Trust Wallet private key is essential to protect you from unauthorized access to your account. Many online thieves try to obtain this key by posing as trusted sources, such as exchanges or wallet developers. This blog post will show you how to get a Trust Wallet private key and why it’s crucial to do so. 

What is Trust Wallet Private Key?

Trust Wallet is an exchange that offers non-custodial crypto wallets to ensure that users can access and have complete control over their digital assets. It provides, namely, the public key and the private key.

Your wallet address, for instance, serves as a public key that permits you to make and receive digital transactions on the blockchain. However, while transactions can be sent by anyone through the public key, how can you prove that the cryptocurrency you got in the transaction is indeed yours?

This is where private keys enter the picture. You use them like a password, which verifies your ownership of your digital assets and protects your funds from being taken away from your account. 

Simply put, private keys put cryptocurrencies ultimately under possession and management. Hence, it’s vital to prevent its loss or compromise.

Trust Wallet Private Key vs Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

Private keys are essential for your Trust Wallet as they are ideally the only way to access your funds. In its primary sense, a private key is like a password that safeguards your Trust Wallet account while a recovery phrase can help you re-access your wallet in the event you damaged or had it stolen.

Here are other salient differences between a Private Key and a Recovery Phrase:

  • Private keys are represented as a 64-bit hexadecimal character line. A recovery phrase is a 12 to 24-word phrase master backup that helps you to restore access to your funds if you lose your private key.
  • Private keys are unique to each user and cannot be shared with anyone. Seed phrases can be shared with others but must be kept confidential. Anyone who knows your Trust Wallet recovery phrase can access your funds without needing your private key.
  • Private keys can be stored on a physical or electronic device. In contrast, seed phrases must be stored in a secure location.
  • Private keys must be kept secret – you cannot retrieve them once they’re lost, forgotten, or stolen. Recovery seed phrases can be used multiple times if needed and can always be accessed from a secure location.

How to Get Trust Wallet Private Key

As the name implies, your private key should always be kept “secret,” and so far, only you can control it. It differs from the assets on the public key, which is protected yet may be accessed from any wallet.

Before getting a private key, you’ll have to get your Trust Wallet recovery phrase to generate a private key. The problem is that most users don’t know how to recover the Trust Wallet phrase. 

So, here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” option and tap “Wallets.”

Step 1 To Get Trust Wallet Private Key-Coinwire

As soon as you click the “Wallet” tab, the screen will show you the multi-coin wallets page. 

Step 2: On the right side of each wallet is a blue info mark you must press.

Step 2 To Get Trust Wallet Private Key

Step 3: Click the “Show Recovery Phrase” option.

Step 3 To Get Trust Wallet Private Key-Coinwire

By tapping Show Recovery Phrase, you will be directed to a page briefly explaining what the recovery phrase is for. Read it carefully before tapping on “I understand the risks” the press “Continue.

Step 4: Proceed to the private key to recover the phrase conversion

Users must select between a website or offline software to convert their recovery phrase to the private key. For websites, you can download a web tool on your device. You can also use a converter to commence the process. 

For this tutorial, however, we’ll use the Mnemonic converter, which can be accessed through your desktop computer or smartphone.

Step 4 To Get Trust Wallet Private Key - Proceed To The Private Key To Recovery Phrase Conversion -Coinwire.jpg

Step 5: Paste the recovery phrase into the corresponding slot under the “BIP39 Mnemonic” section.

Step 5 To Get Trust Wallet Private Key-Coinwire

Step 6: Choose your wallet’s coin from the list in the “Coin” section.

The converter caters to many penny cryptocurrencies as indicated on their list. So ensure to select the correct coin to avoid errors.

Step 6 To Get Trust Wallet Private Key - Choose Coin Wallet-Coinwire

Step 7: Copy the first private key to emerge under “Derived Addresses”

Step 7 To Get Trust Wallet Key - Coinwire


Acquiring a Trust Wallet private key is an important task you must take care of. It would be best to never share it with anyone, as it could lead to serious security risks. Always keep your private key secret and store it safely where no one can access it.

How to Get Private Key From Trust Wallet (Source Web Whizz)

Trust Wallet Private Key: FAQs

How to recover the Trust Wallet phrase?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to recover them unless you’ve backed them up. According to the Terms of Usage you agreed upon signing, you won’t be able to open your wallet if you lose your recovery words because the care and protection of your Trust Wallet phrase is entirely your responsibility.

It’s best to keep in mind that Trust Wallet is a completely decentralized non-custodial platform. As a result, users have full control and total obligation over their wallets and assets.

How to get a Trust Wallet address?

You can get your Trust Wallet address by clicking on the cryptocurrency you want to receive. For instance, you’re about to receive Bitcoin and the sender is asking for your address. You have to open the app, and press “tokens.”

From there, click on “Bitcoin,” followed by the “receive” button. You’ll get a photo of the QR code, which represents your address. You can copy or share this with the sender, to complete the transaction.

What happens if I forget my Trust Wallet private key?

As of the moment, recovering your private key is not an option. However, you can still transfer your wallet address or withdraw your money and transfer it to another platform. That’s why you need to safeguard your private key to avoid security issues

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