Voice AMA with Bahama Land NFTs

coinwire.com is thrilled to host an AMA with Bahama Land NFTs

The Bahama Land  NFT is a unique collection of 7,700 Caribbean-inspired NFTS. Each NFT allows its holder to participate in giveaways including, nodes and paid trips to the Bahamas. Owners of a Bahama land NFT will be eligible to win prizes. The Bahama Land NFT will initially reward its winners with merchandise, node prizes and in the later phases, introduce paid trips as a part of the prize pool. 

Guest speakers:

  • Mr. DragonBall Trader
  • Mr. Karri Kampfire

Bahama Land NFTs’ Links:

  • Website: https://www.bahamalandnfts.com
  • Discord: discord.gg/pjzzwanBJR
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/bahamalandnft

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