The value of the cryptocurrency market reached an all-time high in November 2021, when it was valued at USD 3 trillion; since then, the value of the cryptocurrency market has declined by as much as 70%. Notwithstanding this recent decline, Battle Drones is one of the brightest lights to inspire optimism in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets with its upcoming launch of an innovative gaming ecosystem.

1. Introduction

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Battle Drones is a new gaming ecosystem that blends tradable assets and tokens on the Solana blockchain with a product model designed for long-term success. This allows Battle Drones to cater to a broader range of players and investors a-like. Battle Drones aims to establish a sizable gaming ecosystem in which users have an enjoyable and immersive experience and also gain a significant amount of knowledge concerning blockchain technology and the potential that comes with decentralized platforms. The group is working on a drone shooter set in an isometric three-dimensional environment to shake up the gaming business and assist people in using cryptocurrencies. They are designing their system with players in mind.

Battle Drones is a gaming company headquartered in New Zealand with an international team of game developers, creatives, and partners. Battle Drones aims to create an ecosystem owned and shaped by its community of players.


Battle Drones is on the way to launch the game that caters to players of varying skill levels and developing a reward & trade system that makes use of blockchain technology to benefit players. So players have ownership over their purchases and provides a viable platform to collect, trade and earn.

The world is undergoing a big transition, and Battle Drones are ready to ride the wave. What brings the team together is their shared conviction of bringing positive change to the gaming industry, and their goal to be at the vanguard of the revolution in game ownership. The voyage begins with the Battle Drones: Red Rock Resistance game.

Battle Drones intends to contribute to the adaptation of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. The primary objective is to create an innovative and engaging game that follows a newly  defined Play & Earn(P2E) business model to maintain the economies found inside the game. With this in mind, the team wants to make the most of the technology and reward everyone who contributes to the ecosystem. The driving force behind Battle Drones is a desire to advance the expanding gaming sector, which is currently valued at just over 183 billion dollars, and to reward gamers worldwide.

2. NFT Mint

All NFTs have already been sold out and minted. The NFT giveaway ends on August 31st.

One lucky winner will be drawn this week (from August 5th to August 10th).

To find out how to get a Battle Drone, players/investors can visit the website for more detail.

The game demo is now available on PC and will be launching on mobile & other platforms in future releases. Other functionalities, such as staking and token incentives for Battle Drone NFT (non-fungible token) holders, are currently under development.

Even though they’ve sold out of their digital artworks, collectors and gamers looking to begin or expand their collections can still discover some of these floating around on Magic Eden.


Although anybody can play Battle Drones for free, those who own one of their digital artworks will be able to take advantage of the game’s full potential. In future releases, Players can give their drones a one-of-a-kind appearance through customization options. When they complete challenges or prevail in player-versus-player mode (PvP), they are rewarded with unique power-ups that increase the competitiveness of their drones as well as their value.

Future gaming  features includes daily win incentives, challenges and competitions. Rankings & leaderboards will play a big part in the game, in the form of competiting with your friends & the community.

Each drone can be tailored to your style and battle preference and be minted as your own digital asset and avatar. The configuration will change the gameplay, with a wide range of weapons and power ups.


Players can customize not only the appearance of their drone but also its performance in the game by selecting components from within a manufacturing facility that exists within the game and providing those with their own distinct set of in-game features.

Battle Drones is investigating cooperations with other blockchain art projects to allow players to play as the PFP (Profile picture) characters of their choice within the game. This presents exciting potential for characters from third parties to cross over into the Battle Drones ecosystem, allowing the game to accommodate a more significant number of players. One example is the well-known crossover fighting game series Super Smash Bros., comprised of famous franchises from other games (e.g., Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc.).

3. Game Demo & Trailer and next steps


On September 1st, the Game Demo will be available online to the general public. The game will be available to all to preview.

“ Following the successful launch of our digital artworks and delivering on Battle Drones’ promise to establish its game environment, this is a significant milestone for Battle Drones. The demo will highlight all the hard work the team has put in over the past six months to construct the game maps and foundations of an engaging gaming universe” -Ahmad Duais, Battle Drones CEO. 

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This PvE Demo is an early preview for the community so that they may collect valuable input to move forward with the Alpha development phase later this year.

For the alpha launch, the full PvE map will be unlocked, and specific improvements will be implemented based on the input received from players that participated in the demo. Moreover, the Beta and PvP versions will be launched early next year.

Players can join discord for more updates.

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