As one of the newest major players in crypto derivatives, Tbitex is fast becoming the platform of choice for both professional and amateur traders. Part of the platform’s success is due to its adherence to three fundamental principles which form the basis for product design and functionality development: Safety First, Equal Opportunity, and Easy to Use.

Driven to ‘build the best trading tools that can be accessible to everyone and give equal investment opportunity to all in order to achieve financial success,’ Tbitex understands user satisfaction to be a leading factor in overall success. This understanding defines the unique advantages for traders on Tbitex and has led to an influx of new users from previous generation platforms and tools which only seek to maximize profits at the expense of regular people. 

1. Safety First

Blessed with hindsight, the Tbitex team seeks to learn from the failures of previous exchanges and is committed to ensuring maximum security for users. This security extends to both user data and funds, as the KNOWNSEC website penetration audit report can attest to. In order to ensure complete security coverage, the Tbitex development team built the entirety of the platform’s core technology independently and designed an innovative and completely safe hot and cold wallet storage system. Internally, the team also has a dedicated department of safety specialists charged with finding and patching exploits across the entire platform. 

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Given their relative immaturity and technical sophistication, digital assets are inherently difficult to regulate and, therefore, near-impossible to retrieve once lost. For serious and casual traders alike, safety should always be a primary concern when choosing any tool in the blockchain space, as the innumerable hacks, scams, and rug pulls have shown. As part of the Safety First principle, Tbitex pledges to provide a 100% safe platform and reimburse user funds from cold storage upon any loss due to malicious actors. 

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2. Equal Opportunity

Second only to safety, ensuring fairness and equality is one of the fundamental principles of Tbitex and reflects the platform’s mission to support anyone around the world in their pursuit of financial success. Importantly, Tbitex does not give special VIP preference to paid users, but instead, grants all users access to world-class financial tools and applications. As part of this tooling, Tbitex offers a Trading Benefits scheme to reward successful traders and compensate unsuccessful bids; sharing in the platform’s wealth and encouraging users to use and explore derivatives trading.

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Core to this principle of fairness and equal opportunity is the Tbitex ‘Full Compensation Program’ that provides full compensation to users who experience abnormal loss due to extreme price spikes, slippage greater than 0.3%, network errors, or system downtime. Upon experiencing abnormal loss, users can apply for a full refund from the development team in accordance with official policy.  

3. Easy to Use

Tbitex’s third and final guiding principle is ensuring exceptional user experience in terms of the richness of functionality and the clarity of use. Newcomers to derivatives trading are often faced with a steep learning curve for platform navigation and order listing. Tbitex is committed to ensuring clarity for newer users, with a de-cluttered dashboard and straightforward directions to help anyone make their first entrance into derivatives trading and start them on the path towards financial succession. 

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For more experienced traders, Tbitex also features an impressive range of tools, including two key innovations: Reverse Positioning and Separate Position Mode. Reverse Positioning enables users to reverse short or long positions when the market is trending unfavorably to avoid significant losses when the direction of a price trend has changed. Also independently developed by Tbitex, Separate Position Mode allows users to separate orders hedging in the same direction and better manage risk and reward on individual orders.

Driven to be the Best

Guided by these principles and a wealth of experience in designing and building financial tools, Tbitex is committed to being the best overall crypto derivatives trading platform. For experts and amateurs alike, Tbitex seeks to provide the safest and most comprehensive user experience to ensure anyone around the world can have access to world-class financial tools and achieve financial success. 

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