Ultra is thrilled to announce that they have become a member of the BNB Chain Kickstart program, which provides developers with various advantages and opportunities to display their BNB chain-built games on the Ultra Games platform. As a member of the gaming vertical of BNB Chain, the game platform is excited to investigate new approaches to assist web3 games developed on BNB Chain and distributed on the platform.

Ultra Joins Bnb Chain'S Kickstart: A New Era Of Blockchain Gaming Begins

The fundamental belief in the potential of blockchain and its ability to offer gamers a unique experience of interactivity, rewards, and achievements forms the foundation of Ultra. The company envisions that playing and interacting with other players in a trustless environment is just the beginning of what the game platform can provide.

Ultra’s Partnership with BNB Chain Kickstart Program for Blockchain Developers

Ultra Joins Bnb Chain'S Kickstart: A New Era Of Blockchain Gaming Begins

The partnership with the BNB Chain Kickstart program offers a plethora of benefits for blockchain developers. Developers will receive a lower distribution fee on the Games store, allowing their games to be experienced by a wider community. The initiative will also include co-marketing activities to increase the visibility of great games built on BNB Chain, and the games will be available to play on Ultra, providing another platform for players to enjoy.

With BNB Chain’s vast experience in the blockchain industry and focus on supporting innovative ventures, The game platform is confident that this association will result in the creation of new and exciting games and gaming experiences for its community. The company is proud to be part of this program, which concentrates on exploring the intersection between blockchain and gaming, and is optimistic that this will not only benefit the gaming industry but also provide better experiences for players worldwide.

To Conclude

In conclusion, Ultra is excited to collaborate with developers to create innovative games and gaming experiences that take full advantage of blockchain technology’s potential. The game platform consolidates a range of services, making it easier than ever for gamers to discover, buy, play, and sell games and in-game items, compete in contests, and much more. The company’s ultimate objective is to provide endless value for players, a fair playing field for developers, and a whole new universe of possibilities for the games industry.

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