The account of “Explain This Bob,” a prominent memecoin-linked artificial intelligence (AI) bot, has been formally suspended on Twitter. This suspension was announced lately, following Elon Musk’s charges that it was implicated in a “scam crypto account.” Furthermore, this move has sparked a wave of controversy and disagreement within the cryptocurrency community.

Twitter Suspends Memecoin-Linked Ai Bot Amid Scam Crypto Allegations

Explain This Bob Case Explained

Twitter Suspends Memecoin-Linked Ai Bot Amid Scam Crypto Allegations

Explain This Bob, as previously stated, used OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to comprehend and respond to tweets from people who tagged the account. It was founded by Prabhu Biswal from India and has amassed over 400,000 fans.

The bot’s account, however, was suspended shortly after Musk publicly condemned it on June 18. Furthermore, the project’s link with the ERC-20 memecoin, Bob Token (BOB), which was created in April, has been called into question. According to CoinGecko, the suspension prompted a substantial drop in BOB’s price, which fell by more than 30%.

Interestingly, Musk’s previous sentiments toward the bot were supposedly favorable, as indicated by a tweet from April 20 in which he proclaimed his affection for Bob. This tweet, which is prominently placed on the project’s website, stands in stark contrast to his previous charges.

While Twitter suspended the Explain This Bob account, no action was taken against the Bob Token account on the platform. In response to the suspension, the project team produced a meme picturing Musk presiding over a despondent “Bob” in a prison, mocking the situation.

Suspension Spurs Controversy 

Twitter Suspends Memecoin-Linked Ai Bot Amid Scam Crypto Allegations

Given this, many observers believe Musk believes Explain This Bob is being used as a marketing strategy to artificially boost the value of BOB. This perception is consistent with the growing popularity of the hashtag “FREEBOB” on Crypto Twitter, where memecoin enthusiasts express their belief that the suspension is unfair.

Defenders of BOB, on the other hand, have claimed that the coin is not a fraud and have emphasized its fair launch, as well as claims of full decentralization with a 0% tax structure. Furthermore, some people claim that the project team did not allow any tokens or issue airdrops prior to the introduction of the Bob Token in April.

The suspension of the memecoin-linked AI bot has spurred conversations about the nature of cryptocurrency marketing strategies, the impact of high-profile personalities, and the credibility of decentralization claims in the crypto ecosystem, as the dispute continues.

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