From the 15th to the 18th of February, Universe Finance began launching $UNT IDO on several platforms. On Ethereum and Polygon, they currently provide active liquidity management. Continue reading to be astounded by this fantastic team!

What is Universe Finance?  

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Univers Finance is an active liquidity management tool for Uniswap V3 that allows consumers to get the most out of their investment. Universe has begun to implement Single-Asset & Dual-Asset Vaults, Staking Pools, and the LP Analytics Tool after upgrading its smart contract to Version 2. They have a lot of potential as a new initiative in Defi, especially with their backtesting platform.

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What can Universe Finance offer? 📈 💰

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While the concentrated liquidity on Uniswap V3 can provide huge profits, investors are likely to be overwhelmed when it comes to determining the best price range and frequency/timing to rebalance and reinvest, especially given the unpredictable defi market and the high gas fee.

Users may obtain significantly greater profits with the use of Universe techniques, thanks to the superior active LP management quantitative tactics:

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  • By constantly adjusting the liquidity position of LPs, the gas fee may be saved.
  • Providing a variety of products to fulfill the needs of various LPs with varying levels of risk resistance;
  • Capturing and analyzing market signals from numerous sources in order to find optimal timing for rebalancing and innovating;
  • Various ways for increasing the security of Universe V2; protecting users from loan assaults, oracle manipulation, and sandwich attacks;
  • By limiting the price range, you might earn more trading fees.
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Uniswap V3 hedging, leveraged, and lending vaults are now being developed by the universe team, in addition to $UNT IDO in several fantastic platforms. They attempt to mitigate the risk of Lps’ impermanence loss by assisting U-based users with low-risk preferences in mitigating price swings and maximizing asset utilization, resulting in increased fee income. For more information about their products, go here.

Universe Private Vault

Universe Finance has introduced the Private Vault for high-net-worth people and organizations to protect themselves from smart contract hacking.

The Private Vault is a highly secure version of the smart vault created specifically for high-net-worth people and institutions by Universe. Multiple security techniques in the private vault can ensure the holy inviolability of user assets.

Users may construct and own their own private smart vaults on the blockchain, where they can control the vault’s whitelist. Each smart vault will use a pre-determined quantitative management technique based on its risk profile on its own. The strategy is in charge of constantly modifying users’ liquidity positions in the Uniswap V3 pools and assisting them in making the most profit possible.

Private Vault safeguard theft from within Universe Finance:

  • A simple and robust authorisation method protects the private vault against robbery.
  • Only the vault’s private owners have access to the vault’s many clever tactics.
  • Only the owners of private vaults and people on the whitelist have access to the vault’s money.
  • Only the private vault owner has the ability to amend and transfer the vault’s ownership.
  • Smart tactics cannot be changed without the permission of the owner.
  • The smart strategies are only set up to rebalance the user’s funds, not to move money in and out of the Contract Account.
  • Furthermore, only whitelisted KYC addresses can engage with clever algorithms for rebalancing your investment portfolio.
  • External hackers will be unable to access the EOA even if they attack the Contract Account.

About Universe Finance

Universe Finance is Uniswap V3’s active liquidity management technology, which uses risk rating and quantitative methodologies to manage liquidity. Its goal is to help their users get the most out of their Uniswap V3 investment. To address concerns such as rising risk, high gas fees, and the timing and frequency of rebalancing and reinvestment, Universe Finance has developed a suite of solutions and proactive liquidity management tools.

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