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Trust Wallet has officially unveiled their newest Security Scanner to the public in a Twitter thread. The aforementioned Trust Wallet Security Scanner is said to have an in-built security feature that is supposed to notify or inform users of potentially risky transactions while also allowing users to have full control over their respective assets.

The Trust Wallet stated in a blog post that they want to make their users’ Web3 experience as safe as possible. They have also stated that each transaction is assigned a risk level. The users would then be proactively alerted by their respective application via a warning message. The stated message is intended to assist users in making more informed decisions.

Highlights of the New Trust Wallet

The user must have the most recent version of the Trust Wallet Mobile App 219, which is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play store, or by visiting the Trust Wallet website, in order to access and use the most recent security feature of the service.

The Security Scanner will start working as soon as the user has the most recent version of the program installed on their device. It will then advise users of any detected unsafe transactions with specific on-screen warnings that are based on different risk levels.

As was already indicated, there are apparently various risk categories that can be classified as low, medium, and high. In the same blog post from Trust Wallet, it was also revealed that in addition to the entire warning screen, users will also receive more details about dangers all across the app when conducting transactions.

Trust Wallet also asserted in a blog post that their study revealed a significant portion of users are supposedly put off by the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies. They have stated that their objective is to lessen your exposure to transactions that could result in a loss of funds in light of this. They even asserted that the security of their consumers is their top priority while urging their users to download the most recent version of the Trust Wallet mobile app.