Find out more about UniCask NFT, please join their youtube live streaming from the famous Hanyu Distillery on Nov 9, 10AM (JST). UniCask will showcase its Japanese whisky casks and participants have a chance to win prizes in the live event.

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Traditionally, trading spirits in wooden casks (where the spirits’ value increases as a vintage item) has been limited to small communities. Transacting only among acquaintances of distilleries or people in the spirits business made it extremely difficult, or practically impossible for average collectors and amateurs to participate.

UniCask issues NFTs linked to spirits casks, which users can easily own, collect and trade the best whisky casks in the world.  The spirits casks linked CASK NFTs will be minted and made available to the general public in Dec 2021.

UniCask aims to democratize the ownership of whisky and spirits casks, making it possible for everyone to own and trade whisky casks by fractionalizing a whisky cask into NFTs. The owner of each fractionalized CASK NFT can exchange the NFT for whisky in the future on a fixed date when the cask is bottled. CASK NFTs not only function as certificates to claim the resulting bottles from the cask, but also used together with UniCask DC NFTs to allow its owners to participate in UniCask’s game. The reward for the game-winner includes receiving whisky samples from the cask linked to CASK NFTs.



Initially, UniCask NFTs are minted and distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. However, as more CASK NFTs will be minted, high gas fees and slow transaction speed are obstacles to good user experience.  Ethereum alone is not enough and Polygon chain provides a good option for UniCask’s users. UniCask allows users to specify the blockchain he or she wants to use to mint the CASK NFTs.

UniCask app will be released to the public in Dec, together with the CASK NFTs for “Genesis Cask”.  UniCask will test NFT smart contract deployment on Polygon’s test net in Q1 2022, and expect to mint polygon-based NFTs on the main net by Q2 of 2022.

About UniCask Genesis Cask

The “Genesis Cask” for UniCask’s CASK NFTs is a 1991 vintage cask from Springbank, one of the most highly regarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky distilleries.

Springbank is a single malt whisky distillery in Campbeltown on the Kintyre peninsula, in western Scotland.  Since its establishment in 1828 to this day, Springbank’s single malt has been loved by whisky connoisseurs.  The distillery is located within several hundred meters from the Firth of Clyde, which is said to impart saltiness to the whisky during maturation and makes Springbank a complex single malt with rich flavors. Springbank is also one of the few distilleries that the late whisky critic Michael Jackson gave his highest five stars and enjoys great popularity.

Item:                         Single Malt Scotch Whisky distilled at Springbank Distillery

Distilled Date:         1991/12/6

Bulk Litre:                112.2 Litre (incl. 4.2 L for samples)

Alc. Strength:          56.40%

Cask Capacity:        250 Litre

Cask Type:               Hogshead

Country of Origin:   United Kingdom

Producer:                 Springbank Distillery

Unit:                         1/100 of Cask (1080ml)

Price:                         TBA

About UniCask

UniCask is a project from Japan to tokenize fractional ownership of casks of spirits into NFTs. The project aims to allow anyone to easily buy/sell, own, and manage whisky and spirits casks with a smartphone. UniCask has received extensive media coverage, including TV, newspapers, magazines in both Japan and overseas. If you are interested in whisky or NFT, be sure to follow UniCask on Twitter to get the latest news, and join the community on Discord!




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