Voice AMA with Civilization Network

AMA with Civilization Network
Civilization has created an infrastructure for operating decentralized algorithmic tools and cryptocurrencies in a single convertible smart contract. They have released some algorithmic stable coins and real-world tokenized instruments, all backed by cryptocurrencies. They have created a P2P system to ensure the uninterrupted supply of fiat currencies to the ecosystem at community expense. Stability maintenance occurs due to arbitration algorithms. They have created a hybrid liquidity protocol with a new unique pool collateral formula. They have created several P2P marketplaces where your account cannot be blocked. All products operate for free and are created for ordinary people. All products are developed and are now at the testing stage, prepared to be launched.

They create our Civilization, currency, and infrastructure for the new world!
  • Mr. Eugene: Investors Relationship Manager
  • Mr. Tymur: Community Support Lead
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