Ulti Arena is a genuinely long-term gaming token that pays out Reflection and 30% of revenue is used to Buy Back and Burn.

Ulti Arena to launch on PancakeSwap

Ultra Arena is a thrilling gaming token with a HODL-friendly giveaway strategy.

They have officially announced launching on PancakeSwap on September 12th, after completing their Private Sale and Presale with approximately 26,28% out of the allocated supply for the Private sale and Presale, the unsold tokens have been burned.

The PancakeSwap launch is expected to yield around 5.89% of the maximum supply. All ULTI Tokens from the PreSale/Private Sale will be distributed to investors in the following manner: 

  • 10% of the total will be unlocked at TGE
  • 20 days cliff
  • 1% daily afterward


NFT Marketplace

  • Buy and Sell NFT Game Assets, User Interface, Music, and Sound.
  • For each sale, Ulti Arena will charge 6% transaction fee in ULTI Tokens, 70% of that will go to Dev Team, Development, and Marketing wallets, 30% will go towards Buyback & Burn to keep the price stable and increases value for all token holders.
  • Artists, Game Developers, and other Freelancers/Professionals can advertise their artworks and assets using ULTI Tokens – which again 70% will be distributed to Dev/ Platform/Marketing, 30% towards Buyback & Burn.

Proof of Gaming 

While playing games, gamers can earn tokens. A ULTI Game Client will be built to serve two purposes: the first is to analyze player behaviors and activities in order to propose and summarize reporting, and the second is to serve as a Proof-of-Gaming when the more the Gamer plays, the more likely the Gamer will earn ULTI Tokens.

Ulti Arena tournaments

Gamers will be able to connect to various games like DOTA2, League of Legends, and Overwatch to organize tournaments, with prize pools made up of ULTI Tokens donated by the community and tournament players.

Ultimate Battle Arena-Crypto Collectible Card Game (CCCG)

Crypto gaming has taken the world by storm. Their goal is to dominate this space either with their NFT marketplace, Proof of Gaming, or their game. In order to connect all those parts and essentially create new value for ULTI – they decided to partner with Remote Control Productions and Frag Games to make it happen.

Making their own game allows the community to really experience Play2Earn at another level. The team feels like crypto gaming is kind of dull and boring – especially when you’re playing Axie Infinity or My Defi Pet where the 2D Gameplay is not exciting enough. That’s why they’ve partnered with reputable game studios to make it more exciting while allowing players to earn by gaming.

They chose the Collectible Card genre but will ultimately mash it up with AFK Arena and Mobile Legends.

What to expect from Ulti Arena in the near future

Ulti Arena is a promising project with several items on the way, including Gaming Analytics to help you become a better gamer by improving your movement, speed, and so on. Metaverse is also planned for the future to allow gamers to freely develop their own games utilizing the ULTI Arena Game Engine.

Players may look forward to the final version of NFT Marketplace and 2D/3D collaboration tool before the end of 2021. Token staking will be available soon after the PancakeSwap launch on September 12th.

The debut of Proof-of-Gaming, eSport Tournaments, and, most importantly, the beta of Metaverse Engine in 2022 will make the year even more interesting.

About Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena (ULTI) is a community and NFT marketplace for Gaming Artists, Developers, Freelancers, and Professionals with the purpose of empowering artists and offering chances for success. It’s a place for artists to interact with one another and share their work with friends and future projects, as well as for gamers to enjoy the newest creations from their favorite creators and developers.

Official Links

Website: https://ultiarena.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltiArena

Telegram: https://t.me/ultiarena

Medium: https://ulti-arena.medium.com/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/UltiArena_com/


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