In today’s digital world, the authenticity of files is a major concern. With the rise of AI-generated fake data, it has become essential to have a tool that can verify the integrity and authenticity of digital files. This is where FileValidator comes into play. Powered by VIDT’s blockchain technology, FileValidator aims to transform the way consumers verify digital documents.

The need for FileValidator

In a world where digital documents are easily faked with the use of AI, it is crucial to have a seamless and trustworthy way to validate files. FileValidator addresses these concerns by providing users with a reliable and secure way to verify the authenticity of their digital files. It uses the power of VIDT’s blockchain technology to ensure that once a file is verified, its integrity remains intact and untampered.

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How FileValidator works

FileValidator is an advanced file verification tool that guarantees the authenticity and integrity of digital files. The process is simple and effortless. Users select a file and drag it into the FileValidator platform, which can be any digital document such as PDFs, images, videos, or other file formats. The tool then processes the file locally in-browser, creating a unique digital fingerprint called hash, which is recorded on the VIDT blockchain. Users can access the verified file at any time and check its authenticity by comparing its current digital fingerprint with the one stored on the blockchain. If the fingerprints match, the file is validated.

The versatility of FileValidator

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FileValidator can be used to verify a wide range of digital files, making it a versatile solution for digital file management and security. Examples of files that can be verified using FileValidator include Excel, Word, and PDF documents, images, videos, audio files, zip files, install files, software packages, and database backups. The tool’s versatility makes it suitable for a broad range of file types, providing users with a robust solution for verifying the integrity and authenticity of their digital assets.

Use cases for FileValidator

FileValidator’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of use cases. For example, a musician can use the tool to hash their latest creations to prove ownership, while lawyers can timestamp legal documents, and scholars can safely authenticate their diplomas. The possibilities for FileValidator’s use cases are endless, and the tool can be adapted to suit the needs of different industries.

Milestones in digital security

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The launch of FileValidator’s beta version is a significant milestone for the digital security industry. FileValidator is poised to become an essential tool for individuals requiring a reliable and secure way to authenticate and provide proof of ownership of their digital files. The tool’s initial blockchain transaction is the only cost, as the company behind FileValidator aims to increase digital trust.

Accessing FileValidator

FileValidator is now live and accessible via It is a passion project by enthusiastic participants of the VIDT DAO Ecosystem, and aims for more digital trust. FileValidator is built on VIDT technology, and the company would like to feature this aspect prominently.


FileValidator is a groundbreaking tool that offers a reliable and secure way to verify the integrity and authenticity of digital files. Its use cases are endless, and its versatility makes it suitable for a broad range of file types. With FileValidator, users can have peace of mind, knowing that their files are secure and authentic.

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