what we need more in the gamefi space as well

SUV Lander: Here’s one: the beta version of the Survivor game will come out in early June!!! We’ll recruit volunteers for the test in the coming weeks!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Survivor Finance🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

SUV Lander: It’s nice to be here and share you all with our project! Thanks for listening and have a good day!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here Lander! It has been a pleasure hosting this AMA about Survivor Finance. Take care man 💪