In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, extraordinary gains and losses are not uncommon. One such astonishing success story involves a crypto wallet that experienced a staggering increase of nearly 5000% in just a few days. In this article, we will delve into the details of their holdings, and the coins they purchased, and explore the tools used to uncover this information. By following a step-by-step process, we will examine their largest holding, the PNL (profit and loss) for each token, and share a simplified method to find other whale wallets. Let’s embark on this fascinating crypto journey!

Their largest holding is $RFD

The crypto wallet in question has allocated 99% of its portfolio to $RFD (token name). The current holding stands at 13,567,175,828 $RFD, valued at $1,327,042. The initial investment for this token was $16,300, and it has witnessed an impressive PNL of +$1,314,572.


  • $RFD is 99% of their portfolio
  • Holding: 13,567,175,828 $RFD ($1,327,042)
  • Spent: $16,300
  • Now worth:$1,327,042
  • First buy price: $0.00000084

=> Total PNL: +$1,314,572


The first purchase was made on May 20th at a price of $0.00000084. It’s worth noting that the whale has not yet sold their $RFD holdings.

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Uncovering the Whale Wallet

Finding the whale wallet responsible for such substantial gains involves utilizing three key platforms:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to uncovering the whale’s wallet address:

Step 1: Visit Dex Screener:

Unveiling A Whales' Crypto Journey: How They Achieved A 5,000% Increase In Just 3 Days
  • Start by visiting @dexscreener and navigate to the section that allows you to explore new pairs, gainers & losers, or select a specific blockchain.
  • Identify tokens that have experienced significant price surges, such as those that have pumped 100% in the last 24 hours. Click on the token pairing of interest and copy the token address.

Step 2: Explore with Bubblemaps

Unveiling A Whales' Crypto Journey: How They Achieved A 5,000% Increase In Just 3 Days
  • Proceed to Bubblemaps and paste the token address you obtained from Dex Screener. By hitting enter, you will gain access to a list of wallets holding the specific token. Choose a wallet address with a significant holding or recent activity and copy it.

Step 3: Analyze with Zerion

Unveiling A Whales' Crypto Journey: How They Achieved A 5,000% Increase In Just 3 Days

Now, head over to Zerion and paste the wallet address you copied from Bubblemaps. By doing so, you will gain insights into the whale’s holdings, and transactions, and stay updated on their trades. This provides valuable information for tracking their crypto journey.


The astonishing rise of this crypto wallet, witnessing a growth of approximately 5,000% in just a few days, is a testament to the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. By analyzing their largest holding, $RFD, we discovered the impressive profits generated. Furthermore, we unveiled a simplified method for identifying whale wallets using @dexscreener, @bubblemaps, and @zerion. While more technical and accurate approaches may exist, this user-friendly process provides an accessible way to track whales in the crypto space. As the crypto market continues to evolve, stories like these serve as a reminder of the immense opportunities and risks that lie within this exciting and unpredictable landscape.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute financial advice or an endorsement of any specific investment strategy. Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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