Due to its great competitiveness and capital effect, decentralized exchange (DEX) has always been the most desired DeFi market. MDEX is a possible rising star in the meta-universe. So let’s see what MDEX can do.


Meta-Universe (Metaverse)

Meta-Universe or Metaverses are virtual world settings shared by a group of people and linked by the Internet. They allow individuals to interact with digital items and avatars, accessible over the Internet.

Digital worlds that have been rendered more realistic via the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) may also be referred to as the metaverse (AR). To depict game environments in which individuals have a character that can roam about and interact with others, the term “metaverse” is often used.

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DeFi In Metaverse The Importance Of Decentralized Metaverse 

Not Just For Game

There is a conceiving that the Meta Universe now is a game. But actually, it is not simple gameplay. As a virtual world composed of human activities, the meta-universe is bound to produce economic and financial activities. For instance, the “Ready Player One” scene and Adidas’s establishment in Sand; GameFi, the most popular form of expression in the contemporary meta-universe due to its P2E financial gameplay. Almost all NFT exhibition halls and sales are conducted in DCL, Sand, and other meta-universe idea simulation worlds, with finance being conducted through them.


In the meta-universe, DeFi plays an enormous role. DeFi ecosystem may assist in fixing the Metaverse broken and centralized look. Using blockchain technology, we can reconstruct the internet as an open and accessible platform. And with crypto-assets, we can construct a safe way of both identification and ownership. With blockchain technology, individuals can take control of their data and no longer have to depend on a single corporate or centralized authority to do so. Users sustain public blockchain networks; there is no centralized entity and no point of failure.

 Through smart contracts, BSC may enable the development of decentralized apps (dApps) and numerous forms of digital assets. In any BSC-based setup, every object created on the network may be used. For example, (NFTs) produced for use in a gaming dApp on BSC may simply be bought, traded, or utilized in other BSC-based dApps. Likewise, fungible currencies like BNB and BEP-20 standard tokens produced on BSC may also be utilized across the network.

To mint and verify one’s identity, one can utilize NFTs holding one’s personal identifying information to communicate with smart contracts. Tokens may be used to “log in” to BSC-based dApps without having to share any of their personal information with a third party, in other words.

Using this underlying architecture, we could create a metaverse where all of our digital possessions and identities would be legitimate in any digital environment. As a three-dimensional metaverse, the BSC dApp ecosystem would allow each of its residents to autonomously maintain ownership of all of their assets in each BSC-based setting if it were achieved today. To keep their individuality and possessions, they may move freely between other virtual places and other situations.

What Difference Can Mdex Solve In Meta-universe

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Mdex is capable of providing financial services that are convenient, safe, and efficient. Mdex’s technological solutions are compatible with Mdex’s development, innovation, data on DeFi products, meta-universe features such as interoperability, and so on. The advantages of using Mdex in the process of creating a meta-universe.

The development philosophy of Mdex in DeFi construction corresponds to the Connotation of the meta-universe. The Mdex Ecological Fund, for example, can aid in the development of a meta-universe outlook through diversified development, a focus on user experience, and the mobilization of community enthusiasm. A more comprehensive meta-universe analysis can be constructed based on Mdex.

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MDEX Foundation Support Plan for META and GameFi Projects


MDEX Foundation has developed a support plan for projects in the META and GameFi industries.

With all of the high-quality projects in the META, GameFi, and NFT sectors, MDEX, the world’s leading decentralized trading platform, intends to accelerate the development of the metaverse market and jointly usher in a new era metaverse with the help of all of these projects.

Because it is the platform’s promoter, the MDEX Foundation has been actively promoting the ecological construction of blockchain applications and the establishment of a closed loop of moral development within the ecosystem. It announced a particular fund plan for the GameFi and metaverse projects, which will provide either a specific amount of incubation funds or ecological resources to help the projects move forward more quickly than they would otherwise. The following are the specifics:

  1. MDEX will add the native token to its farming pool for potential META and GameFi projects, thereby increasing the utility of the native token. 
  2. In the second phase, MDEX will provide marketing promotion support for META and GameFi projects, resulting in an extremely adherent community, which will help the project gain more visibility.
  3. Develop novel forms of collaboration with META and GameFi projects to increase the utility of its tokens, including but not limited to pre-selling NFT blind boxes and NFT mining, amongst other things. MDEX, on the other hand, can invest in potential start-up projects using ecological funds.
  4.  Since its inception, MDEX has been focused on trading and will actively integrate with GameFi and Meta by gradually launching its NFT in the form of its mascot elephant. MDEX is a decentralized exchange.

On November 24, 2021, at 12:00 (UTC), MDEX (BSC) will add a new liquidity mining list and adjust its liquidity mining weights if rewards per block remain unchanged at that time. RACA/BUSD GM/WBNB ETERNAL/WBNB are the first three on the list.

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