The Polygoonz gamified NFT project aims to provide a simple, low-cost entry point to the exciting world of Polygon NFTs, NFT staking farming, and passive/AFK gamefi. 

The Polygoonz are 8000 randomly generated pixel art NFTs careening toward earth in a desperate attempt to escape an attack on their home planet. When they arrive, they’ll want to do what they know best; farm! Collectors will stake their Polygoonz NFTs to earn the $GOONZ token, an ERC-20 reflect token also deployed on the Polygon commitchan. 
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As the name implies, Polygoonz is a Polygon NFT project, taking advantage of the robust infrastructure and low gas fees to facilitate the many transactions that make the project unique. From trait-specific airdrops to gamefi staking contracts, each collector will conduct multiple transactions daily, many of which will happen automatically.

Most items will have unique in-game utility. For example, if a Polygoonz has a pet chicken, they might receive a weekly airdrop of an egg. The egg token could be sold or traded, or also “fed” to the Polygoon to provide a timed power boost. One rare item trait is a trick-or-treat bag. On Halloween, the bag will fill up with candy (multiple airdrops) which can be sold, but will have a greater power boost if it is shared freely, especially with Polygoonz of the same faction! These fun and engaging events which have minimal dollar value would be impossible on the Ethereum mainnet. 

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The Polygoonz love to grow food, take care of animals, cook, bake, and generally just help take care of each other. After 25% (2000) Polygoonz have been sold, the $GOONZ farm opens with a supply of 100,000 $GOONZ that is freely available to all Polygoonz holders to farm. Collectors may stake up to 15 Polygoonz NFTs in the farm. This limit is in an attempt to even the playing field and prevent whales from dominating the farm. The emission rate will depend on the total power of all polygoonz staked in the farm 

Meta staking – verify ownership

No valuation, no LP

Not all Polygoonz are created equal! Individual trait rarities combine to give each Polygoonz NFT a total farming power which determines how quickly they will farm the $GOONZ token.

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The Game

Phase 2 of the Polygoonz project is a territory control game where the Polygoonz splinter into factions to compete to control the most land. The game will follow some basic web3 concepts, and players will stake their Polygoonz NFTs to a specific territory. At the end of a turn (3 days), the faction with the most power staked to the territory wins, and is rewarded. The Ultragoonz will provide significant advantages. 

In addition to the 12 visible traits, there are also two hidden traits that will be revealed at certain points in the game. While each visible trait has a rarity index and corresponding power, one hidden trait is actually a power boost trait, further adding to the range of possible powers the Polygoonz NFTs have. 

The last trait is technically an image, but it is hidden behind the other layers of the Polygoonz, and that is the Faction trait. There are four factions evenly distributed between all of the Polygoonz. The factions are based on the original NFThub Factions, a project that is dormant at the moment, but generated a lot of interest and is bound to surface again. Regardless, the factions will serve a special purpose in the Polygoonz game and will be especially important in team-centered events. 

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1,200,000 $GOONZ have been minted as an ERC-20 Token. 100,000 are dedicated to giveaways, ensuring that anyone can join the community and participate in the project without spending any money. 100,000 will be deposited into the farming contract. The remaining 1,000,000 will be available to purchase through the Polygoonz game for a fixed price. 

The $GOONZ token will be the fuel of the Polygoonz ecosystem. They will be used to buy items that will increase farming power, and more importantly, recruit the 880 remaining Ultragoonz who stayed behind on their home planet to fight off the invasion.

The Polygoonz dev team is also dedicating 10% of all primary sales, and 50% of all secondary sales to a community wallet which will be used to provide ongoing liquidity for the token. 

They see Polygon as the solution to the problem many smaller projects face on Ethereum where the gas fees are prohibitive for buying and selling low-priced NFTs. 

Cross-Project integrations

The Polygoonz team are passionate about NFTs and are active members of several project communities. The team has been able to arrange a variety of partnerships integrating NFTs from projects such as BlockBirds Bird NFT, Nifty Comedians, Sleepy Pirates, Beluga Bay, and more to come. Since these projects also on Polygon, direct integration simple, the Polygoonz farms and games will detect ownership of NFTs from the projects and provide boosts and other perks in the Polygoonz ecosystem. A series of “Pals of the Polygoonz” cards are also being created as promotional NFTs for the partners to distribute to their communities and holders. 

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Some partner integration will provide basic power boosts, while others, such as Weird Medicology, will have additional utility. If the Polygoonz become injured while farming or in battle, the Weird Medicology NFTs will be able to be deployed for a certain time in order to restore the Polygoonz back to full health!

One of the  most unique integrations with Polygoonz is with the Draco Dice project whose beautifully crafted dice sets can be imported into collectors Polygoonz account and rolled to provide additional farming boosts. 


Polygoonz is designed around fun and long-term community engagement. After collecting a Polygoonz NFT, the holder may access that Polygoonz’ bio page through the website and give it a name and also a back story. The narrative of how the Polygoonz interact with each other, form teams, share resources and battle for dominance will be entirely community-driven, with plenty of incentives provided for people to share their creativity. 

NFT Personality Cameos

Some of the 800 Ultragoonz will be handcrafted 1/1s of our friends and supporters in the NFT space. Jonathan Winbush, Foodmasku, and this Noah Becker Polygoonz:

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What’s next?

The Polygoonz team are a passionate and creative bunch. They are constantly developing new ideas for the project and looking into other ways that the community can become co-creators of the project through designing their own traits or items, developing the unfolding stories, or even creating a comic or animation. The sky is the limit!

Be sure to mint your Polygoonz NFTs on Feb 2nd and come join the party in the DIscord: 

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