Since 2011, the BTCC exchange has been running, making it one of the oldest and most dependable locations to trade cryptocurrencies. The company has at long last launched the much-anticipated copy trading option for trading perpetual futures contracts. Copy trading enables new traders to quickly follow and mimic the strategies used by top performers on the platform. In addition, lead traders can receive up to 15% of the profits generated by copy trading.

With over 1.6 million active users, BTCC is the go-to destination for trading perpetual futures contracts on more than 220 different cryptocurrencies, in addition to key tokenized stocks and commodities. Customers have a positive opinion of the exchange since it offers high levels of liquidity, minimal trading charges (as low as 0.01% for SVIP members), an intuitive user interface, and a practice account for those who are new to the market. The beginning of copy trading on the BTCC is a significant move that will speed up the expansion of the market.

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Advantages of Copy Trading on BTCC Exchange

For Experienced Traders

By letting other people imitate their profitable trades, experienced traders can monetize their expertise and turn it into profit for themselves. The copy trading function at BTCC provides its lead traders with one of the highest profit sharing rates available on the market, with a rate of 10-15% of their 30-day assets under management (AUM), and profits are settled daily. The earlier in the game traders take control of the situation, the sooner they will be able to grow their AUM and, as a result, their portion of the profits.

For Novice Traders

Inexperienced traders can benefit from entrusting their trades to pros with more trading experience. They can generate money with this passive strategy since it does not require them to actively manage their portfolio. Copy traders are able to easily manage risk and optimize their duplicated portfolios as a result of the fact that they follow the lead trades of expert traders. This is accomplished by altering settings such as position size, maximum margin, take profit and stop loss per order, and copy stop loss. Copy traders also benefit from the fact that experienced traders provide the lead trades.

Step-by-Step Guide to Copy Trading

1. Where to Find Copy Trading Feature

  • Navigate to the “Discover” section on the app.
  • Select “Copy Trading.”

2. How to Copy Trade

  • Choose from a list of lead traders on the market board.
  • Evaluate lead traders based on 30d PnL, win rate, AUM, and available contracts.
  • Set parameters like copy trading margin, maximum copy trading margin, stop loss, and take profit.

3. How to Lead Trade

  • To become a lead trader, provide the necessary information.
  • Set up lead trader account info and select futures contracts for leading trades.
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Unique Features of BTCC’s Copy Trading

Because it simplifies and clarifies trade administration by keeping duplicate/lead trades separate from users’ trades, settles profits daily, and delivers superior profit sharing percentages, BTCC’s copy trading feature stands out in comparison to the functions offered by other exchanges.

A particular edge in comparison to competing markets

  • Copy and lead transactions are kept separate from user trades, which makes administration much simpler and clearer (Bitget and OKEx do not follow this practice).
  • Copy trading does not impose any restrictions on the sorts of positions that can be held: Hedge, One-way, and Order modes are all open to lead traders.
  • Every day, rather than having to wait a week as is customary on other exchanges, gains are settled.
  • A greater proportion of the profits to be shared (between 10 and 15 percent) in comparison to other exchanges.
  • Traders are able to utilize the reverse feature, which is not available on any other exchanges outside Bitget.

Leading traders should get on board right away to make the most of the opportunity to create a good reputation as a trader and capitalize on it. The BTCC will run a promotion for a short time (further specifics on the promotion will be provided at a later date) that will reward both copy traders and lead traders for making use of the copy trading tool. 


The copy trading feature of BTCC has two different configuration options to choose from:

  • Fixed Amount: Provides investors with the opportunity to set their own limits for each trade they copy.
  • Margin Ratio: Depending on how much margin the leader trader puts up, the copy trader can decide what percentage of their own to use. If the lead trader’s margin in a given trade is 10 USDT and the copy trader’s margin is set to be 10x the lead trader’s margin, the duplicate trader will be trading 100 USDT.
  • Daily Profit Settlements: Profits are settled daily at 16:00 (UTC).
  • 29 USDT-Margined Futures Contracts: Including well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ADA, among others.


The copy trading feature is available to all of the platform’s users.

Lead Traders

Application Requirements:

  • Verification of identity obtained (photo identification preferred). 
  • Not following any lead traders.
  • Not copying trades from any lead traders.

After Approval, Lead Traders Must:

  • Set up lead trader account information.
  • Select futures contracts for leading trades.
  • Maintain a minimum of 200 USDT in assets.

Profit Sharing % Based on 30-day Average AUM:

Level30-day Avg AUM (USDT)Profit Sharing %
L1< 0 USDT10%
L2≤ 50,000 USDT12%
L3≤ 300,000 USDT13%
L4≤ 1,000,000 USDT15%

Copy Traders

  • There is no limit on the number of transactions that users can copy from up to 10 renowned traders and this number can be as high as they like.
  • Customize copy trades with settings like position size, maximum margin, take profit, stop loss, and Copy Stop Loss (CSL).


BTCC Exchange is currently in the process of redefining the future of trading as it prepares to begin on this journey towards transformation. The copy trading function that is available on the BTCC Exchange provides a framework that is conducive to the success of all parties involved, whether you are an experienced trader trying to pass on your knowledge or a newbie looking to gain from the skills of others. Explore the opportunities available in the cryptocurrency market with the help of the cutting-edge tools offered by BTCC’s Copy Trading.

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