Instinct is a non-traditional trading card game with a Play to Earn dynamic set in a distinct fantasy universe. Rich backstory, complete maps of the realm, and several factions to select from. They are altering the definition of what it means to create an NFT blockchain game.


The communal experience is being transformed by technology. It was used to augment a dynamic user interface with a flexible API meant to facilitate transactions and integrate platforms.

Platforms use blockchain as an anchor to ensure the validity, traceability, and immutability of digital assets. Instinct is a worldwide marketplace of digital assets that uses blockchain to allow users to experience a diverse selection of digital goods. They are offering an NFT trading card game set in a fantasy world, with deep narrative, maps of the realm, and various factions to select from, as well as the integration of BNB payouts.

The blockchain-based NFT was designed to provide a unique identifier for digital assets. NFT also provides a cross-border clearing and settlement platform, allowing non-fungible digital assets to be exchanged by mapping them into the chain.

NFT is valuable because it is genuine, transferrable, and gives you ownership. According to statistics, the top three NFT applications in the worldwide NFT market are collecting, arts, and sports. They accounted for 48%, 43%, and 4% of the worldwide NFT market in Q1 2021, with market sizes of $960 million, $860 million, and $0.8 billion, respectively.

This is where Instinct will dominate the market.

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Instinct is one of the first decentralized blockchain-based trading card platforms, bringing together millions of trade card enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and sell NFT card games, as well as play real-time multiplayer games as a play-to-earn game, while holding your own $INSTINCT and earning passive income.

Instinct is a platform whose goal is to provide its customers with exclusive material linked to card gaming so that gamers may have a good time while making money. On the site, users will be able to collect and trade cards as well as $INSTINCT.

They are utilizing blockchain and NFT technology to improve consumers’ collective experiences. Their platform includes a dynamic user interface and a flexible API meant to enable transactions, all of which are built on blockchain technology, which ensures the validity, traceability, and immutability of digital assets.


Q3 2021 – Phase 1

  • 5k TG members
  • Website Launch
  • Dashboard Launch
  • Full Audit
  • Pre-launch marketing
  • Token Pre-sale
  • NFT Gaming Marketplace development

Q4 2021 – Phase 2

  • 5k holders
  • Art studio hired for fast
  •  paced high quality NFT production
  • Specialized marketing targeting specific sectors
  • NFT Marketplace official launch.
  • Hiring of specialized and talented game developers into the team. (Interviews already taking place)
  • Game development started.

Q1 2022 – Phase 3

  • Partnerships with esports teams and iconic companies in the gaming sector.
  • Huge development into the game hiring other studios to outsource and speed up the development time.
  • Partnerships with other gaming tokens using their exclusive NFT Gaming Marketplace.
  • Game Beta Launch, hiring top influencers to play and review publicly.

Q2 2022 – Phase 4

  • The formation of their official Instinct Gaming Studio. New games of different genres are all blockchain orientated.
  • Constant updates and a second realm added to Instinct.
  • Huge cinematic adverts targeting YouTube, Twitch, etc
  • Twitch partnerships with top streamers
  • Instinct eSports official team
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The $INSTINCT Token is BNB-integrated and serves as an incentive for platform users. They will have a total token supply of one billion.

Users earn BNB automatically while holding $INSTINCT and can choose which currency to receive their profits in. BNB dividends will be accessible on BSC in ANY currency, including BTCB, XRP, ADA, and others. They can also check when the next payout is due and how much they have made so far from their dashboard, which is updated in real-time.

They have a repurchase plan that would operate on a constant basis at a specific buying price. The goal is to increase the value of $INSTINCT. The buyback plan allows them to keep the token’s liquidity.

There will be a choice between automatic and manual buyback. Users may utilize this plan to swap their $INSTINCT Token for other tokens.

Another approach to guarantee that the value of $INSTINCT is maintained is that there will be a 3 % swing trade between buys and sells to avoid whale manipulation, as well as a 0.1% max sale to prevent dumping.


Instinct is constructing a virtual environment in which gamers may engage in high-quality gaming experiences. Their aim is to provide players with profoundly immersive games that allow them to explore virtual worlds and games collectively and without a central authority. They want to use their innovations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and reward their participants with $INSTINCT.

The vision they’re setting for Instinct:

  • A decentralized blockchain based trading card platform: Taking use of NFT technology and combining it with people’s desire to possess one-of-a-kind, high-value products.
  • Blockchain gaming not only for play: Players at Instinct may trade cards and leverage multiplayer games to generate a passive income in any currency on the smart-chain in real-time via a variety of competitive and in-game incentive mechanisms.
  • Players rule: Their objective is to provide a truly collaborative experience in a highly scalable virtual environment in which participants define the rules through a variety of games rather than a central authority regulating and interfering with the experience.


The following are some of the reasons why you should not miss Instinct as a one-of-a-kind play-to-earn project:

  • Create the ultimate deck, compete in PVP matches, and take home the title of Instinct
  • Play to earn gaming system
  • NFT’s implementation
  • Trading card Game
  • Passive income from holding $ Instinct
  • Sharing the fun with friends & family as it is a multiplayer game

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