Taiko Labs, a prominent Layer 2 developer, has successfully raised a total of $22 million in funding through two seed rounds. Led by Sequoia China in Q3/2022 and recently concluded with a $12 million investment led by Generative Ventures, the funding underscores the growing interest and confidence in Taiko’s innovative approach to blockchain technology.

With its focus on Layer 2 solutions and utilization of Zk Rollup technology, Taiko is poised to make significant strides in enhancing scalability and compatibility on the Ethereum network.

Layer 2 Blockchain Solutions

Taiko Labs In Ethglobal Tokyo Event

Taiko Labs is spearheading the development of a Layer 2 blockchain built on the Ethereum network. Leveraging Zk Rollup technology, similar to popular solutions like zkSync, Starknet, and Polygon zkEVM, Taiko Labs aims to advance the scalability and efficiency of decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum. Notably, Taiko’s approach is inclined towards Type 1 ZK-EVM, which boasts the highest level of EVM compatibility ever mentioned by Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin.

Having achieved success with their first two testnets, Alpha-1 and Alpha-2, which saw significant community participation, Taiko plans to continue building on their momentum. The roadmap includes the launch of several more testnets to test different aspects of their technology stack, leading up to the mainnet launch in Q1 2024. Additionally, Taiko aims to foster the growth of key protocols and partnerships, inviting builders and projects interested in deploying on Taiko to join their growing ecosystem.

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Unveiling a Future Token Launch

Taiko Labs has further piqued interest in the blockchain community by implicitly confirming its plans to launch a native token in the future. The introduction of a token is expected to unlock various possibilities for Taiko’s ecosystem, including incentivizing participation, facilitating governance, and driving overall network growth. The project’s commitment to transparency and innovation has generated anticipation among investors and industry enthusiasts alike.

Taiko Labs - A Cutting-Edge Layer 2 Blockchain

In response to the announcement, Taiko’s CEO and Co-founder, Daniel Wang, shared his thoughts, stating:

“We are incredibly proud to partner with leading investors who share our uncompromising vision. Recent advancements in zero-knowledge algorithms, hardware acceleration, and industry research have brought us to the verge of achieving a truly decentralized Ethereum-equivalent ZK-rollup. This remains our core mission at Taiko.”

Will Wang, Partner at Generative Ventures, also expressed his perspective on the matter, saying:

“We firmly believe in the value of creating a trustless network and machine economy that empowers the informational and financial revolution. Taiko stands as the top candidate to scale this process and deliver exceptional performance.”

The Implications of Taiko’s Funding Success

The funding rounds were led by Sequoia China and Generative Ventures, with participation from notable investors such as BAI Capital, GGV Capital, and GSR Markets, as well as prominent contributors and community members from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Taiko’s co-founders, who have extensive experience in launching and scaling ZK projects, including Loopring, lead a team of over 20 blockchain developers, ZK researchers, and crypto-native operators spread across 16 countries.

With increased financial backing, Taiko Labs is well-positioned to accelerate research, optimize its technology, and attract top talent in the field.


Taiko Labs, a leading Layer 2 developer, has successfully raised $22 million in funding through two seed rounds. With a focus on building a Layer 2 blockchain solution based on Ethereum, Taiko utilizes Zk Rollup technology to enhance scalability and compatibility. The implicit confirmation of a future token launch adds further excitement to the project’s roadmap.

With substantial funding and the support of key investors, Taiko Labs is well-positioned to continue its development efforts, bringing scalable and Ethereum-compatible Layer 2 solutions to the blockchain ecosystem. As the company advances toward its mainnet launch, the industry eagerly awaits the realization of Taiko’s vision and the potential impact it will have on scaling Ethereum while upholding its core principles.

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