Tron founder Justin Sun has acquired 5 million Curve DAO Tokens (CRV) from Curve founder Michael Egorov in an OTC deal worth $2.9 million. This move has sparked speculation about a strategic partnership between Tron and Curve, two prominent players in the blockchain and DeFi sectors. Amidst turbulence in the CRV market, with fluctuating token value and rising open interest in CRV-linked perpetual futures, this acquisition holds significance. Additionally, the recent security flaw in Curve Finance adds further intrigue to the situation.

Justin Sun’s Acquisition and Partnership

Justin Sun

Justin Sun’s wallet made headlines when it acquired 5 million CRV tokens from Michael Egorov in an OTC deal worth $2 million. The purchase was speculated to have been conducted at a rate lower than the market price, around $0.40 per token. This strategic move hints at a partnership between Tron and Curve, further confirmed by Sun’s statement expressing excitement to assist Curve. Sun revealed plans to introduce a stUSDT pool on Curve, which would empower the community and contribute to the decentralization of finance. Despite the exact details of the transaction remaining undisclosed, the involvement of high-profile figures adds intrigue to the situation.

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Turbulence in the CRV Market

Curve Dao Token ($Crv) At The Time Of Writing This Article
Curve DAO Token ($CRV) at the time of writing this article

The CRV market has witnessed considerable turbulence, with its value dropping to $0.50, the lowest point since the previous November, before rebounding to $0.59, and is being traded at $0.61 at the time of writing this article. Moreover, open interest in CRV-linked perpetual futures surged to over $124 million, indicating a growing interest in shorting CRV and anticipating further price dips.

In response, Michael Egorov, the founder of Curve, took steps to stabilize his DeFi position, particularly to safeguard against the CRV price falling further and facing liquidation. Egorov’s actions included repaying a substantial FRAX stablecoin loan and reclaiming CRV tokens as collateral. Speculation arose about potential OTC deals or transactions off the main platform, adding complexity to the market dynamics.


The recent acquisition of CRV tokens by Tron founder Justin Sun, along with the strategic partnership with Curve, has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community. As the CRV market faces turbulence and speculation surrounds OTC deals, the actions of key figures like Michael Egorov and Justin Sun have significant implications for the DeFi space. The introduction of a stUSDT pool on Curve aims to enhance user benefits and liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem, but uncertainties about the exact nature of the transactions and their impact on the market persist. Traders and enthusiasts will closely watch how these developments unfold and influence the future of CRV and the broader DeFi landscape.

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