What will you do in the event that you lose or mislay your digital wallet?

For a long time, recovery or seed phrases have existed to back up cryptocurrency wallets. So, not knowing your Trust Wallet recovery phrase can be a nightmare. Keep on reading this article to find out more about what a recovery phrase is and how you can find it in your Trust Wallet.

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What Is a Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase?

Trust Wallet‘s recovery phrase is a 12-word phrase generated when you first create a wallet. Think of it as a password or credentials that need to be hidden and kept. It’s not meant to be shared with others because if this happens, those who find it might use your recovery phrase to access your wallet.

You can use your seed phrase for the following purposes:

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How to Get Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

Trust Wallet is a non-custodial platform. It gives you the right to your assets, and with that comes the obligation to take good care of them.

One of the most common queries from new Trust Wallet users is how they can find their seed phrases. This 12-word phrase is presented to you right after you make your account; it acts as the master key that could access your digital funds.

You can still find your recovery phrase after creating an account. This tutorial will teach you a step-by-step guide using the Trust Wallet app. So, take out your mobile device and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the Trust Wallet app on your device.

Open Trust Wallet App

Step 2: Click “Wallets” located at the bottom part of the screen.

Select Wallet Option

Step 3: Open the wallet of your choice by tapping the “i” sign or the vertical ellipsis beside it.

Open Your Multi Coin Wallet

Step 4: Continue by tapping on the wallet’s “Show Recovery Phrase” button.

In the photo below, you’ll see two options: Show Recovery Phrase and Export Account Public Keys. Choose the former.

Confirm To Show Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

Trust Wallet may ask you to authenticate your request, so just follow as instructed.

Follow Your Authenticate Request From Trust Wallet

The screen will display your recovery phrase as soon as you click it. Just copy or scan the QR code, and make sure to save it. Keep it somewhere safe, and ensure not to lose it.

As mentioned, Trust Wallet is a non-custodial platform, which means it does not have access to the recovery phrase encrypted on your mobile device. This is good because you can guarantee total control over your funds.

How to Change Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase?

Reasons such as privacy or having your seed phrase discovered by others might have you thinking about how to change the Trust Wallet recovery phrase. However, it was clearly stated in the platform’s guidelines that there is no way for you to change or edit your recovery phrase.

The decentralized, non-custodial environment of Trust Wallet provides you full ownership and responsibility over your accounts, including your recovery phase. Unfortunately, it does not extend to your capacity to change your seed phrase.

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Pro Tips To Keep Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase Securely

  • Write it on a piece of paper. It might sound like an old-school method of tracking things, but writing your recovery phrase in your notebook could help. Just make sure that no one has access to it other than you. Refrain from putting it where it can be lost or damaged.
  • Use note-taking applications. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of applications in iOS and Android that allow you to copy and paste your phrase. This is a lot easier than writing it on paper; you can make sure you copied the characters correctly. Additionally, many of these applications have a built-in lock feature so no one can open it, even if they’re using your device.
  • Utilize password manager. A password manager acts as a third-party system that helps manage and organize your passwords. Some of them even permit the use of biometrics or fingerprints to open.
  • Save it in your gallery. Take a screenshot of it or save the image of your QR code to your phone gallery. Remember that Trust Wallet also gives a QR code that you can scan to retrieve your recovery phrase.

What to Do If Recovery Phrase has been Exposed

Your recovery phrase is the key to your cryptocurrency wallet; giving it to someone else is akin to granting them access to your assets. But since you cannot change your seed phrase, this means that they can go over your account and do whatever they please.

What can you do as a result if this occurs?

  1. Create a new Trust Wallet account.

Trust wallet allows you to make a multi-coin wallet that you can use in exchange for your current one.

  1. Transfer your funds. 

Don’t wait for you to start losing funds. Immediately move your assets to your newly created Trust Wallet account.

  1. Delete the Account. 

Delete your compromised wallet to avoid accidentally using it in your future transactions. However, please note that since the addresses cannot be removed and will always exist, they still live on the blockchain

  1. Back up your new wallet.

Do not forget to save your recovery phrase. Ensure to keep it in a more secure place this time.

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Losing access to your Trust Wallet could be a challenging experience. However, recovery phrases could help you back up your crypto assets if your device gets stolen, or you lose access to your account. Since there’s no way to change your seed phrase, finding and storing your Trust Wallet recovery phrase is ideal.

Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase FAQs

How can I recover my Trust Wallet without phrase?

Trust Wallet has no admission to your account. So, unless you do not have the recovery phrase, you cannot retrieve your account.

How do I recover my Trust Wallet recovery phrase?

If you’re concerned about how to recover Trust Wallet phrase, remember that you can only do this while you can still access your account. We advise that you back up your wallet as soon as you create one.

What do I do if I forget my recovery phrase?

You can only retrieve your account by entering your PIN if you have forgotten your recovery phrase. That’s why be reminded to back up as much as possible. According to the platform, Trust Wallet’s recovery phrase cannot yet be modified because it is an immutable value.

How do I get a private key from the recovery phrase?

We advise you to browse a Mnemonic Code Converter website on your device.  Copy the recovery phrase and paste it into the “BIP39 Mnemonic” box. 
Then, go through the selection of coins and click on the one you have in your wallet. Browse to “Derived Addresses” and copy the Trust Wallet private key displayed at the top of the list.

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