Trust Wallet is a DeFi wallet that uses blockchain technology to create a secure and verifiable record of your transactions. Now, it introduced the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension, which is a gateway to a plethora of Web3 dApps and a safe crypto wallet. This blog article will walk you through this chrome extension and how you can open one.

Is There a Trust Wallet Chrome Extension?

Trust Wallet Chrome ExtensionTrust Wallet Homepage

Trust Wallet has been trusted by over 58 million crypto traders. With this sprouted a demand to release a Google Chrome extension. It is because, for years, people have been using it as an app downloadable via App Store and Google Play.

Recently, Trust Wallet brought the multi-chain crypto wallet blockchain technology to the browser. It helped users store, buy, and use their cryptocurrencies without ever leaving the comfort of their computers. However, it did not leave out its high-level security and intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Users may more easily exchange tokens, collect awards, and participate in games with this Trust Wallet browser plugin, among other valuable activities. The good news is that Trust Wallet chrome extension is not just available on Chrome but also in different browsers, such as Opera, Brave, and Edge.

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What You Need to Know about the Trust Wallet Chrome Extension

This new browser extension of Trust Wallet emerged out of public demand. Hence, they released a safe multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that gives you complete control over your funds and lets you add Dapps on Trust Wallet. So, what do you need to know about this feature?

The extension continues to support more than 8 million tokens.

The multi-chain wallet that we know offers quickly earned interest, allows you to see your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in one organized place, and track pricing and charts. Apart from these, they continued their efforts in their chrome extension by ensuring the availability of millions of tokens, such as:

The extension is an ideal ally to the Trust Wallet app.

You can use the Trust Wallet chrome extension anytime and anywhere. It is also a great hallmark for the Trust wallet and compatible with the application, given that most DApps are made with the display size of desktops. It makes it more convenient for people to explore Web3 using this newly released feature.

The extension is self-custody.

If you haven’t heard of the term “self-custody” in cryptocurrency before, it only means that Trust Wallet allows you to be your own banker. You have the right and responsibility to take care of your wallet. Remember the Trust Wallet chrome extension mantra: “Your wallet. Your Keys. Your crypto.”

Thanks to built-in private key encryption and a password-protected login, you are always in total control. Now, you can manage your digital assets without worrying about their safety. However, you still have to remember that not watching over your funds and entrusting your passwords to others may result in losing them forever. 

How to download Trust Wallet Chrome Extension on PC

Did you find it interesting to have the browser extension? Well, we can teach you how you can add it to Chrome. Just follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome and head to this page.

After arriving on the Trust Wallet Browser Extension page, click the “Get Trust Wallet” button on the screen. This should lead you to another page, so you can proceed to the next step.

Trust Wallet Chrome Extension Page

Step 2: Tap “Add to Chrome” to make an extension.

Trust Wallet Chrome ExtensionStep 2- Add Trust Wallet Extension To Chrome

After clicking the “Add to Chrome” button, a message may pop up asking you to confirm if you really want to add it to your extension. Just agree to it to finish the process; otherwise, click “Cancel.”

Trust Wallet Chrome ExtensionStep3- Add Extension

Trust Wallet Alternatives

There’s no doubt that Trust Wallet captured many traders’ interest due to its promising offers. Although it has excellent features, there are other alternatives that you might be interested in. We have selected three alternative wallets offering chrome extensions to expand your options.

1. Metamask

Like Trust Wallet, Metamask is also a gateway to many blockchain apps. It offers an app and a chrome extension, making it more convenient for traders to swap, store, and buy tokens. It’s also an excellent wallet for managing your digital assets.

It is one of the best DeFi wallets and is trusted by millions of users. It would be better that you understand whether you should go for Trust Wallet vs Metamask by reading more about their similarities and differences.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase, which also offers Coinbase Pro, is arguably one of the most well-liked platforms in the world for buying and selling cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The wallet’s chrome extension is also deemed as one that offers the safest and simplest platform to utilize cryptocurrency apps in your browser, making it a fantastic substitute for Trust Wallet. However, compared to the latter, many users claim that Coinbase is more expensive.

3. MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet–more popular as MEW–is a client-side interface that facilitates interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. Although it claims that the chrome extension is easy to use, opinions on the wallet’s privacy and security are divided.

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Trust Wallet Chrome Extension is designed to make the complex world of blockchain technology more accessible for everyday users. With a simple click, you can add funds to your Trust Wallet account and start trading cryptocurrencies on the fly. Perhaps best of all, the extension doesn’t require any installation or signing up — just open it up and start using it!


How to download the Trust Wallet desktop version?

Those who have downloaded a desktop version of their Trust Wallet have used emulators, like the MSI App Player, to install the software to their computer. Think of these emulators as the Google Play or App Store on desktop computers.

Can I transfer my funds from another platform to Trust Wallet?

Yes, you can. Exchanges such as Binance or Kucoin allow you to move your funds to Trust Wallet. Just ensure that you know your crypto address so that you can copy and paste it to your  Trust Wallet and just wait for the confirmation.

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How do I withdraw money from Trust Wallet?

The method of withdrawing money out of Trust Wallet entails a three-part process. The first one is to connect and use a decentralized program, where you may exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Then, you convert the traded cryptocurrency to fiat and withdraw from your Trust Wallet.

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