Voice AMA with Macondo

AMA with Macondo

Macondo is a city of freedom and wealth. It is run by a group of thinkers, builders, and creators who focus on web3 and work closely together to plan the future. Macondo has 3 main goals:

  1. Macondo aims to empower communities of all kinds, increase community cohesion, and provide the space, means, and tools to communicate for the long-term development of the communities. Their goal is to catalyze the power of the web3 cultural phenomenon and accelerate the metaverse process.
  2. Macondo aims to be the Vegas of web3.
  3. Macondo will endeavor to promote the GTO strategy of Tokens Hodl’em Poker and make long-term donations to support female poker players and popularize the game among college students.
  • Mr. Cedric: CMO
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