It is said that an apple doesn’t travel very far after it has fallen from the tree. The Shikoku Inu has proven to be worthy of its reputation and is successfully carrying on the legacy of its Shiba Inu parent token.

The creator of Shikoku, Shikoshi, had the idea to create a token containing Shiba’s DNA as well as certain enhancements in order to recreate the feeling of excitement and thrill that we had when we used to play Shiba.

Here, you may get a look at Shikoku’s long-term plan in all its intricate complexity.

It is now time to discuss the topic that everyone has been trying to avoid. The value of one SHIK token has been reduced by a staggering 66.52% during the course of the last day.

This may seem like a negative development that will be detrimental to Shikoku in the long term to someone looking in from the outside, but from our point of view as authors, we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

That begs the question, why?

The sudden drop in SHIK’s value wasn’t unexpected or caused by a lack of faith in the market, though. Instead, it was Vitalik Buterin’s way of showing his acknowledgement.

Because Vitalik Buterin has now publicly acknowledged the existence of Shikoku Inu, which is a crucial milestone in the process of developing a road map for Shikoku, we are now in a position to say that our journey has officially gotten under way and began.

As his godfather had done before him, Shikoshi followed in his footsteps and deposited (airdropped) fifty percent of the available supply of SHIK tokens to Vitalik’s address when Shikoku was made public.

He just SOLD the 500 trillion $SHIK that he was given as a homage by Shikoshi, mirroring what Vitalik did with Shiba, the recognition that eventually put the token on the map.

Let me elaborate on why you may have heard this story before if you have been following developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

owing to the fact that this is what happened when Shiba fell apart. A word of caution, from the renowned philosopher George Santayana: 

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

This idea can also be expressed in the form of the adage that “history tends to repeat itself.”

Vitalik Buterin

Let’s go on to the historical portion of our conversation.

The failure of Shiba caused a precipitous drop in the value of the coin on the market. They eventually caved in to the pressure to cease accepting losses and started selling off their shares at a loss, but only after much internal debate. Their trust was severely damaged, and their expectations were not met, which was a tragic combination.

Because they didn’t take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they now face an insurmountable mountain of regret rather than the mountain of setbacks they dreaded.

Following the collision, the token awoke from its slumber in the same manner that a butterfly might after emerging from its cocoon.

The SHIB token’s value increased from 0.00000510 to 0.00008854 in a matter of days, demonstrating a degree of newly discovered vitality and passion that surpassed that of any other cryptocurrency.

To put that into perspective, that represents an incredible 16-fold return on your initial investment!

Do you detect a pattern here? This is simply one more instance that demonstrates how the past tends to repeat itself. 

Shikoku Inu has the potential to go even further than its forerunner thanks to the newly added features and applications of SHIK as well as its support for private ownership, both of which were covered in our most recent article.

In addition to providing a satisfactory return on your investment (ROI), Shikoku also offers a number of other benefits. It has the ability to give you financial freedom, which is something that almost everyone wants in this day and age.

It is clear that you have some reservations, but the question is whether you are prepared to allow those reservations lead to regret.

You are going to have to make a choice for yourself on what to do now.

In closing, I’d want to pass along some advice that the well-known investor Benjamin Graham got the hard way but which ultimately helped him amass a lot of wealth:

“The intelligent investor realises that a stock becomes more risky, not less, as it’s prices rise and less risky, not more, as it’s prices fall”

Vitalik Buterin has not only improved the long-term chances of Shikoku by providing it with free marketing and publicity by putting the SHIK token up for sale, but he has also produced an ideal investment opportunity for new participants. This is because he has improved the long-term chances of Shikoku.

It’s possible that not getting enough exposure can be just as harmful as getting too much of it, so make sure you’re prepared to make the most of this opportunity.


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