Sending And Buying Usdt Is Now Allowed Through Telegram Wallet Bot

Telegram is now hitting the headlines as it unveiled that respective users of the messaging platforms would now be able to send and receive TetherUSD with each other through chats for free. This newest feature of Telegram was made possible through the Telegram Wallet bot, which allows users to buy, send, and receive digital assets.

A Glimpse of the New Feature of Telegram Wallet bot

Sending And Buying Usdt Is Now Allowed Through Telegram Wallet Bot

Upon looking at the Telegram Wallet bot it currently shows that USDT support has already been integrated. In light of this users would now be able to seamlessly buy USDT using either their bank cards or through the dedicated P2P market without leaving the Telegram messaging application. 

Aside from buying USDT, the new feature also Telegram users would also be able to sell on the market is also available. As per the announcement by Telegram, they have claimed that sending and buying USDT on their platform would be as easy as sending and receiving photographs.

It is also worth noting that USDT is the newest addition to the list of digital assets that were already supported by the Wallet Bot, which previously just supported Bitcoin and The Open Network Token. Additionally, the said announcement also highlighted that USDT will only be supported on the Tron Network (TRC20). 

This most recent addition to the Telegram Wallet Bot brings stablecoins, which are said to offer several advantages above normal crypto assets but lack the volatility associated with crypto investments, closer to Telegram users. As a result, investors who may have been put off by market volatility can now use the Telegram Wallet bot in peace.

The Beginning of The Open Network

Sending And Buying Usdt Is Now Allowed Through Telegram Wallet Bot

The Open Network idea was formally introduced by the Telegram developers Paul Dirov and Nikolai Durov in 2018. The stated initiative’s initial goal is to make sending and receiving messages as simple as sending and receiving blockchain transactions. Regrettably, Telegram has given up on the project because of problems with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission back then.

After then, a group of programmers took up the project and have been growing it ever since. Immediately after the TON Foundation was formally established to direct the project’s advancement. The wallet bot was then released, and usage has rapidly increased since then.

According to the Foundation, enhancements have been pushed continuously to keep up with the community’s rising expectations. In-app cryptocurrency sending and receiving was launched as a feature last April. Despite the Wallet bot supporting BTC purchases, the aforementioned functionality was only available for the TON token.

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