Floki, the people’s cryptocurrency and utility token of the Floki Ecosystem, has recently formed a strategic partnership with Thena, a top BNB chain DeFi protocol. The partnership aims to turbocharge DeFi on the BNB chain and grow adoption for both Thena and FlokiFi Locker within the BNB chain ecosystem.


Thena and Floki’s Strategic Partnership for DeFi

Thena, as the Liquidity Layer for BNB Chain, is designed to onboard the next generation of protocols to the BNB chain. Its deep liquidity, smart routing, and cutting-edge AMM technology offer users low slippage and high returns when swapping tokens. With $135.4 million in TVL and the rapidly growing Thena Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Thena is currently the most promising DeFi protocol on the BNB chain.

As part of the partnership, Floki will be recommending Thena as its preferred DEX on the BNB chain. Additionally, the Floki team will work with Thena to create awareness about the FLOKI pool on the Thena DEX and incentivize people to add liquidity to the DEX.

As a result of the strategic partnership, Thena will utilize and endorse Floki’s cryptocurrency locker solution, FlokiFi Locker. Thena has allocated 12,500,000 $THE tokens from its ecosystem fund, valued at $7.6 million at present, to FlokiFi Locker. Moreover, Thena will suggest FlokiFi Locker as the primary token and liquidity locker for projects utilizing its DEX, as well as for partner projects and launchpads in its ecosystem. Additionally, Thena will provide unique incentives to projects to incentivize them to utilize FlokiFi Locker.

To conclude

Floki is proud to be building on the BNB chain and believes that the partnership with Thena is one of the most exciting partnerships to date. With a strong focus on utility, philanthropy, community, and marketing, Floki aims to become the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world. FlokiFi Locker, Floki’s crypto locker solution, allows users to securely lock LP tokens, fungible tokens, NFTs, and multi-tokens. It is audited by Certik.

In conclusion, the partnership between Floki and Thena will undoubtedly have a positive impact on DeFi on the BNB chain. With Thena being the most promising DeFi protocol on the chain and Floki’s strong focus on utility and marketing, the partnership has great potential to bring in more users and projects to the BNB chain ecosystem.