The ubiquity of blockchain technology promises an exciting new future for gaming and game card trading. For nearly thirty years, trading card games (TCG) have held a special place in the industry, with trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon all becoming household names. belonging and internationally recognized brand since its inception, each of these games has moved online. Now, with the advent of blockchain technology and the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the online trading card game landscape is poised for a drastic change.

The Lost Throne

Today, we will introduce to you a very hot NFT TCG game on the market right now: The Lost Throne. This is a trading card game inspired by MTG, players will be able to collect, build, battle, trade and especially can earn tokens thanks to the play-2-earn mechanism.

And good news for those who are curious and want to explore this vast and exciting metaverse: the Open Beta Festival (beta test version) of the game is currently underway and is attracting a lot of gamers to participate. Sign up and join the beta test version of The Lost Throne now for a chance to win many super attractive gifts.

In the article below, we will guide you in detail on how to register for the Open Beta Festival.

I. Information about Open Beta Festival

The Lost Throne

Time: 12:00 UTC, Jan 20th, 2022 — 12:00 UTC, Feb 20th, 2022 (one month)

🎁 Prize: 1 million $DD and numerous Mystery NFT Boxes (divided into 3 pools: Participation Pool, Ranked Pool, and Bug Bounty Pool)

1. Participation Pool

60% of the total $DD allocation is to be shared among the eligible participants who have played at least one PvP game (Casual or Ranked mode). The reward is closely tied to the player’s overall engagement and performance, which will be calculated based on an algorithm with key metrics such as gaming hours, number of games played, MMR (Matchmaking Rating), etc.,

2. Ranked Pool

The ranked pools are to be allocated to players who show excellent skills and have climbed the Ranked Game Ladder with outstanding gaming performance.

The top 10 players with the highest MMR in Ranked Mode share 10% of the total $DD allocation and mystery NFT boxes.

The top #11 — #200 players in Ranked Mode share 20% of the total $DD allocation and mystery NFT boxes.

3. Bug Bounty Pool

During the open beta testing, players are encouraged to submit bugs and be compensated with bounty rewards. The bug bounty pool gets 10% of the remaining $DD allocation and mystery NFT boxes.

For bug submitting, please fill out this form:

* Notes:

➢ Rewards will be distributed to your BSC wallet within 14 business days. (please check the BSC wallet you used to play the game).

➢ All the NFTs and Tokens used in the open beta testing are test NFTs and Tokens. After the open beta festival is closed, all the in-game stats will be erased. However, the rewards are all real NFTs and Tokens which will be distributed to users’ wallets.

DK Mobile: Genesis 970x90

II. How to join Open Beta Festival (Step by Step):

1. Download LL Android APK by scan this QR code:
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2. Then you will be directed to the below download page. To download, just simply tap on the “Download Beta” button to start installing.
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3. Create/Import a BSC wallet

The Lost Throne is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. For the beta testing, we are using the TEST BSC NETWORK.

Guide on how to create a BSC wallet in LL App

Guide on how to import a BSC wallet in LL App

4. Generate A L-Key (L-Key is the login token every player is required to acquire in order to start playing the game)

To generate an L-Key, you need to:

➤ Deposit CP and USDT tokens to receive CP-USDT LP tokens: Step-by-Step Tutorial

➤ Generate L-Key with CP-USDT LP tokens: Step-by-Step Tutorial

5. Download the beta version of The Lost Throne:
➤ Android APK: Click here to download

➤ Windows Version: Click here to download

➤ Download From LL App, see Tutorial

III. Guide to play The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne has been designed by the development team to be more user-friendly for newbie gamers. The game does not require you to spend money before playing, the game only requires L-Key and you can participate in the amazing The Lost Throne metaverse and compete for tokens and NFT rewards.

Once both players have entered the game with their pre-selected “character” cards, the game is ready to be played.

Stage 1: Play or Call

During their respective turns, both players add the top cards to their hands and decide to play or summon their cards.

Stage 2: Choose the routes

Both players exchange their initial hands and choose their technical routes.

Stage 3: Battle

Players now enter the battle phase, taking turns performing 1 legal attack for each actionable card in the order of action.

Stage 4: Victory or Defeat

Repeat the above stages until both players split the difference, or until one side has met the game’s winning conditions, thus ending the round.

In this mystical fantasy world of swords and magic, players can collect cards, build armies, command battles, and trade for profit. Sounds cool, right?

The Lost Throne
DK Mobile: Genesis 970x90

IV. Tokenomics

There are two tokens associated with The Lost Throne (TLT).


CP is the equity and governance token of the TLT ecosystem and the only ownership proof of the game.

CP is now available on PancakeSwap.

BEP20 Address: 0xe9C133D3D94263C7aC7B848168138D7cF2cEbA14

➣ CP consumption/utility scenarios

  • Staking L-KEY/CP pairs to play the game and earn.
  • Purchasing NFT and plating flash to NFT cards.
  • Earning profits by staking CP.
  • Gaining voting rights by staking CP, with which the rewarding mechanisms and distribution flexibly adjusted by market users.

➣ CP Allocation 

Total supply: 250 million

Follow CP’s price on CoinMarketcap:


DD is the in-game economic token of TLT that players obtain through in-game victory. Players can earn DD by winning games.

The Lost Throne

➣ Distribution

The TLT team will create a liquidity pool with 3,000,000 DD. All other DD is earned in-game

➣ Usability

DD can be spent to create shining versions of cards. The shining property of cards is untradeable, though the underlying NFT remains tradeable. Shining cards used in a deck in play cause the owner to gain additional DD with every victory.

V. Play-2-Earn

⧫ DD tokens will be rewarded to players that complete daily quests.

⧫ DD tokens will be rewarded to winners of PvP battles when shining cards are in their game deck.

⧫ Each winning player participating in the ranking gets DD earnings according to their PvP MMR.

VI. Roadmap


The Lost Throne team is founded and game development begins.


Final test of TLT on TapTap and Steam.


TLT completes the private sale and the first batch of NFT cards are issued.


Initiate the PvP system and begin the first PvP

APRIL, 2022

The New NFT Collection Pack is launched and the second season begins, allowing players to design their own NFT cards.

MAY, 2022

CP staking pool is launched, allowing players to stake and govern the TLT ecosystem.

JULY, 2022

The second game with a magic kingdom theme is launched and the third season begins, allowing players holding CP to build Land.

MARCH, 2023

The second TLT game is launched, allowing players to participate in the game by staking CP or NFT cards produced by the games.

The Lost Throne’s Open Beta Festival is currently going on and there have been many exciting and exciting matches. Join now for a chance to win amazing prizes!








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