Binamon, a rising Play-to-Earn gaming metaverse that adopted the trending Play-to-Earn concept, secured their success with a 4000 percent growth in just four months, was listed in the top five exchange platforms and received a lot of attention from traders. 

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The great achievements

Binamon has achieved a remarkable 4000% growth rate in just four months of being listed in the top five exchange platforms, including kucoin,, and others. Binamon drew a lot of attention from traders and gamers because it was a high-quality game that was the first to launch a play-to-earn game using Unreal Engine.

With a market cap of more than $21 million, BMON, the Binamon metaverse’s native token, is currently considered a good entry and accumulative price at around 0.16 USD. Binamon could easily exchange for $2.00 if the Axie Infinity phenomenon occurs again, and if this occurs, it could enter a bullish parabolic trend to at least $10.00 by the end of 2021, bringing their market cap to x10 or even x100.

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What’s next for Binamon?

With such a strong start, the team has already begun promising Binamon’s next steps. 

Binamon Runner

Binamon Runner, a mini-game for PC and Android mobile devices, is now available. Binamon Play-to-Earn is a skill game in which players must run while being chased by monsters. They must follow a sequence that combines four elements: water, fire, earth, and light to accomplish this. The essence of this game is very didactic, and it strengthens both children’s and adults’ intelligence and brain connections. Gamers can use special equipment to make the monsters stronger. Moreover, Runner 2.0 is on the way. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Binamon. 

Economic Model

Class, Attack, Hornpower (Resistance), and Element are the characteristics of Binamons. During the game and battles, each characteristic gives the Binamons more strength and performance. These characteristics also boost the digital monsters’ intrinsic value and market price.

Each Binamon has an algorithmic cost associated with its creation. This cost is determined by the difficulty of generating each Binamon’s characteristics as well as the amount of $BMON tokens spent to do so. The algorithmic cost of the most powerful Binamon is greater than $1,000,000 USD, based on the price of the $BMON token at the time of the public sale.

Battle Mode

Battle to earn: Users will be able to fight each other in the battle mode for a chance to win $BMON tokens. The prize will be awarded to the winner.

Burn mechanism: A small percentage of the total will be burned. Binamons of the same class will fight each other in battles. Smart contracts will be used to resolve the conflict.

Good incentives: The strongest Binamon will have a better chance of winning, but the weakest will be rewarded more.

Become one of the first to try the Binamon Runner:


You have the opportunity to become a landowner and create your own legend. You can own the unique NFT Criatures as well as obtain the exclusive benefits for owners by choosing from six different Kingdoms (Quantum, Psiquic, Water, Fire, Light, and Forest):

  • Exclusive items: Special items that only your lands can produce.
  • Passive income: Rent and collect taxes on your land. Win a portion of all the loser battles on your properties. 
  • Governance: Increase your kingdom’s power and make decisions that will have a significant impact.

Rebranding logo

Binamon is in the process of redefining its own brand identity, which is a bigger step. Binamon’s upcoming logo will be redesigned to align with the financial sector, giving the company more opportunities to expand.


Last but not least, Binamon’s ultimate goal is to release a full MOBA NFT game. Imagine being able to enjoy a familiar MOBA feature game while also increasing your earnings through a play-to-earn gaming metaverse.


Binamon hasn’t yet experienced the same level of success as Axie Infinity. Binamon will be the success that it is predicted to be in the near future thanks to the game’s organic growth. Even Cointelegraph considered Binamon as the next Axie Infinity. Binamon is on its way to becoming one of the top three Play-to-Earn games, with big plans ahead.

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