ImmortalDAO is a Decentralized Reserve Currency Protocol built on Celo. Provides users 2 ways to get benefits: Staking, Bonding 


ImmortalDAO is a Celo blockchain-based decentralized reserve currency protocol based on the IMMO token. Each IMMO token is backed by a basket of assets (such as mcUSD) in the Immortal treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that cannot be depreciated. Through staking and bonding, Immortal also introduces novel economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market.


Inflation, a lack of utility in NFT, a lack of project integration, and so on. 

ImmortalDAO solution

ImmortalDAO, with its Celo blockchain token called ‘IMMO,’ is an asset in the project’s treasury backed by mcUSD. The mcUSD is not an appreciating asset, and its relative purchasing power fluctuates frequently, but it provides stability at the start of the growth and contributes to the establishment of an intrinsic value such that it will never fall below 1 USD. The next step in this innovation will be to incorporate stability and a floating market into the system.

The goal is to create a policy-controlled currency system in which the DAO has a high level of control over the IMMO token’s behaviour. In the long run, this system can be used to optimize for stability and consistency, allowing IMMO to function as a global unit of account and medium of exchange currency. The project intends to optimize the system for growth and wealth creation in the short and long term. In the long run, we also hope to propose more utilities to Celoverse projects and become more integrated with the blockchain.

ImmortalDAO will, hopefully, be the first of its kind. ImmortalDAO intends to serve as a link between the projects. Immortal aspires to be OlympusDAO’s spork (rather than HectorDAO’s spoon), displaying versatility.

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Staking and Bonding



Immortal’s primary value accrual strategy is staking. Stakers stake their IMMO on the Immortal website in order to receive rebase rewards. The rebase rewards are derived from bond sales proceeds and can vary according to the number of IMMO staked in the protocol and the reward rate set by monetary policy. The reward rate will be carefully managed and will necessitate a significant amount of management to ensure its attractiveness while preventing any sell-offs due to APY changes.

Staking is a long-term, passive strategy. The increase in your IMMO stake translates into a constantly falling cost basis that eventually converges on zero. This means that even if the market price of IMMO falls below your initial purchase price if you stake for a long enough period of time, the increase in your staked IMMO balance should eventually outpace the price fall.

When you stake, you lock IMMO and receive a corresponding amount of sIMMO. At the end of each epoch, your sIMMO balance is automatically rebased. Because sIMMO is transferable, it can be combined with other DeFi protocols.

When you unstake, you burn sIMMO in exchange for an equal amount of IMMO. Unstaking means that the user will miss out on the upcoming rebase reward. It should be noted that the forfeited reward only applies to the amount that was not staked; any remaining staked IMMO (if any) will continue to receive rebase rewards.



Bonding is Immortal’s secondary value accrual strategy. Immortal can acquire its own liquidity and other reserve assets, such as mcUSD, by selling IMMO at a discount in exchange for these assets. The protocol quotes the bonder on terms such as the bond price, the number of IMMO tokens the bonder is entitled to, and the vesting term. The bonder can claim some of the rewards (IMMO tokens) as they vest, and the full amount will be claimable at the end of the vesting term.

Bonding is a high-energy, short-term strategy. Bond discounts are more or less unpredictable due to the secondary bond market’s price discovery mechanism. As a result, bonding is regarded as a more active investment strategy that must be constantly monitored in order to be more profitable than staking.

Immortal can amass its own liquidity through bonding. Our own liquidity is referred to as POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity). More POL ensures that our trading pools always have locked exit liquidity to facilitate market operations and protect token holders. Since Immortal has become its own market, in addition to providing additional certainty for IMMO investors, the protocol has accrued an increasing amount of revenue from LP rewards, bolstering our treasury.

Participating in Valora Bakeoff

Recently, ImmortalDAO has declared that they will be participating in Valora Bakeoff, now users can swap for IMMO on Ubeswap and see IMMO being added into your Valora wallet!  

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About Valora

Valora is hosting a Dapp Bake Off to help dApp builders get exposure to new users. Dapp builders will submit their dApps to be featured on a rotating basis on Valora’s new Dapps Page.


Q1 2022

  • Immortal DAO Presale ✅
  • Immortal DAO Fair Launch ✅
  • Website Live ✅ 
  • Staking and Bonding Live ✅
  • KYC and Audits to further build public trust ✅
  • Multi-signature Implementation ✅
  • Launch of DAO (governance) and First Votes ✅
  • Marketing Commences ✅
  • Coingecko Listing ✅
  • DefiLlama Listing ✅
  • CoinMarketCap Listing  ✅
  • IMMO Lend / Borrow: Lending and borrowing protocol (Partnering with Moola)
  • Celo #DeFi4ThePeople Application
  • Integration with Celo native projects such as Valora
  • Additional bond offering(s)
  • Utilization of treasury assets to generate revenue
  • Public figures to join the signatory board
  • Diversifying the basket of treasury with stable coins and strategic assets

Q2 2022

  • Listing on Centralised Exchanges
  • More exchange listings
  • Further partnerships
  • IMMO PRO (protocol owned liquidity-as-a-service)
  • Cross Chain liquidity
  • General cross-chain expansion

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