Dappio Wonderland is creating exceptional user experiences while keeping the fundamentals simple and allowing everyone in wonderland to find their pleasure. The Dappio Wonderland Gates was made available to the public on October 7th.

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Dappio Wonderland Introduction

Dappio is a next generation composable yield optimizer for Solana DeFi / NFT. They think that the next generation of yield aggregators should be vertically agnostic across categories, leveraging network composability to create a strong solution.

Their goal is to make your yield assets more profitable and easier to use by combining the finest returns from Solana’s ecosystem, including farming, lending, borrowing and staking into a single tool. Users may compare APY and interest rates on all leading Solana DeFi protocols before participating. 

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Public Beta accessibility, features and functions

Dappio Wonderland’s gates was opened to public on October 7th, 2022, after two audits. The general public is invited to participate and explore the opportunity to experience the revolutionary DeFi Wonderland on Solana. Launched on October 7th, you are offered to Swap, Farm, Borrow & Lend, and NFT Stake using Dappio Wonderland.

What to expect?

The first phase of the Public Beta provides consumers with access to the most convenient DeFi yield aggregator. On a single platform, users may now swap, farm, borrow/lend, and stake their Dappie Gang or partnered NFTs.

Users will be able to trade tokens at the best possible rate, farm for the best return with a variety of pools to select from, and borrow/lend at the best rate from several money markets. You can easily discover the first Wonder on Solana since Dappio Wonderland has merged with 10+ well-known protocol partners.

They will completely expose the Wonderland in Leverage, Vault, and Strategy to the world in Phase II. Users will be able to engage in leverage trading, explore multiple connected vaults (including their own), and receive a personalized DeFi strategy based on their risk appetite as they continue to integrate their partnered protocols. DeFi utilities for DappieGang NFT holders, as well as a personal Yield Tracker feature, will be enabled in Phase II.


  • All the best yield in one place: Dappio Wonderland offers added incentives including aggregation farming, financing, staking, and configurable strategic one-click yields.
  • Bridge for DeFi, NFT: On Solana, you can keep track of your daily crypto portfolio, yield farming performance, NFT collection, and GameFi products all in one place.
  • Universal Rabbit Hole: They create a seamless SDK for all Solana developers and protocols. You will get access to all top protocols’ programs on Solana and will be able to construct on top of Dappio Wonderland.

Products and Services

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Dappio has a dashboard that allows you to monitor and control several components of your portfolio, such as your wallet, farms, loans, strategy, and leverage pools. Once the wallet is connected, the Dashboard displays the current total net worth, current rewards, and calculated anticipated rewards, as well as making it simple to follow volumes and APY over Solana.

Their dashboard also includes a shortcut for users to one-click claim rewards via their integrated and user-friendly platform. You can claim all of your prizes or based on the protocols they’ve implemented.


Dappio collects the largest Solana DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). Users may trade with confidence without leaving the platform to compare exchange rates from other DEXs and centralized exchanges.


By staking a liquidity provider (LP) token and receiving token incentives, users of the farming club may easily achieve significant returns utilizing various protocols on Solana. Dappio offers a one-click farming button that allows you to zap USDC/Single Asset into their farming club. You can withdraw from Dappio at any moment using LP/Single Asset/USDC.


Users in the Lending Club get access to all of Solana’s top lending protocols and may quickly select the highest lending APY protocols.

Strategy Hub

They consolidate a plethora of Solana DeFi systems and tactics in the Strategy Hub, making it easier than ever to discover the greatest returns. The Strategy Hub allows users to quickly select the top strategy vaults on the Solana Ecosystem. They ensure that users can receive a return independent of market volatility.


Using various protocols on Solana, users may easily acquire great yields. They have provided a straightforward interface for you to better comprehend the pool’s yields, borrowing interests, and asset supply. They also display your position, which includes equity/debt value, farm yields, a kill buffer to determine your current debt ratio, and an asset modifying capability to help you better regulate your position value.

Wonderland Vaults

Dappio generates income for your assets in the vaults club by generating compound interest on users’ crypto assets farming. Their vaults optimize returns from multiple liquidity pools (RAY-SOL, SOL-USDC, etc…), yield products, or single assets in the Solana ecosystem automatically. Users can opt for auto-compound investment, which means that the vaults will automatically raise your deposited token value by compounding yield farming earnings back to your initial deposited LPs.

NFT Finance & $NFTU

NFT Staking

Dappio Wonderland allows users to generate revenue from Defi / NFT offers. As a result, allowing all Solana NFT to invest in Dappio has always been a part of their vision and plan. Your aim is straightforward: earn $NFTU by staking your NFT.

Each NFT staked gets 10 $NFTU each day and accumulates $NFTU over time. Once claimed, you will be able to spend these utility tokens for future auctions, raffles, and mints.

When you begin staking NFTs, you should see PROVE TOKEN/FARM TOKEN in your wallet. PROVE TOKEN indicates that you have previously staked your NFT in their staking program. FARM TOKEN indicates that you will begin mining $NFTU rewards on the mining program.


$NFTU is a Solana Universal NFT token that was created to combine diverse NFT projects and jointly develop around a sustainable NFT currency where earning and spending your gathered rewards is as simple as it gets.

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Why Dappio Wonderland?

  • One place to earn yield: Dappio aggregates main DeFi protocols on Solana and allows users to begin earning return from Farm/Lend/Strategy/Leverage/Vaults. Users no longer need to go between platforms to farm different tokens or earn yields.
  • Easy to use:  With the One-Click-Farming zap in/out function, users may rapidly give LPs and begin collecting yield on several protocols from Solana.
  • Customized strategy: You will be able to browse across vaults from the top protocols on Solana, such as vault, strategy, farming, loan, and NFT, with ease.
  • Portfolio Dashboard: They offer professional solutions for calculating your APY and portfolio across many protocols.
  • 10+ integrated partners: Raydium, Saber, Orca, Lifinity, Solend, Larix, Tulip, Francium, Katana, Jupiter, and Friktion are just a few of the well-known integrated partners who already work with Dappio Wonderland.


Q2 2022

  • Launch NFT Staking
  • Launch $NFTU Token
  • Adaopt more integration

Q3 2022

  • Release of Universal Rabbit Hole
  • Add more yield driven vaults
  • Increase usability / accessibility
  • Release of Dappio Grant Program 

Q4 2022

  • Launch Dappio Vaults
  • Launch NFT Utilities
  • Launch of Universal Rabbit Hole V1
  • Reveal Phase 2.0 Roadmap(2023 Q1-Q2)

Future Roadmap

  • 2022 Q4 Leverage
  • 2022 Q4 Strategy
  • 2022 Q4 Vault
  • 2022 Q4 DeFi Utilities: Fee Reduction
  • 2023 Q1 Public Beta Phase #2
  • 2023 Q1 DeFi utilities: Reward Multiplier, Token Airdrop 
  • 2023 Q1 IDO event

Impact to Solana DeFi users

Dappio Wonderland, with its fantastic features, is on its way to making DeFi simple and exciting for everyone. Dappio Wonderland begins with acknowledging DeFi’s ability. They intend to return that authority to the community. Because of the fast expansion of DeFi devices and standards, novice DeFi users may find the ecosystem complicated and daunting. With features like a one-click farming tool, the platform eliminates that ambiguity. With a simple and user-friendly interface, this application is meant to boost capital efficiency while decreasing human error and saving time. 

Learn More

Website: https://dappio.xyz/ 

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZsVcwV6D57

Telegram: https://t.me/Dappio_wonderland

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dappio_


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