Vending Machines NFT is a unique NFT project that focuses on its holders’ benefits. Holders will receive minter rewards, shared royalties, and Free NFTs.

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Vending Machines NFT project began with the simple goal of uniting people to create a blockchain community of the same type. The goal is to shift the focus of the collection NFT narrative away from PFP avatars to one that emphasizes the use of these tokens for investors.

At the corners of the Avalanche network. The project has installed 4444 Vending Machine NFTs. Since its inception, the Avalanche network has grown tremendously. It’s also attracting some of the brightest and most creative minds in the industry. Additionally, gas costs are extremely low, and transactions are completed much more quickly. It makes it easier for people who are new to the NFT space to get started.

Vending Machines Nft
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The Ecosystem That Benefit Holders

This is a unique NFT project that focuses on its holders’ benefits. Holders will receive minter rewards, shared royalties, and Free NFTs. The best part is that they have their Metaverse land! cause this community owns the metaverse, it will benefit from future land sales and rents, as well as other opportunities!

Vending Machines Nft

With great ideas, the project will keep rewarding $VMN investors. This community will work together on projects to profit from the blockchain’s potential. NFT collection should benefit only holders, not creators! A genuine project that rewards its community!

The “ever-giving rewards” concept includes the following strategies:

Minter Rewards

Early miners will get rewards just for minting. So, the investors’ ROI begins when they click the mint button! They use reflationary minting.

10% of minting sales will be distributed to each $VMN token minted. Miners are welcome to claim their rewards at any time! (The Dev team will distribute the total number of tokens minted in proportionally)

As soon as you mint this NFT, you will begin earning rewards, as minters receive 10% of all mint sales. The sooner you begin minting, the greater the rewards that will accrue as mint progresses. Investors’ return on investment begins here!

Sale Rewards

1.5% from sales is being shared with holders. This can easily be claimed right on our own marketplace.

The project recognizes that Avalanche is missing a go-to marketplace, and as a result, they have built our own, with royalties shared with holders!

[ Average monthly traded volume on new Avax NFTs:

40000 Avax — 1.5% = 600 Avax 600 / 4444 = 0.135 Avax per VMN ]

As the volume goes up, this return increases and this is a nice bonus for Holders to continue benefiting from believing in this project.

Vending Machines Nft

How it works

Case Study

5 VMNs have already generated approximately 3 Avax from only 10% of the collection’s mintage. Thus, this individual purchased 5 NFTs for 10 Avax and has already returned 3 Avax in rewards, bringing the cost of one VMN to approximately 1.4 Avax at the moment, rather than two.

If Vending Machine NFT increased it to 1 Avax, you can see how this would affect the floor price, as rewards would be returned from the initial mint price. And this would significantly impair their subsequent reward strategy.

Holders receive 1.5% of sales. This is a simple claim that can be made directly in the marketplace. 

[Monthly average trading volume on new Avax NFTs: 40000 Avax — 1.5% = 600 Avax 600/4444 = 0.135 Avax per $VMN]


Q4 2021

  • Start Project Vending Machines NFT, 4444 Unique VMNs at the corners of Avalanche blockchain ✅
  • Set Up Social Platforms: Twitter, Discord and Instagram. Mini marketing campaign to introduce VMN ✅

Q1 2022

  • Project launch, presale mints, and funds allocated to start the mission ✅
  • Buy land in SandBoxGame as an investment for holders ✅
  • Donation to to build schools with crypto✅

[ Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan ]

  • Launch the Vending Machines Marketplace for secondary sales
  • Start building the Metaverse on Avalanche Network!
  • Free NFT airdrops to VMN holders!

Q2 2022

  • Start testing the Metaverse, release infographic videos and materials
  • Release NFTs for Metaverse and as always Free Airdrop to VMN Holders!
  • Develop $VMN coin tokenomics, staking and farming
  • Install Vending Machines in Metaverse to vend items!
  • Distribute lands to VMN holders from their own Metaverse

Q3 2022

  • NFT Airdrops from new Projects + Rewards for Community
  • Integrate Real World businesses into the Metaverse!

Final Thought

As volume increases, this return also increases, providing an additional incentive for holders to continue benefiting from their investment in this project.

These are merely perks and bonuses at the moment; true utility awaits:

  • The Metaverse is being developed on the Avalanche blockchain.
  • 30% of mint sales will be used to help the community develop the metaverse

With Metaverse as the end goal, the $VMN community has a plethora of opportunities to capitalize on. $VMN holders will acquire land in this metaverse and will receive first dibs on all future item NFTs created for the metaverse.

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